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Linda and tom was left alone to get ready for school thay got in car thay did sum small talk tom look at linda she was in a world of her own she and a nasty smile on her face thay got to school he went to his mates she went to her office she sat down she felt horny tom went to his frist lesson he was talk to his mates his maths teacher told ever one to be quite tom didn't hear he carry on talking teacher told him stop talking tom didn't and teacher shout tom gave him a note seld give it to the headmistress and he walk to her office and knock the door she seld cum in he walk in he turn round and shut the door linda was stareing at his ass and a picture pop in her head of tom naked and his tight ass she shake her head tom walk over to desk gave her the note she open it up and read it. Say tom not liston and he wasn't stopping talk she look in tom eyes she got up walk round the desk she lock her door told tom to stand up he did she move the chair away from desk she put her hand on his back and push him over her desk she smile and put her hand on his trousers yack them down he was shock and stunned by it she slap his ass saying u won't be a bad boy again wil u tom tom was frozon on the spot he cudnt speak or move she was geting turn on by spanking tom he didn't see her pull her skirt up. Pull her knickers down that when her cock was out in the open she lean over his back whisper in his ear say she have to punish him she got up slap he's ass till both cheeks was red she step back and look she pull her cock she grab his hair move up to his ass line it to his ass hole she push he beg please I won't be sent here again she laugh and seld I like people who beg she push it in so deep and tears on his eyes she see it and say aw pool boy she was raming it in deep saying u like your ass fucked u bitch now u Mine when I want to cum your ass wil have it she saying nasty thing he beg her to stop she grab his hair tight and fuck him harder u like it u slut take my dick lite a good whore u are. She moaning yes yes so fucking good I'm going fill your slutty ass up bitch mmmm u so fucking tight my bitch she say bet u wank ever nite thinking of your whore mom like u cum wanted her be with u immmm cuming yes yes my slut she shock cum in his ass pull out she pull him up by his hair look at him seld that was good she put her knicker bk on told him get bk to class befor he left she seld be by car by 330 don't be late he let and she had a evil smile on her face at end of school day tom was wait for her by the car ever one have gone it was only them 2 left thay got in car she turn to look at tom he look scare linda seld what up slut he seld in a whisper u rape me I'm going tell mom she laugh seld how do u think I got to be with your slut mother. She say I tell u it long story but I cut it down (your mom was out with her mate at end of the nite I was chat to your mom when it was closeing time your mom and me was walk we was about 5 mins from your house I see a alley I grab her hair took down push up fench I pull her dress up the slut didn't have any knicker on I fuck her hard and deep cum up her nasty holes befor I let her go I gave her my number she call me couple days later. She very submission now she my bitch she dose what I say ) tom mouth was wide open in shock thay start to head bk home linda was horny tell tom about the story when thay got stuck in red light she pull her cock out grab tom drag his head to her cock she seld suck me of or I wil drag u out car fuck u ever one can see he was scare she wud he open her mouth and she push his head down rough he was gaging she hell him down just befor that got home and came in his mouth. She put her cock away thay got in house tom ran to the bath room Linda walk in the kitchen she see tom mom by the sink walk up behide her kiss her neck grab her ass she whiper in her ear saying dose my horny bitch get knickers on she seld no u told me I'm not aloud to wear any linda ran her hand under hen of her skirt linda put her hand on her pussy and rub it she seld that a good whore. Linda finger her say wow you are dripping wet linda whiper in her ear say u makeing me very horny she spun her round look at her and seld now you slag get on your kness and suck me she suck her look up at linda she fuck her face rough she came in her mouth linda had a evil idea put her cock out and the last couple drop over her face linda put her cock away seld leave my cum on your face linda went up stair to get out her school uniform tom mom shout tea ready ever one sat at the table eating while tom mom went to get her a glass of wine while she out ear line linda lean over to tom put her hand on tom squeeze hard whisper to him saying bet u need to cum she lick his ear tom mom sat down linda put her hand up hen of her skirt rub her cilt her juices was runing down her legs thay tidyed the kitchen and it nearly time for bed thay got in bed and linda seld I want u it a short skirt and fishneting. Tight no knikers and bra she seld I got meeting with my boss miss barnes thay went to sleep

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