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Latex Catsuit Sex

Latex Catsuit Sex

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I love to dress in kinky, provocative and feminine outfits; some for public wear and some only acceptable in the bedroom. I love heels or boots, pantyhose and stretch vinyl but, my favorite is latex.

I have had a latex fetish my whole life! Even at the age when I was too young to have a sexual interest in another person, or even knew about sex, rubber gloves would make me hard just from thinking about them. My Mom had a pair of latex household gloves that were transparent, smooth and shiny inside and out and very supple and stretchy. I would sneak them into the bathroom and sometimes wear them to bed at night. My little dick would get hard and I would play with it. I didn't know what it was all about, just that it felt soooo good! I had my first orgasm at the age of about five wearing those gloves. I had no idea what had just happened and it was so powerful that it really gave me a scare. I vowed that I would never do anything like that again! I was probably at it again the next day! lol

My all time favorite single item of clothing is a footed, gloved and hooded latex catsuit. I have many, with and without the attached hood, in different thicknesses and colors but, my favorite are thin and transparent or transparent colors. The thin latex can fit so tight and wrinkle free and yet not be tight feeling or binding. Also, they are just soooo stretchy and rubbery feeling! I spend many hours a day in latex, sometimes more than one day at a time in nothing but latex and often sl**p in it.

I especially like latex catsuits with fitted bust cups. My breasts are only up to a "B" cup size but, do to my daily use of nipple pumps, my nipples are almost the size of pencil erasers when erect. The feeling of them them cupped in the fitted bust cups of my latex suit, my erect nipples making little bumps is maddeningly erotic!!! I love to have them pinched and played with through my latex!

My Boyfriend has a huge latex fetish also and we almost always wear rubber together and usually wear it for sex. He lives about an hour away so we usually are only together on the weekend.

Last weekend I was sooo horny because he had been away on business and was gone all that weekend. When he got here I was already dressed in my hooded, gloved and footed transparent gray latex catsuit. We wasted no time getting him stripped and into his suit. It was the black one without an attached hood, but does have feet and gloves. It also has a small round opening that has a thick latex band attached like a collar to stretch open and slip his cock and balls through.

We sat on the couch and started kissing and making out. I lubed his cock and started stroking it. Mmmmmm, a lubed up rubber gloved hand gripping and sliding up and down your hard cock feels so very very good!

I soon worked up a good bead of pre cum on the tip of his cock. Mmmm, what Gurl can resits a glistening clear gem like that? I love to swallow a load when I suck! I find nothing extremely tasty about it, but nothing bad either. What turns me on about it is the thought of what it is that I have in my mouth and am swallowing and that is is coming right from his sexy balls! Pre cum is another matter! I just love the slightly salty tasty tang of it!

I could resist no longer! I got down on my rubber covered knees between his latex clad thighs, cupped his balls, bulging from the hole in his suit, wrapped my other rubber gloved hand around the based of his slippery cock and drew it to my mouth. I touched just the tip of my tongue to the clear pearl of liquid and pulled back a bit, drawing a thin strand of pre cum for him to see, before taking his hard cock into my mouth.

I love to suck cock but, like the taste of a load of cum, it really does nothing physically for me. The turn on is psychological; what I have in my mouth, how naughty I am being and that I am turning him on.

I enjoyed my meaty and tasty treat, sometime stroking him while taking his balls into my mouth until I worked up a nice dollop of pre cum to suck down, until I knew that I was getting him TOO excited.

I like to give him pleasure by making him cum in my mouth, but usually use oral sex as a form of foreplay. What I really, REALLY crave is the feeling of his hard cock in my Sissy butt!!

We never made it to the bedroom! I laid down on the couch on my back, slipped a pillow under my butt and pulled his latex clad body down on mine. His slippery lubed cock was grinding against mine, (which was all slick from my pre cum) through the thin latex of my suit as he bent forward to suckle one of my hard latex covered nipples. I love it when he lightly nibbles a nipple with his font teeth! It feels like there is a nerve connecting my nipples, belly button and cock that sends little erotic electrical zings between them when played with, pinched and nibbled on!

He moved up and we started necking and sucking tongues. When we came up for air, I pushed his shoulders back and applied a little more lube to his cock. I pulled him forward again a little and, wrapping my gloved hand around his naked cock and placed the head against the short anal slit in the rear of my suit. Wrapping my latex clad legs around his rubber covered body, I began pulling him against me.

His cock is about seven and a half inches long and maybe a little thicker than average, (at least compared to those I have had experience with). It's thick enough to feel it stretch me nicely, but not so thick as to be uncomfortable. Other than a slight discomfort until it pops through my ring, there is no pain at all; just the wonderful feeling of his cock filling me up! After he has been fucking me for a while and I am all loosened up, I actually love to feel him pull all the way out and stick it back in again!

