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Chance Meeting and Then it All GEts Better

Chance Meeting and Then it All GEts Better

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Our eyes met and she walked over to me. It was a student from the classes I had taught at a high school but two years had passed now and Allyson had blossomed a lot. She had been shy and withdrawn and not much of a figure, very tomboyish but now her curves were very nice and smooth and her bra size had increased from an "A" cup to a "CC" and her breasts were trying, it seemed, to escape them. She came over to me, hugging me full body and tight so that I felt her warmth against me. My juices began flowing as she withdrew and stood back still holding both my hands." Hey Ms. C, so good to run into you, you look great." she said in a very excited voice that seemed to laugh as she spoke. "You look fantastic yourself, all grown up." I said and she smiled. "How have you been?" she asked me. "Well, ups and downs as usual." I told her. She took my hand and began walking to the food court and stopped at a table full of people. 4 other girls/women and 3 guys/men sat there. "Join us Ms. C" she said pulling out a chair and almost pushing me down into it. "I will if you will cal me Susan." I said and she said "Okay" and introduced me to everyone. I was wearing a cross over halter top and no bra so my breasts were very visible and a skirt that flowed and tied at the waist and a thong with flats.

"You guys all remember me telling you about Ms C, ah, I mean Susan. She was my History teacher." she said and several smiled and said, "Oh yeah." in a way that told me that Allyson had told them what she knew or thought she knew about me to them. A very lovely girl with flowing red hair looked at me, "So are the stories true?" and I know I flushed red in my face. "What stories?" I said. "Oh, you know, about your adventures with some of the students." she finished. "Well, that depends on which ones." I smiled now feeling that I was going to be on my back for he rest of the day and maybe the night, my juices now really flowing so that my thighs were wet with the juices flowing down them. "The really hot ones." Kate the red head said. Then Allison interrupted, "You know Susan, with all the things I heard I never was included in the fun." she said. "Well, you were kind of shy." I said and now her hand was on my thigh under my skirt and she felt the juices that had run down them. "Well, I am not shy anymore. she said and leaned in and kissed me full tongue for more than a few seconds. Her hand went all the way to my pussy and her fingers began playing pulling the lips. I shivered and kissed her back deeply. One of the guys said, "Damn, looks like we need to get a room." I gasped for air and managed to moan, "Yes, we should." and so we all got up, me half being carried to a SUV and Allyson next to me still kissing and now groping my tits that were coming out of my top or rather my top was coming off.

We drove down Broad Street and pulled into a hotel and someone went in and got the room. We drove around the back and al piled out and Allyson was still holding onto me. My top was off as we got into the room and then my skirt and thong and Allyson was naked and we were on the bed with everyone else watching. "Come one Allyson, take care of her." one guy said and so she was on me kissing and her hands probing my body until her fingers sank into my pussy and I had an orgasm. "Oh hell yeah, she is hot." one guy said and everyone was cheering Allyson on. Her mouth was all over my body sucking and biting and kissing. Then a hand sank into my pussy making me spray all over it. One of the other women had undressed and joined us and her hand had found the entrance that was wide open for her fingers then her hand. "Oh fuck, do it hard." I almost screamed and she began ramming my pussy with her fist. Allyson was sucking my tits harder and harder as I told her then I told her to "bite them, bite them harder." She sank her teeth into my flesh and I felt the blood begin dripping down my tits under my arms and to the sheets. Another orgasm shook my body and sprayed all over. Allyson was sucking the blood and licking it up like a vampire.

I managed top glance around the room and everyone was naked and engaged in play of one kind or another. I saw one guy that had an absolutely huge cock and balls and a small woman try, be a man." I growled and everyone moved so he had me all to himself. Trying to get it in her pussy then her mouth and failed at both. "Over here<" I said and took him in my hand and sucked him slowly down my throat until it was all just about down my throat. "Oh fuck yeah." he was moaning as he fucked my throat and others fisted and sucked and did as they pleased to me. A hand vacated my pussy and I moved so that I was open for him, "Come on man, fuck me really good, be a stud." I moaned and he sank his full length of thick cock into me. I let out a cry and had a squirting orgasm that left a puddle under me on the bed. He plunged into me harder and deeper as he kept working to fill me up. He fucked me for what seemed like a long time then tensed up and his cock throbbed and filled me with his cum. Oh how great it felt and then he moved and another cock sank into m. Men and women were sucking my tits and licking and kissing me all over and as each one touched me it sent sparks to my pussy making it erupt over and over again until I was almost having one orgasm after another. I was sucking cocks dry until they filled my throat and I felt like I was in another world. It seemed there was no end to people that wanted to join in and I found later that some phone calls had been made and I was now servicing lots more cocks than had originally been there. Allyson and two other women were kissing me and licking me all over and Allyson began sucking the cum from my pussy making noises that told me she loved the taste of cum filled pussy. Someone lifted me and sat my on a nice cock and leaned me back and now there were two in me, ass and pussy and I felt like I had just gotten fresh energy. I was a rag doll being fucked and enjoyed by a lot of people, passed from one or more men and women to another. My ass was pulsing with wonderful pain from being rammed again and again and cum filling it. "More?" Allyson questioned me. "Oh, fuck yes, as long as there is anyone that wants to have me." I said and took a drink that was offered me as I sat up for a moment.

All I remember was that I was pounded all night by every size cock I knew and that I was sore as was Allyson and we laid there the next morning in cum soaked sheets and leaking from our asses and pussies and lots of the remains of cum in our hair and on our bodies. She woke and began kissing me and playing with me and soon was licking my pussy softley begging it to give her another orgasm to eat, it dd. We showered and it took over and hour to do that and dressed and went to eat at the IHOP on Epps Bridge and enjoyed a nice romantic breakfast together. Allyson was in my life for about a year and some of the people that I never knew their names would greet me and smile. I enjoy nt knowing who is in me sometimes and so I can imagine then anytime. Talk to you all later. Leaving for Cali tomorrow. Love susan

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