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She had told Wendy, the cafe owner, that she was relaxing and not rushing, so Jan sitting longer than usual would not seem out of place.

She had prepared for this morning, anticipating that one of her recent students would call into the cafe. Wesley had just left school and was now eighteen. He had started to come to the cafe over the last week. She wasn’t sure if he was stalking her or hoping to bump into her.

She had made an extra effort this morning. A different perfume, slight change to her hairstyle. She wore a plain blouse and a summer skirt. Only she knew that she had left the underwear at home. She had a long thin cardigan to cover up. Until and when she needed to show a bit more.

He hadn’t arrived and she could not really stay much longer.

And then the doorbell tinkled.

Wesley stood in the doorway and looked round the half full sitting area. Jan actually waved at him and beckoned him over. Wesley’s blush was ever so sweet.

"Good morning Wesley. It’s nice to see you. Have a seat. What can I get you?"

"Thanks Miss, Mrs Fine. Can I have a banana smoothie please?"

Jan could see his ears turning bright red. The embarrassment factor was high.

"You can’t take the teacher out of the classroom!" Jan explained to Wendy when she ordered. "I thought I would see what Wesley plans for next school year."

She didn’t know if Wendy believed her, but nothing she could do.

Jan sat back down and looked at the top of Wesley’s head. He was staring at the table top.

"Are you keeping busy Wesley?"

"So so Miss, I help my Dad first and last thing but my Mum says I should have some time away from the farm. They hardly seem to leave the place."

"And what are your plans after school?"

"I am going to do a building course Miss. My Dad says the farm will not keep us all in the future, so we are looking at more bed and breakfast and camping. So Dad said I should learn the basics for maintaining the buildings."

"That’s a very sensible approach. Your Dad has his head screwed on right."

Wesley blushed again. Jan half smiled. She had said screwed.

He took a sip of his drink.

"Thank you Miss, this tastes nice."

"My pleasure Wesley. My thanks to you for not being the worst boy in class. Although now I think about it.." And Jan smiled.

"What Miss? Did I do something wrong?"

"Well Wesley, what happens is that a teacher always has good hearing. And sometimes she hears things said about her that might be deemed inappropriate. Some teachers would march the boy straight to the Head Teacher, but other teachers such as myself would store the things you said in her mind for another day. Say, for example, you and I were to meet accidently after you had left school, then I would remember what you had said."

"Sorry Miss, what did you hear me say?"

Jan leaned forward, pushing the cardigan away from her front and beckoned Wesley to lean in closer. Jan watched his eyes take in the fact that he could now see her nipples through the material of the blouse.

" Wesley, I believe I clearly heard you say that once you had left school you intended to fuck me."

His face was a picture of emotions. He had been caught out. His teacher had said fuck. She was showing him her tits and she seemed to be coming on to him. His hands were trembling.

He didn’t speak. He drank some of the smoothie and almost choked.

Jan smiled at him. She had him where she wanted him.

"Are you busy for the next hour? I could do with your help on something. Are you willing?"

Jan didn’t ask what he was willing to do. Wesley nodded.

"Can you come to my house now please."

Again Wesley nodded. Jan leaned back and wrapped the cardigan around her. Back to being the perfect lady.

She said goodbye to Wendy and stood to leave. Wesley stood as well and she looked down.

Yes, he had a bulge in his pants. Good boy.

As they walked down the street Jan chatted about routine things until they got to her house. She unlocked the door and ushered him in.

"Wesley, thanks for helping me out like this. The thing is a bit odd. I know a man who writes stories about older women and younger men, and he keeps pestering me for photographs. Would you mind if I took some photos of you? I know its a bit cheeky of me but I have remembered what you said about me and think it would be nice if you agreed."

Again Wesley had lost the power of speech. He nodded and smiled sheepishly.

Jan had her camera ready. She got Wesly to sit on a couch and looked through the camera to see how he looked. If anything his cock has swollen more.

She put the camera down again and took her cardigan off. She had practised yesterday and if she stood in the right spot the sun would shine through her skirt. Her nipples were already stiff and sore and she could feel that she was wet from arousal already.

She took lots of photos from different angles, crouching down so that the skirt opened a bit round her legs. The bulge was definitely growing.

"Wesley. The man is a bit of a pervert, so would you take your shirt off please?"

Wesley half thought but then stood and did as asked.

Jan got even more aroused. She knew he played rugby and worked on his Dad’s farm but he was well developed for his age. She even licked her lips as she took more photos.

"Wesley, the man who is a pervert would be excited if we had your jeans off."

Wesley stood and kicked off his shoes, then undid and dropped his jeans. Jan photographed every movement.

She felt ready to burst, even more so when she saw a wet patch on his underpants.

"Wesley, I am sure the pervert would love to see photos of your cock."

Wesley had now cottoned on and was a willing partner in the hope he was going to fuck his teacher.

He slid the underpants down. Jan gasped. He was big, stiff, erect and dripping pre cum.

Jan was amazed she had seen some big cocks in her time but she never would guess he was so huge. She took a few photos but was really desperate. She leaned forward and started to kiss his body, finally arriving and settling her mouth on his cock.

Wesley was in heaven, this was his wet dream come true. Fucking his teacher, even though they hadn’t got that far yet. He knew she would. Jan had thrown off her clothes and now stood naked in front of Wesley. If it were possible she thought he had got bigger, swollen by the excitement of doing her.

It didn’t take long for her mouth to work wonders on his cock. Within minutes he was splashing her face and hair with a huge cum dump. What delighted Jan was the fact that even after he had shot his load he was still almost stiff. Young boys!!

Jan went to find a cloth to wash her face. Wesley got up and picked up her camera.

He checked all the buttons and fiddled.

Jan came back.

"I have set you camera up to take video. I am going to fuck you now and we can send the whole thing to your pervert friend. Do you think he will masturbate to our show?"

Jan was sure the pervert would but she wasn’t really bothered. Getting that lump of cock inside her was the only thing on her mind right now.

Wesley lay back on the couch and pulled her towards him. She happily fell into his arms as he guided her to face away from him. She raised her leg so he had access. He might still be a virgin for the next two minutes but he had watched a lot of porn and she worried where he was going to fuck her. She didn’t want that cock in her arse first time round, he would stretch her cunt miles wide. She shivered, not so confident as she had been earlier.

She took hold of Wesley’s cock and rubbed the head along her slit. She was absolutely soaked and there would be no problem lubricating her. She inched him in slowly, being a young boy he tried to force it but she held him back. She didn’t want to call an ambulance because he was jammed up her cunt, that was a certainty.

In time he was fully inside her, his balls slapping her buttocks.

He had not moved and already she was stuffed like a marrow. This was going to be painful but she was delighted that she had pushed for him to come here.

She turned to Wesley and told him to fuck her hard.

He did. He was like a battering ram, she had no idea how she didn’t split in half.

But fuck, it was gorgeous.

He head was being flung back and forward, her body just flew wherever he pushed her, she was covered in sweat but she was ecstatic. This was the best fuck she had had in years. He had no skill, no finesse, but he gave her a fantastic fuck.

She started to rub her clit and she thought he was tightening up ready to spray his seed inside her.

When he came it was so fierce he pushed them both off the couch and onto the floor. She wanted to do this a million times again. They sank down. She had come several times. He had shot a huge load up inside her. She could feel the sticky goo where his cock met her entrance.

They were both gasping for air.

Initially Jan didn’t hear the noise.

She turned and there in the doorway stood Wendy from the cafe.

Jan looked at Wendy.

Wendy looked at Jan and Wesley.

Wendy smiled.

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