Daisy Rowley

I have done engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications. I have a great interest in education sector. I have my own way of teaching which varies from student to student. .Besides teaching and education stuff I love to play guitar. I have learned playing guitar for three years and now learning it further on my own. I am fanatic of rock music and also love to explore new places. Love to interact with new people. I am an experienced online tutor. I have always enjoyed teaching and love to work with students of all grades.I have been teaching Math and Physics for more than 7 years. All the students whom I have taught have been completely satisfied by working with me and they have seen a significant improvement in their grades.

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20 Ideas For Overcoming Writer's Block

20 Ideas For Overcoming Writer's Block

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You have a third draft to your editor, two articles to your clients, and a blog post due tomorrow, but your head feels like it has been run over by a truck. Unfortunately, you have been self-diagnosed with writer's block, a dangerous, but non-contagious disease. You feel like a deer caught in headlights, the world is ending, or you are the worst thing since Forbes. Do not fret, writer's block is completely curable, and every writer goes through it, often. Here are 20 cures for the common bout of writer's block.