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St Agatha's (part 1)

St Agatha's (part 1)

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Even after all these years there was something unsettling about being before the head of a school.

‘You know why you’re here I take it?’ Said the woman opposite. She was considerably older than Stella and fashionably dressed in a black trouser suit matched with a deep red lipstick.

‘I’ve been sent here by my boss Mr Bannister for retraining. He wants me to broaden my horizons and improve my skill set in certain areas Headmistress.’

The headmistress regarded Stella coldly, her eyes glittering with malice. ‘Quite so Stella, and has he told you in which areas he wants to see an improvement?’

Stella shrugged nervously, ‘Not really headmistress. He was going to send you an email about me. To be honest I’m quite pleased to be here, Mr Bannister is a bit of a lech.’

The headmistress raised an amused eyebrow. ‘A lech you say? How so? Has he molested you? Dragged you screaming into his room and raped you?’

‘Oh no, nothing like that,’ gushed Stella. ‘He just… kind of stares at my breasts and makes comments. He offered to pay me a bonus if went for a drink with him.’

The headmistress laughed out loud. ‘You silly, stupid girl! Is that all? For heaven’s sake you’re 24 years-old and behaving like a virgin. Bitch-up and let him screw you.’

Stella flinched at the course language and coloured slightly. ‘I can’t. I mean I can, but… well I am a virgin. I’ve never had sex with anyone and would quite like it to stay that way.’

‘No blow-jobs, anal or fingerings in a dark alley?’

Stella’s colouring deepened to crimson. ‘No, absolutely not. I’ve never done anything like that, and God willing I never will. Why would I want to give myself to some heaving sweaty man and have him fill me with his disgusting slime?’

The headmistress stood and faced the window, her back to Stella. ‘Wow, that’s quite a statement Miss Lawson.’ She turned around and placed her palms on the desk, towering over the younger girl who visibly shrank in her seat. ‘Two things Stella. Number one, I am not to be addressed as headmistress. I am head of nothing. I am to be addressed at all times as Mistress Amelia is that clear?’

Stella nodded.

‘Secondly, Mr Bannister is a valued benefactor of our little establishment and as such is NEVER described as a lech, understood?’

Stella nodded again.

‘Now, tell me what you know of our school.’

‘Very little Mistress,’ said Stella, truthfully. She had scoured the internet but could find no mention of St Agatha’s.

‘We cater for a very elite clientele, with some very specific requirements. Every young person here is from a privileged background and has been sent here by their parents, guardians or benefactors, to further their education in sexual matters and ensure that they become well-rounded and perfectly balanced people. Every graduate in our care will leave us highly skilled in all of the erotic arts and will be perfectly equipped for their new life-long roles. We have a great many benefactors who require young people of this calibre, and they take a great many of our graduates. Worldwide, I might add. The others return home where they do rather well, I believe.’

‘So, is this like a finishing school for whores then?’ Asked Stella coldly.

‘More of a beginning school Stella dear. Our pupils range from ages 18 to 22 and are both male and female. They receive a first-class education here and are sent to our clients with a requirement that they be employed in a significant position within their company. Their new-found skills considerably sweeten the deal of course, and with St Agatha’s on their CV, they are assured of a lifelong income. We do not condone prostitution but rest assured that each of our pupils, upon graduation, know as much as a thirty-year whore.

Now to you, Miss Lawson, you will be expected to assist with the odd class at my discretion. The rest of your duties will be clerical, dealing with various paperwork and suchlike. Now, I’m sure that you would like to settle into your accommodation. You have room number 24, in the girls’ block.’

‘Thanks Mistress Amelia, I could really use a shower.’

‘No ensuite I’m afraid, the rooms are rather basic. But you can shower in the girls’ communal shower at the end of the block. It should be empty now as the girls are on the hockey field but be quick.’

Stella smiled politely and left the office, her mind a whirlpool of confusion and mounting horror. How could Mister Bannister send her here?


‘Now watch carefully,’ said Amelia, staring at the CCTV monitor in the darkened room. ‘You are in for a real treat Benjamin my boy. She’s getting undressed.’

