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Tracy's adventure Continues

Tracy's adventure Continues

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We took our separate showers, cleaning the sex from our bodies. We passed each other in the hallway between showers and she pulled be close to her, kissed me, and whispered in my ear, "I came in the shower just thinking about you." I kissed her back, patted her towel covered ass and headed to the bathroom for my shower.

I took my shower, my cock standing at attention the entire time, considering what the night, and the rest of the weekend, had in store. I was standing at the sink naked, shaving my face, when I hear the door slip quietly open. I turned to see my wife, Jen, slip into the room. I turned to see her, smiling.

I guess at this point it's important to introduce the other spouses. My wife is the most wonderful friend, lover and wife a man could possibly imagine. Together we have explored more sexual adventures than most people have in a lifetime. We don't have what I would call an "open" marriage, but we both enjoy sex enough to understand that sometimes things happen. We've shared a number of people in threesomes, participated in a few orgies, and certainly been with some people privately.

On more than one occasion I've come home smelling of another woman's perfume (or her pussy), or her with a pussy full of cum. It's always prompted a night of crazy and wild sex between the two of us as we recount the story of the day. Suffice to say that I was sure she wouldn't mind my adventure with Tracy. In fact, I was pretty sure she would want Tracy to join us at least once before the weekend was over.

And last but certainly not least, god had blessed us with out first child, which was currently 5 month along in Jen. Jen went through about a month of pretty bad morning (well, really, all day) sickness during which she wanted nothing to do with me. But about 2 1/2 months in something turned on inside her and she has been insatiable ever since. And given the pregnant glow and the just starting to show little bump on her belly, I can't keep my hands off her. I knew when I told her about Tracy she was going to want to fuck right then and there.

Tracy's husband Tom on the other hand, was not as open and willing to share his wife. In fact, I was pretty sure that if he found out about this situation he might just kill me. And I don't mean that in and figurative sense. I was a little concerned I might be at risk of death. Of course, that wasn't going to stop me.

I turned, still naked, to see Jen standing there in a new dress. She twirled around, the knee length dress spinning out around her. I smiled, "Yes baby, it's very nice." I wasn't lying either, she looked stunning. She smiled, stopped with her ass facing me and lifted the dress enough for me to see she wasn't wearing any panties. My smile got even bigger.

She looked down at me, my erection raging, "Well, it looks like someone is happy to see me." I smiled, pulling her close to me, I kissed her. I lifted up her dress and set her bare ass on the counter. I kneeled down between her legs and kissed her pussy lips. I smiled noticing that her normally well trimmed pussy was completely bald, "You got waxed today?"

She moaned quietly, pulling my head back into her eager snatch, "I know how much you like it baby." I gently probed her lips, licking my second bald cunt of the day. She was so wet, and just a little perfumed from the wax job. I licked gently, knowing it's a little tender after she's been waxed. She put her legs up on my shoulders, opening herself to me. I darted my tongue down over her ass and was rewarded with a squeal of delight. I felt her hands on my head, pulling her up to me.

As I stood and kissed her I felt her guiding me to her eager slit. She nibbled my ear and said, "I need you inside me and we don't have much time. Dad's making dinner." I didn't need much encouragement, pressing my cock head against her eager wet hole, I felt my head slowly pop inside her.

I slowly filled her pussy with my throbbing member, and just as it hit bottom i leaned into her ear, kissing her neck, "I fucked Tracy today." A gasp from her, and I could feel her pussy tighten, her legs around me, pulling me into her. "You would love eating her pussy. She tastes almost as good as you." I felt her slip her fingers down, rubbing her clit as I began fucking her. "Her pink pussy is almost as bald as yours right now." I felt her fingers attacking her clit, a sure sign she was going to cum. "I slipped a finger in her ass and she squirted in my face."

I felt her pussy tighten around me, her eyes rolling back in her head. I rammed my cock into her harder, feeling my balls tighten before my cock erupted into her. My seed spilling into her pregnant pussy, squirt after squirt. I kissed her, our tongues dancing together, our arms locked around each other. I felt her orgasm slowing, my deflated cock about to slip out of her. I pulled back, about to kneel down and clean her up.

She stopped me, kissing me again, "No, please don't I want to feel you inside me, running out of me during dinner. I want to be able to smell you, taste you on my finger even." I smiled, kissing her again, rubbing her belly where I knew our baby was safely growing inside her. She slipped off the counter, "You really think Tracy would join us? You know my brother would kill you if he found out?"

I smiled, "Based on her reactions this afternoon, I think she might. And, to your second point, I guess we better be sure he doesn't find out." With that she gave me a pat on the ass and slipped out of the bathroom to let me finish getting ready for dinner.

