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Washington D.C. One Night Stand

Washington D.C. One Night Stand

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C.called me, asking if I had a job available in Dallas at my ABC station. I was informed that there was a experienced award winning journalist wanting to move to Dallas. Ellen texted me that her friend Jenny Doren wanted to move to Dallas. I told Ellen to contact Jenny and inform her I have a job for her, if she agrees to have a night stand with me. Jenny really can't believe she is doing this. She shook her head as she swept past the doorman ushering her through the gleaming wood and glass doors at the Hay Adams Hotel. He tipped his hat and winked and she nodded, blushing but not able to make eye contact. She wondered if he knew. No, she thought, she is just letting her nerves get to her. Her eyes scanned the busy lobby and saw a sea of gray and white marble flooring, with gorgeous burgundy and gray plush area rugs placed strategically throughout the room. Dark gray leather loveseats with matching chairs were set out invitingly, creating cozy intimate places for guests to relax and talk or just take a moment to rest. She sees an empty chair to her right and headed over to it. She had her orders. Dress in tight mini-skirt, sexy top, thigh-highs and stilettos. Panties or thongs are " optional". Arrive, find a seat and wait for her name to be called. She glanced over at the long marbled check-in desk and is glad she is not waiting in that long line. Besides, then she might have to explain what she is doing here!

Hmm, she thought, what am I doing here? She smiles a little smile, shaking her head again, letting her long blonde hair fall across her face. Her fingers reach up to slide her hair back into place when she notices she had caught the eye of a very well-dressed older businessman. I'm looking at her legs, she realized and it sent a little thrill through her. Something overcame her- excitement?- and she pretended she hadn't noticed me, but kept me in the corner of her vision. My features are chisled, she noted; gray hair with a touch of black at the temples, barely noticeable, but a little sexy, she thought. I'm wearing a black suit; obviously expensive, with a white shirt and a light blue silk tie. For a second she found herself wanting to tug on that knot. Shocked at that, she raised her gaze to me and realized I had known all along that she had seen me. My dark eyes are electric as I walk over to the love seat directly facing her, not pulling my eyes away for a second. As I got closer, she realized my eyes were a deep, dark green. She wanted to reach out and feel the short, dark stubble on my cheeks, but resisted. I sat down and MY eyes fell to her legs again. Heat rose in her face and she suddenly feels as she is on display for the entire lobby. She smiles again when she realized she can't decide which scared her more: that others might be watching or that she feels a sense of power and actually hoped more men were watching.

Without thinking, she feels herself guided by instinct. She wants to see how this plays out, so she leans forward and slips her coat off, folding it next to her. Uncrossing her legs, she pretends to resit herself in the chair and tugged her tight black skirt up a couple of inches, showing the lacy edge of her thigh-highs. She crossed her legs again, knowing I watched her as she slowly slides her right hand from her knee to the hem of her skirt, sliding a finger under the edge and tracing the hem from the side of her leg to the front. She looks at me, letting her lashes cover her eyes and is pleased to see she has my attention. She wants to see if she has anyone else's attention, but can't look away. The fact that I'm breathing heavier aroused her like she has never felt before. She uncrossed her legs very, very slowly, letting her thighs part so that her skirt tugged higher. The cold air sliced through, catching her off guard for a moment. Her nipples hardened and pressed against the flimsy fabric of her top. She is cursing herself for wearing a bra. Before she can even think, she spread her legs further, giving me a front row view of her now very wet, pink and swollen pussy. She hears me gasp and sees the bulge in my pants before I can cover it with the magazine I found left on the love seat by another guest. She is so glad she hadn't wore panties. Our gazes lock, she let her tongue slowly wet her lips, arching her back just a tiny bit so I got a chance to see just how hot she is for me. Her hard little nipples press out against the teal fabric.