Ben Jones’ hungry eyes stared at the buxom blond undressing in the girls’ changing room. ‘By God, you’re right Amelia, she’s an absolute stunner. And sexy lingerie too. You’re sure she’s a virgin?’

‘Quite sure, she told me herself. Not so much as a fingertip has split that pussy.’

‘And those tits! They’re bloody magnificent! I’m sure the boys in my class will love those. Is she available for fucking Amelia? Or should I say, Mistress.’

Amelia laughed playfully. ‘Stop it you fool, and yes she is. When she returns to Peter Bannister, she needs to be a cock hungry slut. He’s been trying to get into her pants for weeks with zero success. He was considering raping her when I suggested that he send her here.’

‘If this place doesn’t convert the repressed bitch then nothing will.’

Amelia adjusted the camera view as Stella stepped naked into the shower.

‘My God, Amelia look at that pussy, bald as the day she was born. Zoom in I want a good look at that cock-crack.’

Amelia did so.

‘Beautiful. A prominent mound with a high-slung slit. I would never get tired of tonguing that pussy.’

‘I hope you get the chance.’ She replied. ‘I’m taking a few stills to send to Bannister. He might as well see what he’s getting.’


Stella relaxed under the steaming jets of water, feeling the grime of the day sluice from her skin. The shower area was large, accommodating more than a dozen silver shower heads, and she knew that very shortly it would be inundated with naked screaming girls fresh from the hockey field. She would need to hurry. She ran the soap quickly over her breasts feeling their heft as she did so. They were huge, voluminous, and way too large for her waspish waist. Her pussy was little better, as it just seemed to protrude. She had taken to shaving it to make it less so, but to Stella at least, it seemed almost animalistic. "Stella the cow" was her nickname at school, and even the girls wanted to feel her "udders" and make fun of the womanly slit between her legs.

She had avoided showers like the plague. Even detention was preferable to the bullying that she had to endure there. And after being thrown naked into the boys changing room, she had left school and never gone back. To escape from the changing room, she had run the entire length of the changing room only to find the door at the end locked. Surrounded by laughing boys, she could only stand there and sob. Even the male staff joined in, and it seemed an age before she was finally allowed to leave. Nobody, but nobody, was ever going to see her naked again.


As Stella was getting undressed for bed, Amelia was in her room. She was naked save for black thigh length boots and had a leg over each arm of the chair in which she sat. She ran her fingers through her full and luxurious bush, quickly finding her clit and rubbing it with slow delicious strokes. ‘Like what you see William?’

William was in his third year at St Agatha’s and was due to graduate later that year. He was naked as requested, with his large turgid organ curving up his belly revealing his plum-like balls hanging heavily between his trembling thighs. William could only nod in response, his mouth dry and his bugging eyes fixed on the glistening pussy laid bare before him.

‘You’ve developed,’ smiled Amelia, ‘I trust that your cock is getting plenty of exercise?’

‘Yes, Mistress Amelia.’ He croaked.

‘Lots of nubile young classmates willing to spread their legs and welcome you into their hot little holes?’

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘Excellent. Now William, we have a female virgin in our midst.’

William considered her words before replying. ‘I don’t think so Mistress. Not in years two or three anyway. All of the girls have been fucked, I’m certain of that.’

‘It’s not a pupil William, but a member of staff. Miss Lawson. You will see her around the school as from tomorrow. Please let your fellow pupils know of her virginal status. She’s not like us, she has inhibitions and so a softly, softly approach is called for. She may be fucked if the opportunity presents itself, but as a member of staff she is to be respected at all times, is that clear?’

‘Of course, Mistress.’

Amelia noted with delight the bead of moisture that had appeared at the slit in his cockhead and the sudden throb of the mighty organ as she told of Stella’s virginity. ‘Now come to me boy and fuck my pussy; show me what you’ve learnt.’

William advanced towards his mistress settling himself between her outstretched legs.

‘Yes, it’s good,’ she groaned, as he thrust brutally up, into her hot, welcoming, cunt.


The following day saw Stella assisting Ben Jones with his third-year class. All of the pupils were in their early twenties and much of the tuition went over Stella’s head. The curriculum was far from the norm and was certainly comparable to what she had experienced during her brief stint at university. There didn’t seem to be a school uniform as such, as the students seemed to wear pretty much what they wanted. There was certainly a lot of flesh on show. One girl in particular wore a thin sweater and was clearly bra-less as evident by her large protuberant nipples tenting the garment.