I came down stairs to find everyone home, and the wonderful smell of food in the house. There was some small talk about the day, the golf game, shopping, the weather and of course, everyone's favorite topic, our future child. I noticed that Tracy seemed to hesitate to talk to much about the baby, but I dismissed it, not thinking much of it. I assumed she was slightly afraid to let on what had happened this afternoon.

We all sat down for dinner, Tracy and Tom across from Jen and I. Tracy and I were playing footsie throughout diner. She would run her toes up my thigh, brushing my balls through my pants. Jen and I would occasionally reach under the table and give each other a little fondle. She wasn't wearing any panties and had jacked her skirt up enough that I could fondle her bald cunt lips a little, slipping my finger into her cum drenched hole.

I felt Tracy's foot on my balls just as Jen was reaching over to give me a little squeeze. Jen felt Tracy's foot. I looked over to see Tracy's eyes get big. She was no way of knowing that Jen was okay with everything that had happened. Jen rubbed Tracy's foot, even rubbing it on me a little, all the while looking over at Tracy and smiling. Jen gave her a little wink and I saw Tracy look at me. I just smiled and gave her a little nod.

The rest of the evening I tried to get a minute alone with Tracy to explain, but it just never happened. We all moved to the living room to get more comfortable. Jen and I sat on the love seat, and she put her legs over me, and since she's always cold, pulled a blanket over us. I looked over at Tom and Tracy. I could tell Tracy was looking at us, wondering.

With the blanket coving us, I slipped my fingers under her dress. I ran them ever so gently over her thighs and newly bald pussy lips. I know that makes her crazy. I could feel them getting wetter as my cum and her excitement was dripping out of her.

We'd not been on the couch long when Tom announced he was going to bed. He looked at Tracy, "Are you coming with me?" I saw her look over at us before nodding and standing up. I saw them go upstairs. Just a few minutes after that Jen, blaming the pregnancy said she was tired and needed to go up to bed.

Our bedroom was right next door to Tracy and Tom. As we got undressed and slipped into bed we could hear sounds of creaking springs from next door. Jen just looked at me with a lusty smile on her face before leaning in and kissing me. We kissed, the stifled moans and grunts form next door fueling our lust. Jen and I normally spend as much or more time on oral sex and foreplay, but since the pregnancy lust has kicked in, she really wants me inside her.

She rolled on top of me, our naked bodies meshing together. Between her excitement and the cum from our previous tryst, I was easily able to slide deeply into her pussy on my first thrust. I felt her gasp, kissing me as I paused inside her. We could hear the sounds next door picking up speed. Guessing the must be close to cumming, Jen leaned to me ear, "I want to cum at the same time as them."

I rolled her over, and Jen got on her knees. I kneeled behind her, and slipped my cock in her tight snatch. I reached around, beginning to rub her clit as I started to thrust into her. I heard her moan out quietly. She inched over to the nightstand as I was fucking her, opening the drawer and pulling out a toy. I heard her squirt a little lube on the butt plug before she handed it to me.

I leaned back, pulling my cock almost all the way out, I slipped the well lubricated toy into her tight asshole. I heard her moan, felt her pussy tighten as I slipped back inside her. We heard "yes baby, yes, I'm cummmming, fill me up, fill me up, you can do it" come from next door. That was all the motivation Jen needed and I felt her start cumming on my next thrust into her. Between her orgasm, the live sex show next door, and the butt plug making her pussy even tighter there was nothing I could do but cum myself. I felt my white hot cum squirting into her eager hole. I thrusted a few more times before I felt Jen collapse onto the bed.

I rolled over, smiling. I kissed Jen, marveling at the wonder of my life, basking in the fact that I had fucked 2 beautiful women in one day. I could tell Jen was already sleeping, knowing that the long day and the baby inside her had tired her out. I slipped my robe on and headed to the shared bathroom to pee.

Not figuring anyone else would be up, and not wanting to shock my eyes with the bright light, I pushed the door closed most of the way and began peeing by the light of the nightlight. Just as I was finishing the door pushed open. I saw Tracy standing there completely naked, and saw her jump about a foot high in shock as she saw me. I said "Hi there. Sorry to scare you, I didn't want the bright lights on." As she stood there, unsure of what to do, I turned and washed my hands.

As I dried them, she was still looking at me. I stepped over to her, put my arms around her sexy body and whispered in her ear, "Jen and I heard you and Tom. It made her cum so hard when she heard you cum. She knows all about you and I, and loves it. You are welcome to join us anytime you want. In fact, I bet Jen would love to to help me clean you up right now." I gave her ear a little nibble and headed back to our room.