I smile at her, my chest rising rapidly. I'm definitely enjoying her little show. She is too. She brought her gaze back to me. I look flushed and my eyes were darker, flashing with desire. I stood up, letting her see just how much I wanted her before gesturing with my head that she should follow me. She slides her legs back together and grabs her coat before standing up. As she follows me, she realized she had broken the rules; she had not waited for her name to be called, which meant she most likely wouldn't be allowed to participate in the opportunity that had originally brought her to this luxurious hotel. But her passion wouldn't allow her to not see this through. She would deal with the consequences later. She follows me as I strode to the elevator. She has the feeling that everyone waiting for an elevator knew what was happening, but she didn't care. She wanted to see what happened. Wanted to feel my hands on her, wanted to put on another little show for me. No, not just wanted, needed. For the first time in her life, she needed to be right where she is. No doubts. No worries. No fear. Just desire. " Take your blouse off now, or I rip it from your body!" She didn't care that it is an order. She slips the tight little top off over her head, letting me see her black lacy bra- a tiny little thing that barely covered her nipples. Her breasts are heaving as I reach my hands around her and pull her to me roughly, devouring her mouth with mine. My lips are hot, steely and demanding. My tongue took possession of hers, teasing her, letting her know there are more pleasures to come. The elevator stops and I tore my mouth from hers. She reached for her blouse, but I said "Later!" and pulled her into the hallway.

I'm smiling at her and she feels a rush of power fill her. She has never been with a older man, but had always fantasized about it after Ellen described the massive orgasms and the full feeling. Her milky skin, her pink pussy being filled with a big, throbbing cock. She licks her lips and drops her gaze to my crotch. I noticed and grabbed my cock through my pants. " You want this Jenny?" She smiles a little smile. I pull her in front of me, my arms around her, palms hovering above her breasts. She wonders what is about to happen and gasps when I put my hand out, and in one small twist, had torn her bra open, releasing her breasts for me to see, my hands cupping them. Stunned, she gasps. As I turn her around to face me and yank up her skirt, revealing that she is not wearing even a thong. I whisper to her to lean forward and as she did, she knew I was able to see her wet pussy and she suddenly feels very vulnerable, and yet aches for more. I slide her skirt back down and led her to the end of the hall, leaving her ripped bra on the floor. She enters a room and the door closed behind her. I flip on the lights and she found herself in a luxurious suite, with a large seating area, a fireplace, floor to ceiling windows with a balcony. She had no idea what floor she is on and didn't care. She notices a huge bed off at one end and another one in an adjoining room, with an open door. She feels my gaze on her and she realized how she must look. Naked from the waist up, tight mini skirt, thigh-highs and stilettos. She has never worn stilettos before, but it had been part of the rules, so she had purchased this pair just this afternoon. I clear my throat and she brought her eyes to mine. The intensity in my eyes made her nipples ache and she breathed in sharply. I watched her medium size breasts rise and fall.

" Rules," I said. " Rules?" " Yes, there must always be rules." She shook her head in agreement. " First names only. Mine is John." " Jenny," she offered. " How old are you?" " 27." I smiled. She can tell I liked her age. " 55." I wave her over to the couch and I sat down next to her, my arm resting on the back, centimeters away from her shoulders. My gaze kept drifting back to her breasts and every time I did that she feels a surge of lust rush through her. " Second rule. Safe word. Do you have one?" No, she had never used a safe word, but didn't want to tell me that. She thought for a moment, scanning the room and saw a vase of roses. " Flower." I nodded in agreement. " What's yours?" I smiled. " I don't need one. But if it will make you feel better, how about airplane?" Sounded good to her. Then I laid down the rules. " We do this and you have the job. No commitments, no strings. I will pay all the expenses. My last rule is this: no pictures or videos of me, no interviews about me." My breath is hot as I spoke. I seem to be getting closer with each word. She feels the heat begin to spread between her legs again. " Now, Jenny," I whisper, " do you have any rules?" She shook her head, unable to think. " Have you ever done this before?" I asked. " Do you mean am I virgin? No. I have been with other men." I knew she was a little nervous and I inched closer, letting my hand rest on her shoulder, brushing her hair back with the other. " I meant, have you ever had an arranged meeting with a older man...for sex to get a job?"

" No. Ellen encourged me to accept the invitation," she admitted, almost in a whisper. " It was a rush of intensity and she had no way to fight it." Her eyes fell to the bed, afraid to look at me for a moment. I smiled at her honesty and wondered how many men she had been with. I lean over and took her right breast in my left hand, thumbing the nipple and feeling her inhale sharply as I rained small, hot, wet kisses on her neck. " How many?" I asked. She is sinking into a swirl of sensations and wasn't sure what I was asking. My hand feels so incredible on her breast. " What?" She murmured. " How many men have you been with?" I asked as my grip on her breast became rougher. She answered slowly, lost in the heat of the moment. " Two." I pull back instantly and look into her deep brown eyes. I was shocked. I was sure she was more experienced than that. Wasn't she? My hand gripped her chin and made her look me in the eye. " Two? Two men?" She isn't sure what is going on. My tone had changed. I sounded upset. Why was I stopping? What was wrong? She just wanted me to start touching her again. But my questions brought her back to reality. " Yes, two. My high school boyfriend on Prom night and two more times with him before we left for different colleges." She paused, waiting for some sign of what I wanted, but I just stared at her, so she continued. " The other was a professor at my college. It was over four years ago and it happened five times. Why?"