‘Mr Jones,’ began Stella, ‘That girl’s top leaves little to the imagination. Do you actually allow your pupils to dress so inappropriately in class?’

‘Ah yes, I see what you mean.’ He said identifying the girl. ‘Melanie come here please.’

Melanie approached the desk in full view of the class. ‘You wanted to see me Mr Jones?’ she purred playing seductively with her hair.

‘Yes, Melanie. Miss Lawson has noticed that you are dressed inappropriately. Please remove your sweater and return to your desk.’

Melanie grasped the hem of her sweater, lifting it and freeing her heavy breasts that wobbled into view before casting the garment aside.

Stella was horrified and took a step back amid the cacophonous hooting and banging of desks from the appreciative class.

‘We do things differently here Miss Lawson.’ Whispered Ben Jones. ‘Self-expression and exhibitionism are welcomed and encouraged. Pupils and staff mingle and fuck each other. You should loosen up a little Stella; if you do you could have a really fun time here.’

Stella felt as if she had fallen into the depths of hell. The remains of the school day passed in a blur, with Stella contributing very little. At last, she was tasked with escorting one of the boys to Mistress Amelia for chastisement. It felt good for Stella to be in the cool of the corridor and out of the stifling heat and sexually charged atmosphere of the classroom.

They were admitted at the first knock and were presented with the vision of Mistress Amelia brandishing a thin wicked-looking cane. ‘Ah, Walter, it’s been a while. Shall we inform Miss Lawson as to why you are here?’

‘Milking Miss.’

‘Yes, milking. Stella, due to the nature of our curriculum, our third-year boys must regularly be milked. This usually occurs naturally at the hands of others, but young Walter here has a penchant for corporal punishment. In fact, he struggles to orgasm with any other stimulation. We already have a benefactor lined up for him for when he leaves us, who likes to indulge in such pursuits, and we are training Walter accordingly. Now strip Walter and let us begin.’

Stella watched as the boy began to undress. He was well-muscled and took great pains to carefully fold his clothes and place them on a conveniently placed chair. As he removed his underwear Stella caught sight of the large flaccid cock. It hung limply between the heavy balls and was cleanly shaven. It was the first real cock that she had ever seen and even unaroused, it looked formidable.

‘Isn’t it a beauty Stella?’ Smiled Amelia, ‘Manipulation of the boys sexual organs begin as soon as they arrive and last until they graduate. Using our special manipulation techniques each boys cock develops to its full potential, and he enjoys longer and more fruitful orgasms. He will produce, on average, four times more semen than an average boy. Now assume the position please Walter.’

Amelia tugged away a cotton sheet revealing a wooden contraption with leather restraining straps. Walter lay upon it face down, easing his cock and balls through a cut-out, and spreading his legs which were then secured by Amelia. Other straps secured his arms and waist. The boy lay spread-eagled, and immobilised.

‘Now Stella, place this bowl beneath his prick would you please?’

Stella did as she was told, her face uncomfortably close to the dangling cock and was horrified as her cheek brushed against it as she pulled away. ‘Mistress Amelia,’ she began, ‘I really should return to class, there is much to- ‘

‘Remain!’ commanded Amelia.

Stella swallowed hard and colour flooded her cheeks as she remained perfectly still.

‘Now watch carefully.’

The cane cracked across the boy’s bottom leaving a red stripe on his pale skin. Several more strokes were applied, and Stella felt her panic rising as she watched the boy’s cock pulsing erect. The cock thickened and lengthened, as the fat mushroom head filled with blood turning it a deep shade of purple. The boy was groaning now, whether in pleasure or pain Stella couldn’t tell.

Still, the cane cracked across the boy’s bare behind and Stella could tell that Amelia was enjoying her work. Her face was flushed, and it wasn’t through the effort applied.

‘Adjust the bowl forwards a little Stella dear, we need to catch all of his emissions, he’s close now.’

That was precisely the last thing Stella wanted to do, but as she bent to comply, the boy growled deeply, and a thick jet of sperm spattered wetly on Stella’s arm and hand.