I slipped into bed next to my bride, spooning her, feeling my cock snuggle in her ass crack, still feeling the toy slipped tightly in her ass. It wasn't but a few seconds later that I heard the door slip quietly open and Tracy quietly padding over to our bed. She slipped in behind me, spooning me, making me the filling in the best Oreo cookie ever. She Whispered in my ear, "Are you really sure Jen is okay with this? Tom is out like a light, always is after a few drinks and sex, and nothing but an earthquake could wake him until morning."

I turned to her, kissing her, my hand slipping down to her sexy bare pussy. I slipped my finger inside her, her snatch full of Tom's cum. I pulled my finger out, slipping it in my mouth I licked it clean. I heard Tracy gasp, the noise making Jen stir. Jen sat up, looking at us she smiled, leaning in to share in our kiss. I felt Tracy turn away from me, kissing Jen. I smile as i watched them kiss, Tracy pulled back a little and said "I've never kissed a girl before. You guys are so lucky to have such a wonderful relationship."

With that, Jen crawled over me to get to Tracy. The two of them laid on top of each other, kissing passionately. I saw Jen whisper in Tracy's ear and then Tracy rolled over and got on top of Jen in a 69. I saw Jen's expert tongue begin to lick Tracy's eager wet hole. Jen's moan was enough indication that Tracy was doing the same to her. I knelt down behind Tracy and began licking her cummy hole with Jen. We shared a kiss, our heads between her legs, sharing the taste of the cum.

As Jen alternated between her clit and pussy, I was licking Tracy's cummy hole and her tight asshole. I twirled my tongue around her ass, working it, pressing it inside. I could hear her gasping for breath, wondered if she was even able to lick Jen's pussy with the pleasure we were giving her. I spread her ass cheeks wide, flattening my tongue, giving her a long slow lick over her pussy and ass, dragging some of the cum from her cunt over her tight butthole.

I took a finger and slipped it in Tracy's cunt. I pulled the lubricated finger out, gently pushing it on her rosebud. I slipped easily inside, feeling her body begin to shake. I knew that Jen's expert assault on her clit would be unrelenting and that she must be close to cumming. I felt her asshole clamp on my finger and her whole body convulse as she moaned into my wife's dripping slit. "Fuck yes, don't stop, yes, yes, YES!" I pulled my finger from her ass and slipped my tongue inside. She was moaning, shaking, and thrusting her ass back at me.

As she rolled over onto her back, I could see her face was covered in my cum and Jen's juices. Her eyes were still glazed, the orgasm still washing over her. Jen and I shared a kiss, tasting the mix of all the sex juices we had been enjoying. As Tracy began to recover from her orgasm she looked at us, "Jen, um, I noticed that you have a toy in your butt. Does Travis fuck you in the ass? Until today I've never had anyone touch my ass. Tom thinks oral sex is dirty, and while he'll do it sometimes if I've just showered, he'd never touch me after he's had sex, much less cum. And he won't even get near my asshole."

Jen couldn't help but laugh a little. "Yeah, that sounds like my brother all right. Yes Honey, I love it when Travis fucks me up the ass." She looked at me, and my throbbing erection, "Would you like him to fuck your ass?" I felt my cock throb at the propect. I knew Tracy's virgin asshole would be heaven, and my wonderful wife was going to get it for me.

I saw Jen look at me, looking at my cock, "I think I would really like that." Jen pulled the lube out of the nightstand and guided Tracy to her knees. Jen got behind her and squirted a little lube on her rosebud, slipping a finger inside. Pulling the toy from her ass, she began to rub it around Tracy's asshole.

I moved around the front of her, holding my cock, still covered in the dried juices of our fucking. Tracy opened her mouth, welcoming my cock inside. I felt her suck my cock head in her mouth, moaning as Jen pulled her fingers out and slipped the tip of the tapered butt plug inside. Tracy attacked my cock, taking it deeper on each stroke as the toy was worked into her. Tracy was moaning, "yes, oh fuck yes, please more." I looked back to see the plug fully in her ass. I looked Jen who lovingly returned my gaze.

Jen and I switched positions, Jen lying in front of Tracy, her cunt spread wide; I could see the juices running from her sexy pink lips. I knelt behind Tracy, squirting a little lube on my cock, rubbing it in. I eased the toy from her ass, squirting a little more lube on. I watched as she began licking my wife's pussy, long strokes that got closer to licking her ass each time. I gently pressed the lubricated head of my cock to her virgin opening. "Please, fuck me, I need you inside my ass." It was all the encouragement I needed.