I hooked my rubber covered heels over his butt, guiding him to push a little harder as it felt right. Finally, after a minute, that feeling as the head of his cock is passing my ring and he was in! We rest like that for a moment and then I tell him to give me the whole thing. Slowly, but in one thrust. None of those short thrusts, deeper each time to spread the lube from his cock inside me. I always use a lube syringe that looks an enema nozzle to inject about a tablespoon of silicone based anal lube deep inside me. I am already all wet, slick and squishy inside. HE says it feels really good, like when he is fucking me after he has already shot a load inside me.

After we rest a few seconds with him all the way in me, I tell him to do what ever he wants with me, just don't be in any hurry to cum! I could do this for hours!

He started long dicking me; those long, slow full strokes. OMG, I love those long strokes; the feeling of his slippery cock sliding through my gripping ring until just the head of his cock is still inside me the, relaxing my ring as he slides all the way back deep inside me until his balls are against my rubber covered ass!

Usually we change positions several times while having sex if one position becomes tiring. This time, comfort is not even on my mind. We hadn't had sex for a couple of weeks and I was desperate for a good hard drilling!!! He started really pounding so hard it was making my, even smallish boobies, bounce! OMG, it felt so, soooo FANTASTIC; his hard meat slamming in and out of me so deep, his balls slapping against my thin latex clad butt!!! As much as I didn't want him to stop what he was doing to me, I could tell that he would soon go beyond the point of no return. I didn't want this to end yet and besides, I wasn't ready to cum yet!

I just LOVE to have my orgasm while I still have a fully hard cock deep inside me. The feeling of my ring clamping down in orgasmic spasms on a hard cock stretching me open and deep inside me is so powerful and like having two kinds of orgasms at the same time. If I am fucked good and proper, I can cum without my cock ever having been touched. The feeling of cumming like that and knowing that my Lover is soon going to coat my insides with his sperm is the greatest sexual feeling I have ever experienced with man or woman! When I cum, it usually takes me a while to get hard again. I doesn't matter, I still love to be fucked even if I have gone soft. If he lasts long enough, I sometimes cum again even if I haven't gotten hard again!

I had him stop and rest inside me for a few minutes. Occasionally, I would grind my butt back and forth and in little circles on his cock. I just love that sideways pressure on my ring! It sort of accentuates the feeling of his cock in me and it was getting me close.

I told him I was almost ready and to fuck me hard! He started slamming me again and I got that feeling in my loins, moving and centering in my groin. My legs and body began to quiver and I told him to stop and just hold his cock inside me as deep as he could get it! I got that rushing sound in my ears and started to gray out like when you are laying on the floor and stand up too quickly! Suddenly, it felt like my whole body convulsed. My ass clamped down on his cock and I began spewing my load inside my rubber catsuit! My ass was still twitching on his cock and my hard on was so sensitive, (yet in a good way), that I could hardly stand the feeling of latex suit trapping it against my body! The already transparent shiny gray of my suit became even more clear as my cum spread between it and my body and throbbing cock!

My ass gripping and milking my Boyfriend's cock set him back in a frenzied motion. He was pounding it in me again and all I could do was lay there like a limp rag doll, spent from my orgasm, in a sexual delirium, unable to do anything to meet his thrusts and just enjoy letting him do all the work.

He must have fucked me for a couple minutes more, until I regained enough of my senses to speak. He was thrusting faster and fasted but, now he was not withdrawing at all; making those pushing motions against my butt while fully seated, a sure sign of what was about to happen! He stopped fully in me and his body began to tremble. I told him, "Hold it in me deep and soot your load so hard it squirts out my nose"! "Breed me, make me pregnant"!

His cock started to pulse and I knew he was filling my insides with sperm! Oh, how I love being full of cum! It's great when I come first so that I am not too preoccupied with my own orgasm that I can't be fully aware and enjoy what he is doing to me when he cums but, those rare times when you manage to cum at the same time are awesome too! It's a real sensory overload!

He collapsed on top of me and we laid there in silence for a while, unable to speak or move, my legs still hooked over his, our rubber clad bodies mashed together and his cock still inside me.

Finally, the inevitable happened and his cock slipped out of me. I sort of rolled us on our sides keeping my butt cheeks clinched so that I wouldn't loose any of his load and slipped a short butt plug in my ass.

Every time is great, but you don't remember them all. That was one time I will always remember!

I always plug myself to keep his load inside me as long as I can. I can feel his cock pulsing when he shoots his load in me, but I can't really feel his cum as it enters me. I wish that I could! It makes me really hot to feel the plug in me as I move around and know that I have his sperm swimming around inside me! I always eat light the day before when I know that I am going to have sex. I take an enema in the morning and douche several times about a half hour before sex. I'm squeaky clean and there is usually nothing inside me except his cum. Also, it's a huge turn on if he fucks me again later while I still have his first load inside me.

We took some pictures that day of me sucking him in my gray suit that I posted on this site. We talk about taking some of us having anal sex but, when things get that far along it never seems to happen. Maybe soon.


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