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Filipino Fun 3

Filipino Fun 3

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Crissy the mom was wonderful and a special lady. She was a strong woman and smart. She had a good life busy supporting her family. The sex was great. She had great tits for a Filipino woman and long hair. And her two daughters Michelle 24 and Richelle who was years younger were just as great as mom. I was worn out by all the great sex. And expected to get a good night’s sleep.

I was awakened from a sound sleep. Looking at my phone it was 3:30am local time. Someone was playing with my cock. I rolled gently onto my back. Soon I saw a face under the sheet. It was Crissy. She had her naked body above me with her big tits in my face. Mom want my mouth to suck on her nipples. I was happy to do it. I loved sucking on and playing with her breasts.

Crissy was moving all this time to position her pussy over my hard cock so she could ride it as she done before. I was happy this woman liked riding me. This was my favorite position. Crissy’s movement were enough for her pleasure, but quiet so she wouldn’t wake her daughters. I was still sucking on her nipples. Looking into her eyes I could see she was getting exactly what she wanted. In a few minutes she was ready. I nibbled on her nipple and Crissy gushed her juices all over my cock. With a big smile on her face Crissy kissed me and slid off my cock. She went into the bath to get ready to go down to the café to prepare for the breakfast.

After Crissy had kissed me again and headed for the bedroom door, I could feel movement in the bed. Richelle was next to me. She had her hand firmly around my hard cock. Richelle came up to my face and kissed me long and hard. This very young lady had learned allot during her first day becoming a complete woman. She whispered in my ear (her sister Michelle seemed still asleep) that she wanted my cock deep inside her pussy from behind. Richelle turned her bare ass to me. Within a few seconds I was fucking her newly unvirgined pussy. She turned to motion me to pound her ass harder. I did. Soon she was cumming hard and trying to be quiet. But Michelle was awake now. Richelle headed for the bath and Michelle moved into the position to take my cock in the same way. I was deep inside Michelle’s pussy and pounding her for less than two minutes when she had her orgasm. Michelle told me to sleep for 2 more hours. Then she would come up to get me for breakfast.

At 6:30am my phone rang. It was Michelle asking if she could help wash me in the bath. I invited her to join me. She wanted to do everything. And I let her. She washed my body head to toe. For the longest time she washed my cock. And she told me she and her sister wanted me to stay with them for as long as I want. Forever she wanted. She knew her mom loved me already. And she and her sister knew mom would share me with them. We hugged and I loved the feel of her voluptuous body against me. Michelle and her mom had great bodies. I loved a full figured, big tit woman. I helped wash Michelle’s hair and body and we fucked again. She had three orgasms.

We went downstairs. It was 7:30 am. Sunday at the Café was different. A light breakfast, limited menu was available for takeout. And the family with a few close friends would eat together before going to church. I was dressed in my light khakis and Michelle was in the normal light rap around dress women wore. The fabric was so light a man’s eye’s could easily see the body outline. Crissy had two local ladies who would do most of the cleaning and lanudry.

As Michelle and I got to where everyone else was, a young lady came up to her for a big hug. Her name was Wena. She was the older daughter of Clara who I met the day before, and who rode my cock to orgasm. Clara and her two daughters were invited to join Crissy’s family for breakfast. Wena had just come back from her college. She had short hair, a little cubby, and nice tits. She was on break. And the same age as Michelle. Kenize was Clara’s other daughter a year and half older than Richelle. She was finishing her last year of high school.

Clara came up to me and hugged me for a long time. She whispered "thank you" into my ear. Kenize hug me too. Kenize had long black hair and had small but nice tits. We all sat at a big table for breakfast. Crissy’s cook and two helpers served us and then themselves. Arra and her sister Beya, Richelle’s friends were also we us.

The conversation was lively and focused on the kids and education. Beya came over close and whispered she wanted me to teach her about sex. Beya’s long black hair ran over my shoulder as her nice tits brushed up against me. Kenize was smiling as well. Crissy hug me and said, "looks like your day’s appointments are filling up." I looked at her, and quietly asked, "are you sure this is ok." Crissy asked me to join her for a short walk. We went outside. The sun was out, it was warm but not hot or muggy like it usually is in the Philippines. As we walked Crissy said, "Mike you are the perfect man to teach these young women what a good man is like. You are having a wonderful positive effect here. So, yes this is Ok." Then Crissy said, "Mike, just between you and me, my name for Richelle and her friends is "the big tit club." I laughed. Most Asian are small in height and with their breasts. Filipino Asians tits are usually average or less. Crissy seems to have found many in her community who were larger than average. "C" was larger average, with Crissy and Michelle even bigger.

We were soon back with the others. Crissy announced Clara, Michelle, Wena and the workers would be going to church. The younger girls would be staying behind with her and I. I assumed we would be conducting another sex education class.