Stella screamed and fell away, as further jets decorated the floor and sides of the bowl. The cock continued to jerk and spasm as the boy worked through his orgasm, depositing even more viscous liquid into the already liberally coated bowl.

Amelia was amused. ‘As you bent forward Walter got a perfect view of your hanging tits. That’s what got you off wasn’t it Walter?’

‘Yes, Mistress.’ He breathed.

‘There you are Stella, your tits have brought off their first cock, congratulations.’

Her laughter chased Stella as she fled from the room.


Stella padded angrily, and at pace, to Amelia’s office dressed in her nightclothes. Fortunately, it was too early for school, so she was alone in the hallway. Stella rapped sharply on the door and it was answered almost immediately by Mistress Amelia.

‘Stella, how lovely to see you. Our dress code is informal, but even so…’

‘All my stuff’s gone,’ gushed Stella, ‘Everything. Even the clothes I wore yesterday are missing. All I have is my underwear.’

‘My word,’ began Amelia looking thoughtful, ‘The cheeky scamps. I’m sure that it’s just a schoolboy prank, but to sneak into your room while you were sleeping is audacious even by their standards. I take it that you were in no way molested?’

‘Of course not,’ snorted Stella, ‘If I were, I would have caught them. I want a lock on my door.’

Amelia smiled. ‘There are no locks on any doors at St Agatha’s, Stella. Now please don’t carry on so. We are about the same size so I’ll arrange for some of my clothes to be delivered to your room as a temporary measure until we can locate your things. Don’t worry, we’ll find your clothes although probably not the culprit.’

A ***ion of Amelia’s clothes arrived within the hour, and Stella discarded them as completely unacceptable, and then realised that she had little choice. 5" strappy heels were complimented by a black micro-skirt and a sheer white blouse which was virtually transparent.

She eyed her underwear with disgust. They were a day old, as she could just imagine the germs spawning and multiplying on them, even as she watched. Wearing them again was simply not an option, but Stella had a daring solution to her dilemma. There was a laundry room down the corridor where she could wash them, but it would mean a dash in Amelia’s clothes and no underwear.

As she dressed, Stella felt a shiver of deliciousness pass though her body as she contemplated what she was about to do. It was without doubt the most daring thing she had ever attempted and was mildly annoyed to see her dark nipples tenting the material of her blouse. Seeing herself in the mirror, she had to admit that she looked the perfect slut. The skirt barely covered her bottom and the blouse showed every contour of her naked breasts. Tearing her eyes from the mirror, she peeked into the corridor ensuring the coast was clear, before hurrying to the laundry room.

Acutely aware of her bouncing breasts, she was relieved that it was still too early for the students to be up and about, and at the same time a little disappointed that her daring dash would go unseen.

The laundry room was not empty. Ben Jones sat on a bench watching his washing lazily rotate in the drum. He smiled in approval as she entered, and Stella felt the colour rise in her cheeks as she self-consciously folded her arms across her breasts.

‘Wow Stella, what a transformation.’

‘Oh, I’m sorry Mister Jones,’ stuttered Stella, ‘I thought the laundry room would be empty at this time of the morning.’

Ben Jones grinned and patted the seat on the bench beside him. ‘No matter, please take a seat.’

Ben Jones wore nothing but a white pair of shorts and his matted chest hair both repulsed and fascinated Stella. The bench was short, and Stella knew that if she took a seat their thighs would be touching, but there was nowhere else to sit and, she reasoned, she could always take another shower later. She shuffled onto the seat with as much composure as she could manage and gritted her teeth as Ben’s hairy thigh pressed against her own.

‘You know Stella,’ he began, ‘You have the most stunning tits. You should dress like this more often, and your pussy is amazing.’

Shocked, Stella followed his gaze into the glass door of the washing machine and was horrified to see the clear reflection of her pussy; her skirt had ridden up giving Ben the most perfect view. Her legs were slightly parted showing the fat, rolled lips of her naked cunt and the deep split in-between.

Stella felt frozen to the seat as Ben’s hand rested on her knee, slowly moving up her thigh. It reached the hem of her skirt and pushed gently under. His fingers were now a bare inch from her unprotected pussy.