I pressed harder, feeling the head of my cock violating her tender virgin backdoor. It was so tight I wasn't sure any more would fit, but I pushed it in a little harder and was rewarded with a long moan as my cock slid deeper into her asshole. I pulled back, squirting one last bit of lube on my cock, and began to slowly and gently fuck her. Each stroke going a little deeper, I could hear her breath ragged, knowing her ass was probably burning. After a few thrusts I was fully in her.

I paused for a second, letting her adjust to the feel of my cock in her ass. I felt her pushing back against me, trying to get me to thrust more. I felt her tightness around me, knew that even with all the cumming I'd done today I wouldn't last long. I began to fuck her, basing my rhythm on her moving her ass. I heard Jen moan out, saw her pulling Tracy's head into her cunt. I heard a moan from Jen, saw her lifting her hips to Tracy as she began to cum.

I had my hands on her hips now, going fully into her with each powerful thrust into her rosebud. I heard her moaning, felt her ring tighten on my cock as it penetrated her. I could feel her wetness as my balls hit her pussy on each thrust. I felt the familiar swelling in my cock, the tightening of my balls. I knew I was going to cum soon, and it was going to be a big one. Tracy must have felt it too, "Please don't cum in my ass. I want to feel you in my pussy again."

Not to be one to disappoint, I pulled my cock from her ass. Grabbing a cleanup rag we brought in earlier I wiped my cock clean. I saw Jen get under her in a 69, flicking her tongue on Tracy's clit. I hear Tracy moan out, "please, please I want to feel you cum in me. I need that cock and I need it now." I knelt behind her, rubbing my cock over her wet pussy. I felt my wife's hot tongue swirl around my head as I got close to Tracy's Clit. "Please stop teasing. I want your big load in me."

I felt Jen's hand on my cock, guiding me into Tracy's slick pussy. In one long smooth motion I slid my cock fully inside her. I felt the love of my life sucking my balls as I began to piston in and out of Tracy's eager pussy. As I felt my cock swell, I grabbed her hips, thrusting my cock as deep into her as it would go. I felt Jen part my ass cheeks and thrust her tongue into my asshole.

I moaned, feeling my balls spasm, my cum beginning to gush from my swollen member. I felt Jen's tongue teasing my rosebud, my cock held deep inside Tracy's love canal, my seed flowing in spurt after spurt. I can't believe how turned on I am, and how much I am cumming inside her. I feel Jen's tongue slide back up to Tracy's clit, licking her. The first touch of Jen's tongue pushes Tracy over the edge, screaming into Jen's pussy as she cums again.

Tracy's cunt milks my cock, getting one more solid squirt from me. I can feel Jen licking my shaft as it slides into Tracy's pussy, slurping up my cum as it leaks out of her. I pull my cock from her pussy, flopping down on my back. I feel Tracy and Jen slide up next to me, cuddling me, our naked and satisfied bodies together. Jen looks at Tracy, "So, how was it?"

Tracy smiles, "Fucking unbelievable. I felt so full." Tracy looks away from us both, turning a little red. "I have to tell you something, and I know I should have told you before, but I didn't know how you'd react." She takes a big breath, and I could tell she was nervous. Funny how someone can be nervous when they have just had your dick in every one of their holes.

"Tom and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year now. We've been to a specialist. I'm fine, but it seems Tom has a very low sperm count. The doctor said to keep trying, but he didn't think our odds were good." I look over at Jen, looking at the small bulge in her tummy, thankful that we were able to get pregnant on the very first try. "I've been tracking my cycle, trying to get the very best odds we could. I'm fertile this weekend. In fact, the reason Tom and I did it tonight was that this is probably the peak of my fertility."

Jen and I look at each other. My sperm, my clearly very virile sperm, was currently filling Tracy's pussy. "I was going to ask you for a donation. I wasn't, of course, planning on having it planted directly, but well, this has been even better. But, here is the thing. Tom can NEVER know. It has to be our secret. Please, I know that I should have asked before, but please let us have this gift. I know there is nothing I can ev..."

I reached out, placing a finger on Tracy's lips. I look over at Jen, who gives me a little nod. I pulled her close to me, kissed her gently. "I can think of no greater honor that to give you this gift." With that, Jen places her hand behind Tracy's head, leaning over me to give her a kiss, this one a little more passionate.

Jen said, "In fact, I bet if we play our cards right you can get another donation tonight. And there is always tomorrow..." With that I felt two pairs of lips lower themselves to my cock, their tongues begin to clean me. I could feel life returning to my cock. Ah, life is good.

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