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Erotica : Down by the river side

Erotica : Down by the river side

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It had been a week since he had taken his last bath and the sweaty stench for under his armpits were beginning to overwhelm the cab of his van. He pulled up on a dirt track road by the River Tavy and decided that this place looked as good as any to take the plunge. He camped under a large oak tree close to the waters edge, lit a small fire with some dry leaves and kindling, before stripping naked and wading in to center of the river. The water was freezing, and on several occasions it took his breath away. Michael soaped his hair quickly and then made a start on the rest of his body. Suddenly, a small Terrier began barking at the waters edge, alerting him to a middle aged woman staring at him from the riverside. "Swimming isn’t allowed in these waters," she called out. "I’m not swimming, I’m taking a bath!" She pulled the collar of her coat up around her neck as a icy gust of wind blew forcefully against her. "You must be crazy! Why are you taking a bath in the river, don’t you have a home to go to?" Michael pointed to his van. "That’s my home!" "Are you a gypsy?" "No, but I do travel a lot." Michael ducked his whole body underneath the water to rinse away the soapsuds, and then broke the surface of the water like a leaping Salmon. With the flick of his head, he tossed his shoulder length hair away from his face and waded slowly towards the river bank. The woman watched and waited with anticipation as the shallowing water gradually began to lower towards his genitals. Oh, my, God, she thought, looking at the size of his cock. I wonder how big it really is when it hasn’t been shriveled by the cold. Michael toweled himself dry and began to put on some clean clothes. The woman just stood at the top of the path admiring his muscular frame. "You wouldn’t happen to have any odd jobs you need doing. I can turn my hand to just about anything!" said Michael, putting on his boots. "Yes, I bet you could!" mumbled the woman, under her breath. "How are you with a chopper? I could do with some logs cutting for the fire." she shouted. Michael grinned cheekily. "I can swing an axe as good as any other mad axe murderer." He bellowed an hearty laugh at feared look on the woman’s face. "Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one." Michael picked up his soiled clothes and tossed them in to the back of his van. "Well, do you still want me?" Oh, God, do I want you, she thought, but not for chopping logs. She threw him a nervous smile. "I just live down the way, the farmhouse with the big weathercock on the chimney." "Great, I see you there. I’d better tidy up here first," he said, dousing the fire with loose soil.

When Michael arrived at her door, he noticed that she had change her clothing from the winter garments she was wearing earlier, to a far more summery outfit. She had a short black mini skirt on, fastened with a shiny wet look belt and a tight white blouse with a rather low cleavage. She invited him in and made coffee. "So, do you get much." She paused mid sentence with a wicked look in her eyes. "Work, that is!" "Well, I get by," replied Michael, staring at her ample cleavage as she leaned over to top up his coffee cup. "I bet you meet many fascinating people on your travels?" She leaned back against the kitchen units and thrust her hips forward. "Do you have a girlfriend, Michael?" "No, I travel around to much. It wouldn’t be fair on a girl if she hardly ever saw me. So, I usually just have casual female acquaintances." Her eyes showed excitement and her breath became rapid. "Do you like older women, Michael?" Michael hunched his shoulders. "I don’t know? I’ve never been with one!" He knew where this was leading and instantly got an erection when she bent over to get a box from one of the lower kitchen cupboards and her tight mini skirt rode up to her ass, revealing she wasn’t wearing any panties. She had a magnificent hairy pussy, a pink little ass-hole that looked like it was winking and her plump pussy slit looked as if it had a tongue sticking out from it. By now, his erection was so big and hard, it was almost bursting the zipper on his jeans. She put the large box onto the table and pulled out a big black vibrator about ten inches long. "Stand up, Michael," she said. Michael’s eyes widened. " No way, I’m not into gay stuff," he emphasized. She laughed. "This isn’t to you, silly, this is for me. I want to suck your cock, while I stick this in my ass!" Moments later, Michael was sprawled out on the kitchen table with his cock pointing towards the ceiling. "Wait," cried Michael, " I don’t even know your name and we’re about to have sex!" The woman laughed. "Just call me MRS. Robinson, like in that movie." She grabbed the base of his cock and wanked it hard as if she clearing a blocked drain with a plunger, before wrapping her warm lips over his pulsating knob. The black vibrator buzzed like a swarm of bees in her tight ass as she lashed her tongue up and down his thick shaft. She stopped momentarily, contorting her face as her quivering body jerked with orgasmic pleasure. "Oh, Michael, you don’t know what you’re missing. I could keep this black baby in my ass all day." "I’ll take your word for it, thanks!" She climbed on to the table and straddled Michael’s waist, gently lowering her pussy on to his stiff cock. "Oh, fuck, that’s so good. Double penetration is the best thing ever!" She tore off her blouse, followed quickly by her bra and her hug breasts hung down from her chest like hound dogs ears. She removed the vibrator from her ass and held it firmly onto her clitoris, gently riding his cock with long forceful strokes. "I can feel you, coming, baby," she said, dismounting his rigid cock.. "I want all your hot cum in my ass." She bent over the table as Michael forced his cock into her tight ass and fucked her deep and hard until she cried out for more. Michael slid his hand round to her hairy pussy, grasping both hair and flesh together as if tarring it from her body as he pumped her ass full of hot cum. "God, that was fantastic," cried Michael, "I’ll have to fuck older women more often." She grinned wildly. "Why don’t you stop for a spot of lunch, my sister will be back soon. She’s only gone to the shop to get some more batteries for our vibrators." "But I have to get those logs cut for the fire, it will be dark soon." "Logs, what logs? We converted to gas years ago because there aren’t any trees left in this area!" She threw him a wicked smile. "More coffee?"

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