I stood up. I wasn't sure what to do. I ran my hands through my hair in frustration. She is young, beautiful, hot, but inexperienced. What if she isn't able to walk away, no strings? But then, again, Ellen is friends with her... a young woman with an amazing body that has very little experience that wanted to be my personal little slut for the night. I growled and gave in, it is just too good to give up. I reach down and scoop her up into my arms, carrying her over to the bed where I laid her down. " Take off your skirt, Jenny." She slides to the end of the bed and wiggled the skirt down over her hips, letting it fall to the floor. She is almost completely naked in front of me, yet I stood watching her, drinking her in. My gaze slides past her lips, down to her medium, perfect tits and slowly, down her flat stomach, stopping at the tiny, trimmed patch of hair leading to her pussy. God, I'm disappointed she wasn't completely clean shaven. I liked my women clean shaved. I'm still wearing my suit. She stood up and started to walk towards me, but I came towards her catching her in mid-stride and gently pushing her back onto the bed. " Touch yourself, baby." I ordered. My voice sounded gruff. My eyes were dark- almost menacing, she thought. But rather than scare her, she feels her nipples harden and the rush of lust course through her body. She leans back on the bed and slides back until her head hit the pillows. The bed is still made, so she is laying on top of an incredibly soft, emerald green velvety duvet. The feel of the plush fabric on her skin only made her more excited.

She cups her breasts with both hands and begins caressing them, flicking the hard nipples, letting one hand then slide slowly down her flat stomach. She feels pride when she hears me gasp and pull my jacket off, flinging it to the floor. She pulls her hand back up as soon as she feels the small patch of hair at the junction of her legs. She isn't ready to touch there yet. She is enjoying drawing it out. Instead, she let her fingers play with her nipples. When she pinches them both, she hears me groan and watches me run my hand along the zipper of my slacks. " Your tits are nice, baby. What size are they?" I ask the question as I flip a couple of lights off, leaving only the one on the night stand on. Just enough light to see her. I change my mind and turn one of the other lights back on. I want to see everything she has to offer. " 34 C," she answered. I reach over and pull her up to a sitting position at the side of the bed. Her eyes are level with my belt and she instinctively reaches for the belt. But I grab her wrists and order her to look at me. " Once you do this, there is no going back, baby. Do you understand? Do you understand that the second you touch my dick, you are mine for the night? My SLUT. My whore for the entire night. Tell me you understand that." She is trembling as it sinks in. She wants to be a slut. My slut. She won't be able to say no to me. I'm in charge. The thoughts racing through her mind and she became even more turned on; her body aching, her hips begin to gyrate, her wet pussy is rubbing against the velvety duvet. She looks up at me and licking her lips, nodding her head.

" You have to say it, Jenny." My voice seems even rougher. " John," she whispers, " I am yours tonight. I know that I am your little whore tonight. That I can't say no to you. I will do anything you want, John." She smiles at me as I lessen my grip on her wrists, allowing her to pull them free and reach for my belt again. Quickly, she unbuckles my belt, unzips my fly and she slides her hands around the top of my pants as she loosened them, helping me get out of them until I'm standing there in front of her in my boxers, shirt and tie. She impulsively reaches for my tie and pull me down on top of her, letting my body cover hers. Our lips met and in seconds we were losing control. My tongue forced itself into her mouth and she met me tentatively with hers. I'm powerful and passionate. She feels me bite and tug at her lower lip and gasp. She feels my long thick shaft along her leg as I took one of her breasts in my hand and suck and tease her nipple. When I stop and pull back, she cries out and arches her back. " No, please don't stop! Please." I regain my control and grab her arms, pinning both of her wrists above her head with one hand. She feels dominated for a moment and wriggles around in frustration. I smile, enjoying watching. Her tits bounce as she moves, her hips arched and she moans, " Please...please...John. Make me your slut. Please." Jenny took a deep and audible inhale of breath, her eyes went wide open and her mouth dropped. My big cock is pointed straight up at her like an arrow, the huge veins pulsing and throbbing along the massive shaft. The large bulbous head looks thick and slightly wet, a tiny amount of pre-cum oozing from the tip.

