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D Returns

D Returns

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We welcomed D and had him get comfortable. He got nude and immediately shot up his cock. He had already pumped his cock up with his cock pump so it was already larger than normal so once the prostaglandin took effect, it was huge! Not much longer but very big in diameter, at least 2", and with uncircumcised foreskin it appeared even larger . Using the pump pulls more blood than usual into his cock and causes his foreskin to swell much more than usual. Once I pull his foreskin back over the head of his cock, back to its normal uncircumcised state, it looks quite nice and much, much larger than normal. I tried to stick my tongue in the opening left in his foreskin but it was too tight. However, his cock looked the same just much bigger than normal. How magnificent !!!!!!!!!

I also tried to get my mouth over the head of his beautiful cock which I could just manage but I could not get the body of his now huge cock down my throat. As it relaxed over the next 2-3 hours, it returned to its more normal dimensions, allowing me suck it all the way down my throat plus allowing me to swallow his very tasty and sweet cum. But there is more to my story with this really being the end our our wonderful afternoon.

So back to the days proceedings.

My lady was not in the mood for any sex today. Why, who knows what makes a lady tick - even part of the time. However, she did admire D's handsome bigger than usual cock and watched him play with it most of the afternoon. Was her pussy hot and wet? I do not know but I do know that she has taken a monster cock such as this into her pussy before plus wanting a cock even bigger. Not bigger in diameter but much, much longer. But NOT today !!!!!!

But she did do something that she hasn't done very much in the past - she watched adult videos with D and me. During all of this, D continued to stroke his unusually large cock, my lady peeking at it every now and than. What was she thinking? Did she want to play with it, did she want to suck on it, did she want it pushed deep into her pussy? I do not know and probably will never know.

However, the afternoon proceeded nicely with an in-depth discussion regarding the movies, the actors ( men and women) and what they were doing – sucking and fucking. Why were the men so big and why did the men "eat" the lady's pussy and why did the women seem to enjoy sucking the man's cock. During all this discussion, my lady constantly watched D stroke his still huge rock hard cock. Did she want to play with it, did she want to suck on it, did she really want it in her usually hot, wet pussy? Did she want D to put his huge cock in her pussy, stretching her pussy beyond it usual limits? I wish I knew. I do know that she was enjoying the adult movies and was enjoying watching D stroke his gorgeous still rock hard cock. It is fascinating as to how long D's cock can stay so huge and rock hard.

Every now and than while we watched our movies, I would sneak over and play with D's huge balls and lick his huge cock up one side and down the other trying to get the huge head of his cock in my mouth. My lady watched each time I attacked D's cock, but said nothing, just watched. Was she wishing that she had the courage to do the same thing? I would hope so. She was sure welcome to do so. She sure didn't mind me playing with D's cock or sucking on his cock head. She just watched.

My lady hasn't had a taste of his cum yet but I feel that it is only a matter time. Again, the movies showed a lot of sucking. The women sucking the man's cocks deep into their throats. But always when the man was ready to cum, the women would aim the mans cock at her mouth but would not suck his cock in her mouth, suck the cum from his cock. We imagine that the movie viewing audience wants to see the cum shooting from his cock and landing where ever. Of course, we can never "see" a women cum. We must assume she is Cumming.

There is nothing more wonderful than to make a women cum especially multiple times. This is when my lady "wants" penetration – she wants a nice hot cock (of any size) pushed into her ready pussy and she especially likes to have her pussy filed with the mans hot creamy cum. D will soon supply her with a pussy full of his warm creamy cum. Which – I will suck out of her luscious pussy. But not today !

My lady has sucked on D's cock and says that she really enjoys doing so. Sometime, I would like her to experience having D cum in her mouth and have her swallow D's warm sweet cum. I'm sure she will really like it – the sucking and the cum. She already loves his nice rock hard cock in her mouth and her pussy, but at the last visit, D did not get his beautiful cock all the way in her pussy nor did D cum. At least she did his cock in her mouth and in her pussy the last time D visited but ….. not today.

Next time ????? I sure hope so but time will tell.

You may have wondered why I so look forward to D's arrival. Why? I have had prostrate surgery and can no longer get an erection or cum. Therefore, D has filled that gap for me and my wife that I can no longer fulfill. My libido is still the same as it has been for many years and my wife still enjoys sex – sometimes and I still love sucking cock and eating pussy.

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