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The Pool Boy part two

The Pool Boy part two

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Many times it was just a quicky blowjob or some frisky 69 but seldom full blown fucking. One day she asked me if I would come to her art one evening for a dinner party with some of her friends. I agreed but was leary of going as I didn't know these other people she was referring to as friends. Were they her age more or less? Were there any men attending? Would we have some alone time after the party? I didn't let it bother me but I was curious as to how to act, what to bring, what to wear? None of that mattered. I would just go with my gut. The night came and I dressed more like a pool boy than a man of the night. I had on a pair of white shorts and a nice Hawaiian shirt and a pair of sandals. It was a good choice because she had permission to use the pool for her party. I got to her apt and she let me in and greeted me with a very hot kiss and held her body against me. I could tell she wore no bra and probably no panties either. Whenever I went over for coffee she was naked with just a towel or robe as she answered the door. It wasn't long before we were both naked. She told me that the others were already partying and I looked around to see where they were when she told me that the party was at the pool and she had permission to hold a private party there. We got there and after closing and locking the gate she started to pull off her clothing and then started on mine. I was in shock! I hadn't seen the other guests yet but I could hear them. She said, "don't be shy, they are all nudists!" I was already sporting a full blown hard on due to her stripping my shorts off and grabbing a quick suck on my growing cock and soon it was full and stiff. She led me around the shrubs and there was a dozen men and women all nude calmly sitting around a small fire pit and the pool lights were on only under water but not on the pool deck. She introduced me and told them that I wasn't aware that it was a nudist party. I couldn't hide my cock and they all looked at it's size and fullness and I could do nothing to make it go down. After the intro I told Dottie that I wanted to take a dip and there was already a few in the pool milling around. Dottie headed for the stairs to make a no splash entrance but I chose to jump in the deep end and slowly swim the breast stroke toward Dottie and some of her friends. One of the older men told me not to be embarrassed with a hardon, just enjoy the attention. He said, "I haven't had a hardon like that in a decade and it's good to remind me what once was :o)" I made my way over to Dottie who was talking with a couple of nice looking older women. When I got close she turned and mounted me by wrapping her legs tight against my hips and rubbed her pussy along my cock that I was trying to get soft like all the others. She wasn't helping and I never got it to go down because everytime I just started to droop one of the ladies would reach out and touch it and give it a few strokes as she rubbed her tits on my arm. We don't want you to get soft while you're here we want to enjoy a younger man as long as you're here. I glanced over and saw Dottie playing with a man her age and she was stroking him as he sat on the edge of the pool. He didn't get fully hard but that didn't stop her from sucking his limp cock. Before I knew what was happening there were three women surround me and one was behind me and grinding her pussy against my ass cheeks while another held my cock as the two of them stood on either side with their pussies rubbing my hips and they traded places with my cock and my nipples. I finally decided that this wasn't a wet dream and it was really happening. I decided to throw caution to the wind and began sucking one of the tits in front of me. The lady behind me was now using her fingers to play with my asshole. I took the lady who's tit I was sucking and lifted her onto the pool ledge and had her legs on my shoulders as I dove into her pussy with my tongue and she was forcing my face deeper into her wide open pussy. I even had one of the older men reached down between my legs and grabbed my cock and squeeeezed it several times. I thought sure he was going to go down under water and suck it but he didn't, he just wanted to remind himself what a hardon feels like. After the lady on the side of the pool squirted my face with pussy juice, I backed off and another man moved in and began to lick her pussy as she continued to orgasm. I didn't know at what age women stopped having orgasms and boy was I wrong. The next thing I knew my cock was buried in the pussy of the lady that was on my other side as she held onto my neck and wrapped her legs around my hips and slowly fucked me into her very smooth and inviting pussy. I banged her for quite a while as some of the others moved in to play with my balls and asshole. I wasn't sure who was doing what but most of the men took over where I left off. I made it a point to not cum so I could do this all night if necessary. When one lady climbed off the next moved in. I had a lady behind me reaching around under my arms and was playing with my nipples.
After an hour or so of playing, sucking and fucking Dottie told us the dinner was served. It was a take out and some of the ladies brought some of their own dishes and we all ate up. When it was over we got dressed and went to her apt with one of her close friends we quickly stripped and Dottie brought out a big quilt and some pillows and laid them on the living room floor and put on a sex video of her and her husband in their younger days. I laid down as she suggested and the two of them mounted me Dottie on my face and her friend guided my cock into her pussy and was slow fucking me. Again they didn't want me to cum so they took turns and swapped ends a couple of times. We ended up with Dottie on me in the 69 position and her friend joining in on my blowjob and ball sucking. As her friend licked and sucked my balls while Dottie was sucking my cock for all she was worth, wanting that load that had built up all evening long. Just as I got close her friend took her hand from my balls and slipped her middle finger deep in my ass and I exploded into Dottie's mouth. When I opened my eyes there were kissing and tasting my cum from their lips and cheeks and there was plenty for everyone. I walked out of her apt almost bowlegged and feeling drained. Older women are indeed very sexual and sexy. They were so happy to engage in sex and they showed it. Whew!

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