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His bullies cornered him at school and pulled him into the janitor's closet. The cock in his mouth belonged to Gavin and the one in his ass to Lennix. A third guy, Chubby, was taking another video to add to their extensive collection. All three guys were star athletes on the football team, headed to college on a full scholarship, and most likely on to professional football.

"I'm going to miss your sweet mouth, Pinky," Gavin laughed.

"And, his tight ass!" Lennix exclaimed, thrusting deeper.

Chubby zoomed in on Pinky's strained face. The puny Mexican kid loved dick, well maybe not at first, but they taught him to accept his role.

"My parents are out of town this weekend, and I'm having a few kids over tonight. I want you there, Pinky," Chubby ordered. "And make sure you wear your pink thong! We all want to give you a graduation gift!"

The coarse laughter of the three bullies filled the small room. Dan groaned. Graduation was next week, and he hoped his torment was over. After this weekend, he never wanted to set eyes on these assholes again.

Chubby was the biggest of the three, weighing in at over three-hundred pounds. He liked to make Dan rim his ass, and most times, he wasn't clean. Chubby would stroke his cock as Dan rimmed him, then turn around and come all over Dan's face.

Gavin was the star quarterback and preferred to have his cock sucked. Dan tried his best, but most times, Gavin would take over and shoot his never-ending cum down his throat.

Lennix liked anal sex, the harder, the better. Dan's ass always needed a couple of days to heal after being used, and he worried he would end up with a life-altering infection. The only good thing is Lennix used condoms.

The three bullies made Dan's life a living hell.

It all started in the communal shower after the first mandatory gym class. All the boys made fun of Dan's micro-cock, and Gavin gave him the nickname Pinky. The name stuck, and soon everyone in school called him Pinky, even the girls. Kids would wave their little finger at him in the hallway, then point to his crotch, teasing him about the size of his cock.

The first time Gavin forced him to suck cock, was in the shower after most of the kids had left. Gavin, Lennix, and Chubby, surrounded him, pushing him down to the wet floor. Dan's initiation to cock-sucking left him crying as he curled into a ball after the bullies left. The gym teacher found him, and with Gavin giving an aggressive look over the teacher's shoulder, Dan pretended he fell on the wet floor and hurt himself.

After that, the bullies took more liberties. Months of abuse and dozens of videos showed Dan's progress from a reluctant victim to a semi-willing participant. Dan became the party toy, used by girls and boys alike. Weekend sex parties meant Dan was required to suck cocks, bend over to get his ass fucked, and clean out cum from cunts. The girls always praised his efforts, and one girl even let him fuck her. Unfortunately, he came so quick he didn't get to enjoy losing his virginity. It was at one of these parties that Gavin made him wear a girl's pink thong. After that, the only underwear Dan was allowed to wear was a pink thong. His nickname had a new meaning.

Dan's gag reflex disappeared much to Gavin's delight. His ass also loosened up, letting him take Lennix's nine-inch black monster with minimal pain. Chubby purposely kept his ass dirty, laughing as Dan gagged over and over.

"You ready, Lenny?" Gavin asked. "Let's come in this slut at the same time!"

The two guys matched thrusts turning Dan into a human pretzel. The pounding was extreme, harder than usual. Both guys rushed with competitiveness to beat the other one. At the same time, Chubby played with Dan's hard three-inch cock, roughly tugging on it.

Chubby got it all on video, the whole amazing thing. He couldn't believe Dan's tiny cock squirted out in the middle of his abuse. "Fuck! He just came in my hand!" Chubby said in amazement. "He likes it rough!"

"YES!" shouted Lennix as he came. "I love this little guy's ass!"

Gavin hated to lose, whether it was football, or fucking. With a two-handed grip on Dan's hair, he angrily fucked the wimp's face, not caring that he was causing pain. He could feel his steroid-rage building, and he took it out on the Mexican punk.

Lennix pulled out admiring the gaping hole, laughing when Chubby pushed three fingers into Dan's open ass.

Gavin had that determined look in his eyes, the one that makes him such a good quarterback. The veins on his neck bulged out as he drove hard and fast. Dan became the victim of his harsh and ruthless pursuit for satisfaction.

Now it was Chubby and Gavin pushing Dan back and forth, raping him from both ends of his body. Dan went limp, unable to maintain his posture. Lennix took over the filming, rudely cheering on both of his friends.

The moment he came, Gavin let out a loud yell, not caring if anyone in school heard him. The release was spectacular, the best ever, as he shot load after load down the wimps throat. When he finally released his grip, Dan collapsed to the floor unconscious.

"FUCK! Did I kill him?" Gavin asked with sudden concern.

Lennix kicked Dan in the stomach, hearing him groan. "Nah, it looks like he just passed out."

"He looks cute all curled up like that," Chubby laughed. He high-fived Gavin. "Bro, you were incredible! A real animal!"

Gavin's chest puffed out like he just threw the winning touchdown pass. "Fucking A!"

Dan woke to a dark room; his bullies left him naked on the floor. Every part of his body hurt. Slowly he moved, realizing something was still in his ass. Reaching back, he pulled out a broken off wooden broom handle. He fixed his eyes on the phallic symbol as tears started to fall; it was covered in blood, his blood. They must have raped his ass while he was passed out.


The party was in full mode as Dan walked up the sidewalk leading to Chubby's house. He gave his mama and papa and extra big hug before leaving home. He told them he might be late as he celebrated with his friends. It was a lie; he didn't have any friends, no one in his school was his friend.

The pink thong cut into his damaged ass, making him walk like a duck. After tonight, no one would ever take advantage of him again. The gun in his hand felt like it weighed a hundred pounds. This time they went too far.

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