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Rainy Days

Rainy Days

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Music playing in the background as I lightly rest my fingers on the icy pane. I am oblivious to the world, hypnotized by the falling rain and music. You silently come up behind me and caress my throat as you bring your body close against me. I lean my head back against you as your fingers run down my throat and over my shoulder. I shiver slightly as you continue down my arm. You reach my wrist and bring your arm around my waist to pull me against you, your arousal prodding against my butt. You pull me closer and trail kisses across my shoulder. Your hands slip up under my shirt to cup my breasts, teasing my nipples through the lace cups of my bra. I moan and sag against you as your thumbs drag across my nipples, causing delicious friction between my skin and the lace. I arch my back, pushing my butt against your cock, feeling its heat through our jeans. I move my hips slightly back and forth and hear u groan softly from the sensations. I slide my hand behind me and in between our bodies to cup your erection. It throbs hot and eager as my hand glides across the front of your jeans. I reach back with my other hand and find the button and zipper of your jeans and release your straining cock. My fingers curl around your shaft and I feel a shudder pass through your body. You bring your hands from under my shirt and fumble with the buttons, fingers shaking with desire. Finally freeing the last button, you slip the shirt from my shoulders, leaving me standing at the window in my jeans and my lace bra. Pale skin against deep burgundy lace reflects in the window as I look out into the dark night. You gently push me foreword till my body is against the icy glass, The cold making my nipples even harder against the lace. You pull the cups down under my breasts, exposing me to all that wish to look up from the street below. I shiver with desire and cold. Your hands on my hips, you slowly kiss my neck and shoulders, keeping me firmly against the window. You slowly trail kisses down my spine, kneeling behind me, caressing my hips through the denim of my jeans. Your hands reach around to the buttons on my jeans and slowly open them all. Tugging them down my hips, you lift one foot at a time to pull them off me, leaving me clad in burgundy lace bra and panties. Your fingers move up the inside of my thigh and brush lightly against my lace-covered pussy. You murmur with pleasure as you feel how wet I am. Your fingers tease and taunt me through the wet lace and I moan and tremble, unsure of how long my legs will support me. My desire is overwhelming. You hook your fingers into the waistband of my panties and ease them off my hips and down my thighs. I moan as I realize you are going to strip me to the world below. Tossing my panties aside, you slowly kiss your way up my back until you reach my bra. It quickly joins the rest of my clothes on the floor and I stand naked, facing out the window into the city street below. You push against me once again with your whole body, slowly grinding your cock against my butt as you tangle your fingers in my hair. You pull my head back and burn me with your kisses. I moan and meet your lips with passion and desperation. The glass has begun to warm from my flesh and the rain splashes harder against the pane. You turn me to face you and pull me into your arms and kiss me fiercely, running your hands up and down my back, grasping my hips and pulling me tight against your pulsing cock. Your fingers once again tangle in my hair and your other hand rests on my shoulder. Gently but persistently, you push me down to kneel in front of you. I smile gently and look up into your eyes, seeing the level of your desire smoldering in their depths. I know what you want, and my pulse quickens at the thought of it. Reaching out, I hook my thumbs in the top of your jeans. Tugging them down your hips, I place soft gentle kisses across your belly. Your hand slips from my hair to my cheek and you softly caress my pale skin. Helping you from your jeans, I soon toss your boxers aside. Bringing my hands to touch you gently, I curl my fingers around your shaft as I place light and teasing kisses on the tip of your cock. I trace my tongue around the head and you moan and cup the back of my head, urging me closer. Cupping your balls in one hand, I lean lower and run my tongue over them, knowing this will be almost more than you can take. Your body tenses and you growl low in your throat as you fight the sensations that flood your body. suck them gently into my mouth and run the flat of my tongue along them, all the while slowly stroking your cock with nimble fingers. Finally, I relent and take your straining cock into my mouth. Your knees buckle slightly with desire and relief as I circle your shaft with my warm moist lips. Sucking you deeper in my mouth, I lean my head back to look into your face. Your expression is one of deep pleasure. Eyes closed and lips parted, your breath comes in little pants. Your palm rests on the glass, once again cold to the touch. Soon you are beginning to lose control. My mouth works wicked magic on your hot and pulsing rod. Your hips are moving in time with me and you soon begin thrusting gently into my mouth. I know you are close to cumming. I move faster, harder, knowing what you want. You breathing is becoming ragged and uneven. With a primal cry, you pull me to my feet and spin me around to face the window, pushing me against it. Once again, my naked body is out for all to see. Your hand snakes around to my pussy and you run your fingers over my wet slit, teasing my already aching flesh. You push your knee in between my legs to spread my thighs wider and giving your fingers better access to my charms. You find my clit and your fingers thrum across it, making me cry out in ecstasy. Your cock is hard and hot, burning against my butt. You bend your knees slightly and begin to probe between my thighs with the tip. You easily fund my dripping hole and slip inside me with a triumphant cry. I shudder as your cock sinks deep inside me and fills me. You fingers are still on my clit, stroking me to unbelievable heights. My cheek is pressed firmly against the glass and I bring my hands up to cup my breasts pinch my nipples. I am close to climax and totally oblivious to the world outside. You are thrusting deeper and harder into me, sensing my fast approaching orgasm. Your cock is swelling and twitching inside me, telling me that you are near the brink as well. With an animalistic cry, you thrust once more deep into me and flood my walls with your white hot cum. I scream in pleasure as I feel it hit against my cervix and send me over the edge. Your fingers feel delicious on my clit as I ride through the waves of this intense orgasm. My pussy grips your cock like a vise, holding you inside me, milking you dry. Exhausted, we sink to the floor in a heap. Your cock slips from inside me and I feel your cum trickling down my thighs. I kiss you gently and smile, basking in your love. You pull me close, stroking my belly with gentle fingers. I murmur soft words of love to you and close my eyes, dozing off to sleep in the sweet haven of your arms.

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