Richelle came over to hug and kiss me. It was a long kiss on the lips to show Arra, Beya, and Kenzie who I belonged too. Then she announced to all that "Po" (dad) was going upstairs.

I had a nice line of ladies accompanying me upstairs. Crissy and Richelle were leading us, with Arra, Beya, and Kenzie following. The bed and bath were nice and clean for us. Crissy hesitated for a moment to see if Richelle would lead. Richelle took control.

She asked all of us to get naked. And wanted me on my back in the center of the bed. Arra had the one-time experience, Beya and Kenzie none we thought. As soon as Crissy and Richelle were on the bed the other two girls joined then and offered to use their tongues to please. Richelle directed Beya and Kenzie to watch her and Arra work on my cock which was already standing at attention. Crissy began her instruction. Telling the girls about a man’s anatomy and reactions. Richelle was licking her mom’s pussy. I asked the girls to look at Richelle for a minute to see what she was doing. Kenzie said, "Mike we have been giving each other oral pleasure for a few months now, just after our sex education class at school started." Then Beya said, "And Mike, Crissy we hope you don’t mind we have watched you two play on cam a few times. It was very exciting." Crissy and I both laughed, and Crissy said, "I am very happy."

Richelle said, "Mom we still need all that you have shared with me over the pass day and a half. We want to be good lovers for both of you. We know there is allot to know. Crissy continued with her instruction. Richelle was lowering herself down on my cock as Crissy was tell the girls about controlling their own pleasure. Richelle allowed Arra to go next. Crissy was watching and started to finger her daughter’s pussy. Arra was not going to last long. I nibble on her nipple and her body shook in orgasm. At the same time Richelle cried out as her orgasm started. Crissy and I could see the wonder in Beya’s and Kenzie’s faces.

Richelle told Beya to mount my cock. And I the same time Richelle started licking Kenzie’s pussy. Arra was down between Crissy legs and licking her pussy. I could see it on Crissy’s face she loved the sensations she was feeling. It was all she could do to continue giving sex instruction to all that was happing. I could see and feeling what was happening with Beya. Within a minute her juicy pussy was gushing cum all over my cock. Kenzie was dripping wet from Richelle’s mouth. But Richelle stop licking her and told her to climb onto my cock. I could feel another juicy pussy as Kenzie lowered herself down on my cock. Her long hair and skinny body moving slowly at first then faster and faster. I looked over and saw Crissy ready to cum. I smiled at her as she exploded in ecstasy. Beya immediately moved to Richelle to kiss her and lick cum off her face. Just then Kenzie had her first intercourse orgasm spraying her juices all over my cock. Then Beya and Richelle were on my cock licking and sucking. I asked them to stop.

Crissy asked, "Mike are you ok? "Babe, I need to cum." Crissy said, Well let’s make sure we can make this happen." "Ladies Mike is going to cum inside my pussy and you are going to watch. Crissy got on her back and I assumed the missionary position. Crissy was instruction now. I slowly entered her pussy with my cock as she told the girls what she was feeling, and I helped with a few comments. I was enjoying the sensation of fucking in this position because I had not had the chance so far. The girls were all around us looking and touching. At times I could feel a hand on my shoulder, back, or my butt. I could feel hot breath on the same places. And fingers and hot breath near my cock as it went in and out of Crissy’s pussy. Crissy watched my face and knew I was ready. "Watch now girls Mike is going to cum." I pumped my load into her, as she asked me not to pull out. Then Crissy instructed the girls to watch as I pulled out and told them one by one take some of my cum into their mouths. Each of them licked and tasted. Then all licked to clean my cock. Richelle licked her mom’s pussy until Crissy had an orgasm on her daughter’s face. The other girls took turns licking cum from both mom and daughter.

Crissy had us all step into the bath. Crissy grabbed this bag as we all were inside the bath. Richelle took control of the water. Crissy’s device had been around for decades. (I remember seeing one hanging in my parent’s shower when I was just a kid.) A rubber bag would be filled, a small hose with a plastic end having holes.

I asked Crissy to let me help. She held the bag, hot water entering from the Richelle pouring it in. All the girls were watching. I was down on my knees in front of her, holding the hose ready to put the end inside her pussy. My other hand just above her pussy, using my fingers to help spread her pussy lips. Of course, her clit was being rubber in the process. The plastic tip went inside, I was moving it in and out and around. Crissy was loving it. I was flushing her pussy of my little swimmers, my cum, and getting her off all at the same time. It didn’t take long for Crissy to have another orgasm. The girls wanted to try it. Crissy and I stepped out of the bath and let the girls get each other off with the devise. Lots of moaning and giggling from the bath keep us smiling.

We dried off and got back into bed. Crissy and I watched TV.

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