Jenny cannot take her eyes off of the massive cock that stood before her, she cannot speak and her heart pounded in her chest. She feels her pussy muscles tighten and contract. My, God! He is huge! She thought to herself. " Its time for me to ruin that pussy." Jenny begins to protest but I never give her a chance. Next thing she knew, she is on her back and my body is between her spread legs. I pull baby oil from the bedside table and begin to massage it onto her wet pussy. I put a generous amount on my big throbbing pole too. She feels the huge head of my cock rubbing up and down on her labia. I look huge against her little slit. Jenny whimpers as I push slightly against her. No way she thought. It will never fit. " Oh Jenny this is going to change your life. This will not feel good at first..." I lean forward putting my weight against her. I slide my cock up spreading her lips slightly. She feels the pressure building. I growl low and menacing as I push harder. She feels her tight pussy stretching. Nothing close to this size has ever been inside of her. Her pussy resists but it is stretching and I'm not easing up giving her very tight pussy constant pressure with minimal penetration. The tip barely enters her. She thought she was going to be torn apart.

" Fuck you are so fucking tight." I grunted and pull my hips back then I thrust my hips forward forcing my cock inside her, she feels something in her tearing. Something giving way. Then deep burn fills her entire pelvis and my hot throbbing monster cock continues forcing its way inside her tight vaginal canal. A split second ago the tip of my cock was barely entering her and all of a sudden my cock head has forced her pussy open. Jenny screams a high pitch painful scream. Tears are running down her face. My growls turn to grunts as I push my hips forward again. I push deeper as her pussy stretches. She reaches up and pushes against my belly wanting me out of her and I complied until I'm almost out. Jenny tried to push me all the way out, I grab her hands and pin them at her side. With a laugh I thrust back inside her. Deeper this time. She screams again as my cock hit places never before touched. I hold her hands down so she can't stop me from thrusting into her. Each thrust touching her deeper and deeper. Each thrust brought another scream and more tears. I'm vicious as I growl in my ear. All she can do is whimper as her lungs burned. I'm slamming into her deeper with each in and out stroke, my thick cock causing friction against the tender vaginal walls. Her face reddens when she thinks about how wonderful my cock feels inside of her.

Her hands found my ass and she squeezes my butt cheeks as my cock slides in and out of her pussy. My cock is throbbing and when I hear her beg to be my slut, I lost control. A loud cry of pain comes from her…." Oh My God," as I bury all nine inches of my thick cock inside me. Then another thrust and my cock head slams against her cervix…then I give a viscous thrust after thrust filling her pussy with all of my hot cock…She feels my hot cock head at the opening of her womb….She wants to thrust back at me but she can't do any thing my heavy body is on top of her holding her down... She is screaming with pain as I start thrusting my cock into her womb...My hot cock is rubbing her clit and G-spot so hard. " Oh God I've never been fucked like this in my life." Jenny forgot every thing and relaxed enjoying the sensations she is feeling. Then a intense orgasm came crashing down as I explode filling her with cum. During her orgasm, she did not notice the big knot at the base of my penis… She is spread eagle under me, enjoying her orgasm. Then suddenly she feels the knot of my penis trying to enter her pussy, intense pressure as I push my knot inside her, and start to swell up inside her.

Jenny has never experienced a big cock like mine and never knew a man could have a knot at the base of his penis. The pain is over whelming as the knot stretches her upon entering and starts swelling up inside her. The knot becomes just little more than the size of a baseball, her pussy walls stretched fully. She is trying to buck up against me but my body holds her down against the mattress, I'm trying to push my knot deeper in her pussy. Her pussy contracts around my knot, my cock starts jerking rapidly for a few minutes. Her body starts shaking as another orgasm ripples through her. I continue thrusting into her, then I explode again spraying my hot cum in her womb… load after load I shoot in her womb. She feels my knot throbbing as I continue shooting hot cum inside her. Jenny is aroused again feeling my cum inside her. As I try to pull my knot out of her, my cock is stimulating her g-spot. She is aroused again and again. The stimulation of her g-spot is giving her orgasms one after another for about thirty minutes. Jenny lost count of how many times she had a orgasm during the knotting of 60 minutes with me. After that my knot starts to shrink and after ten minutes the knot slips out her pussy. As my cock comes out a gush of our cum mixed with blood starts running from her pussy down her inner thighs. Jenny lays on the bed exhausted as I get up.

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