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Tips for Writing A Great Evaluation Essay

Tips for Writing A Great Evaluation Essay

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An evaluation essay aims to present an overview of an item, service or business’s quality. This kind of essay usually features an author’s opinion but it cannot be portrayed as an opinion essay.

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Some students hire a professional essay writer to help them with their writing assignments. However, if you are planning to write an evaluation essay yourself, here are a few steps to complete this task.

The first step is to produce an evaluation that is unbiased and reasoned. We have developed a brief outline of the major steps to produce an organized paper.

  • Choosing A Topic

It is the most important step in any type of essay. Some professors assign the topics themselves. Nevertheless, if you have a chance of choosing a topic yourself, select the one of your interest. 

A writer needs to take a deeper look at the discipline for making a judgement. Similarly, you can also pick a familiar topic.

  • Crafting A Thesis Statement

It is the crucial element that set out the overall purpose of your evaluation. For this, a writer needs to declare the criteria being used to assess them and state the value of the item.

Make sure that your thesis statement must be apparent and to the point. You can revise it slightly the way as your essay takes shape.

  • Determining the Criteria 

Choose different criteria to create an interesting writing piece. It will also vary on the basis of what you are evaluating. For instance, IT software would be evaluated differently than a clothing brand.

  • Looking for Supporting Evidence

Remember that your evaluation essay does not only contain personal opinions. Instead, you should also look for supporting evidence from reliable sources for each of your judgement.

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  • Drafting the Essay

Write the first draft of your essay. The first step is just to write all your ideas in one place. It will make it easier for the writer to restructure it afterwards.

  • Reviewing, Revising and Rewriting

After completing the first draft, you must read your work aloud and make any changes if required. You should also be prepared to rewrite the essay a couple of times.

Criteria, Judgements and Evidence

Every evaluation essay has three important elements that include criteria, judgements and evidence. Let’s discuss these in detail.

Criteria – The criteria should be established regarding the product or service that you are evaluating. For example, in the case of evaluating a hotel, you would consider accommodation, cleanliness and service.

Judgement – It is a place where you establish whether or not the criteria have been met. From the above example, judge whether the hotel meets the requirements of having good accommodation or service.

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Evidence – Remember that you are required to provide evidence for supporting the judgments. For example, while making a judgement that the food’s quality does not meet the expectations, you must present evidence.

Additional Tips for Formulating an Evaluation Essay

Here, we have mentioned a few additional tips that will help to produce a great evaluation essay.

  • Provide Right Details – A writer must give sufficient details regarding how to come up with the conclusions. Also, use relevant examples and supporting evidence to explain the details.
  • Evaluation Must Be Precise – The introductory paragraph should clearly indicate what you are going to evaluate along with its criteria to do so.
  • Helping the Audience to Agree with Your Opinion – Offer enough data and piece of evidence for the audience to agree to your opinion and judgement.

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