‘Undo your blouse.’ He breathed.

Stella moved robot-like to comply. Every shredded nerve in her body screamed at her to run, but she seemed unable to move even though she was struggling to breath and her heart thudded painfully in her chest. It was as if the hand on her thigh was holding her tight to the bench. Her fingers fumbled with the buttons but eventually the blouse fell loose. Ben’s hand was on her stomach, moving quickly to cup a breast, feeling its weight and texture, his thumb flicking over her already erect nipple, eliciting a gentle and unexpected, groan from Stella.

Ben took her hand, placing it on the significant bulge in his shorts. He moved her fingers along the thick log making her familiar with its size and rigidity. Her lifted the waistband allowing the fat mushroom head of his cock to slip into view and he traced Stella’s fingertip across the slick meatus.

‘Come to my room tonight,’ he whispered, ‘I want to feel your hot virgin cunt wrapped around my cock.’ His finger was now rubbing delicately along the deep slit between her legs, but his words had finally pushed Stella to her feet in a panic.

‘I’m sorry, I have to go I- ‘

The act of standing had allowed Ben’s finger to slip deeper, pushing inwards into her inviolate pussy and stirring the little well of moisture that had gathered there.

‘Move another inch and I swear I’ll push my finger right through your precious hymen,’ hissed Ben.

Stella dared not move. She stood with her knees bent as Ben’s finger moved gently in and out, rubbing across her awakening clit. She was being molested in the grossest sense and yet could do nothing but allow it to happen.

Stella’s breathing became laboured as she stared at the bulging head of Ben’s cock. It seemed to have grown, flaring out of his pants and leaking moisture.

‘You like looking at my cock don’t you Stella?’ He hissed, ‘My big thick cock. Imagine what it would feel like splitting the fat lips of your cunt.’

Stella could, and was horrified at the thought.

‘Lick my cock and I’ll stop finger-fucking you. I know how much you hate it.’

The problem was that Stella didn’t hate it; in fact, it was the most thrilling thing she had ever experienced. She knew it was disgustingly obscene, but that in itself, she found exciting. Feeling a gentle pressure on the back of her neck, Stella obediently lowered her head towards the throbbing meatus. She flicked out her tongue tasting the salty secretions and heard Ben groan in response. A sudden jerk of his hips pushed the cockhead into her mouth, and she held it there feeling it swell even more.

‘Good girl Stella,’ he said, ‘Suck my cock.’

Stella had little choice as the hand on the back of her neck kept the cock firmly in place. Ben began a gentle rocking motion fucking her virgin mouth as a wet finger poked delicately at the tight rosebud of her anus. He traced a lazy circle around her tightly clenched hole, feeling it gently pulse in response. A devilish grin split his face and he hooked a finger sending it deep within her ass, eliciting a choking cry from Stella and a jerk of her hips which unwittingly impaled herself even deeper onto the rotating digit. Ben, sensing an opportunity, pushed the rest of his cock into her mouth delighting in her struggles as she was impaled at both ends.

For Stella, there was no hope. A hand on the back of her neck kept her mouth around Ben’s thrusting penis and another finger joined the first in her ass stretching her elastic hole and causing her to whimper in pain around the swelling cock. And it was swelling. The head had ballooned in her mouth threatening to choke her, and the thrusting had become more urgent. He wouldn’t would he? She had read of such things in novels, but had always skipped such parts, but now she wished that she had read them; maybe then she would know what to expect. Despite her lack of knowledge, Stella was excited by the prospect of having an orgasming cock in her mouth, something she swore she would never do, driven to distraction as she was, by the thumb rubbing crazily across her swollen clit. Her own orgasm was beginning deep inside her barren cunt, rising quickly to the surface and flashing viciously through her loins, jacking her body and driving her ass hard onto Ben’s pumping fingers. Stella’s orgasm prompted Ben’s own, and he sighed deeply as his cock spasmed in her mouth, flooding her with his boiling jism. Stella swallowed hard as spurt after jerking spurt blasted ever more sperm into her hungrily sucking mouth, she wanted it, needed it, demanded it, feeling herself becoming the nasty cock-hungry slut she swore she would never be.

End of Part One

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