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Tropical Island

Tropical Island

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To get to us, they have to come by boat or by air. After a delicious swim, I came onto the sand to dry off and get warm. You stayed in the warm tropical water for a bit longer. When you finally come onto the sand, you can see me, lying on my stomach, softly snoring. You see my sun-kissed body gently rising and falling with each breath I take. You draw in your own deep breath, inhaling the perfume of the island - the smell of the hot sand, sea air and tropical flora, mixed with the delicate scent of sun tan lotion - that will forever remind you of our time in paradise. You quietly approach me, salt water dripping from your body, and softly kneel down between my outstretched legs. You lean forward, putting your hands on the blanket on either side of my back. Gently, you kiss my back, directly above my bikini. I awake from my sleep and murmur your name. "Shh," you say as you slowly move your lips up my spine, gently caressing my skin. When you reach my shoulders, you lean forward and ask if I am awake. You gather from my barely audible moan that not only am I awake, I am enjoying every move you make. You continue kissing my shoulders, up my neck and toward my ears, feeling the shudder run through my body as you get there. Slowly, you start working your way back down, untying my top as you go. You work your way down to that spot, right above my bottoms, you reach your hands up and pull them down, kissing my butt and the back of my legs, the back of my knees, which makes me giggle until you gently place your hand on my ass, sending shock waves through me. You continue kissing until you reach my toes, then work your way back up my leg. When you reach the inside of my thigh, I lift my pelvis up just enough for you to see my freshly shaved pussy. You smile and blow softly on it, saying not yet, making me squirm even more. You stand, dropping your trunks down your legs and kicking them away, revealing your bulging cock, ready for release. You deliberately take a moment to stretch your body, leaving me in agony from want. Kneeling back down, you pass your hand between my legs, reaching up to feel my wanting clit, rubbing slightly, making me wetter. Reaching forward you take my hips in each hand, raising my body to my knees, where you rise up and carefully put your cock into me, pulling me back on you, wrapping your arms around me, taking my breasts in one hand and holding my stomach in the other. When you fill me, I cry out in surprise and wanting. I lean back into you, squeezing you and slightly moving my hips. I reach my arm up and around your neck, whilst you reach down and press my clit simultaneously sucking on my ear lobe, sending erotic shivers down my spine. We start moving together, awkwardly at first, then in rhythm. When we get closer to climax, you stop and tell me you want to see my face. I groan, wanting you to just take me now. You slip your penis out of me and stand, walking around to face me and kneel. You start crawling towards me, pushing me back with your tender kisses, reaching behind my head and lowering me to the blanket. You pass your cock between my breasts, making my nipples even harder. Teasing me, you place two fingers on my throat and lightly run them down, between my breasts, over my stomach, below my belly button and to my clit. You take your fingers and softly reach inside me, feeling my most intimate parts and moaning at the pressure of my squeeze. You kiss me again, then move your lips to my neck then to my shoulder, slowly making your way to my breasts. You lick my nipple, then take it into your mouth, sucking and rolling it with your tongue. You slip your lips off and work them over to my other nipple. Again you suckle and play with it in your warm wet mouth. This time as you pull off, you continue downward, tracing my stomach, to my small patch of hair. You taunt me with your tongue, lightly licking my clit and my inner thigh, making me more wet and to move my hips trying to get closer to you. You lean forward, finally putting yourself into me. Slowly, you fill me first with the soft tip of your engorged cock. Centimeters at a time, you press into me, both of us gasping at the pleasure the union creates. When you are entirely wrapped in my body, you stop, making me want to scream in frustration. Looking into my eyes, you say, "Patience, enjoy this," in your deep throaty voice. You feel me squeeze you and again say, "Enjoy this." After what seems like hours, though in reality mere seconds, you push even further inside me, making me cry out not in pain, but in surprised enjoyment. I turn my hips more to you wanting and needing you deeper inside me. We begin to move together, pushing and pulling, bringing our hips together. The immense heat we are making, combined with the warmth coming off the sand, makes it almost impossible to continue. As you bring yourself into me, I can see the erotic pleasure in your blue eyes and watch as you come closer to exploding in me. Suddenly you wildly roll your hips, never disconnecting our bodies, and we end up with me on top of you. You reach out, placing your hands on my hips, pushing me onto you and gently pulling me off, though we never part. We can look into the void and see our connection. As I fill myself with you again, you reach up and put my nipple in your mouth, biting just enough to make me shudder and squeeze harder than I have before. Rolling my nipple in your mouth and the other in your hand, I move faster on you. You watch my face as my breathing changes and a look of complete calm washes over me. As we continue rubbing ourselves together, faster and harder, we both cum together, shouting and moaning with enjoyment. We keep moving until I collapse onto you, tired and worn out. Our sweaty bodies lie on our blanket, glistening in the sun, reveling in release and pleasure. You move toward me to kiss me, first on the lips, then the cheek, followed by my eyelids and forehead. Quietly, staring into each other’s eyes, we drift off to sleep, content and happy.

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