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is he sleeping?

is he sleeping?

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I shouldnt have gone through with it, but I couldnt stop. Theses were his friends. This was a party for me, and I took advantage. I loved it.

"Happy Birthday hun." my husband Jay said as he looked me over. "youd better hurry up the guys will be here soon and you dont want to be answering the door naked do you? Oh Trish is the only girl gonna make it because of some concert theyre going to. They said to wish you a happy birthday though."

I sighed "What the hell am I gonna do with a housefull of dudes!? This was suppose to be fun. Maybe we should call it off?"

"That wouldnt be cool. Anyways Trish will be here and shes your best friend. We'll have drinks and play cards or something."

Laughingly I said," But you ALWAYS pass out so early. Then its me, Trish, and a bunch of big mouths. That sounds like a lot of fun."

There was a knock at the door and Jay went to answer it. I hurriedly began to pull my favorite black mini skirt up while admiring myself in the mirror. I didnt look half-bad I thought.

"Come on down Nicky! Everyones here."

Now i dont know why but I thought it would be a good idea to remove my panties as a surprise for Jay. So I did and went downstairs to meet our guests.

As i came down the stairs I got all kinds of hoots and hollers and blushed a little. "Happy Birthday!" everyone sang in unison.

"Well lets get this started." I motioned towards the alcohol and everyone readily agreed.

Many hours later after much drinking and many hands of euchre, Trish and I had had enough of cards and Jay was nowhere to be seen.

"have you seen Jay?" I asked trish.

"Dear he went to bed almost an hour ago, and I want to talk to you about something." she slurred. " here first take this."

"what is this?" i giggled.

"Its a Happy Pill."

So I took the pill and placed it in my mouth and swallowed. All the guys started smiling, so i asked trish what was going on. She looked at me dead in the eyes and said that her birthday present for me was a gangbang.

Laughing hysterically i said" A WHAT?"

"All of these guys here are gonna fuck you tonight. Dont worry youll love it! Jay will never find out."

By this time I was becoming uncontrollably moist and warm. The "Happy Pill" was already starting to work.

I told them I was sorry but I needed to lay down and there wouldnt be any gangbang. I walked into the living room and flopped on the couch. I started to doze when I heard the sound of moaning coming from the kitchen. I peaked my head up over the edge of the couch to see Trish sprawled out on the table taking on all five of the guys. Her moans were making me literally soak the couch with my juices. I began to play with myself when I heard someone coming, so i pretended to be out.

The next thing I knew there were hands running up and down my legs. My breathing couldnt hide my excitement. My dress was being pulled off and i could here whispering amongst my viewers. Suddenly a hand was on my naked pussy making me moan out loud.

Looks like shes ready guys I heard trish whisper. Suddenly it was a free for all. I didnt play like I was sleeping anymore. I sat straight up and in a trembling voice softly said" I dont care who starts, but will all of you please fuck me?"

Just then we heard movement upstairs. " Oh fuck hes up!" i said. Everyone dashed to the kitchen and magically were dressed. Ive never gotten dressed quicker in my life. I stayed put on the couch and pretended to be watching tv when Jay sat down beside me.

"Sorry i passed out on ya," he said" but im up now and..........oh shit? did someone spill something on the couch?" His hand was right in the spot created by my desire only moments earlier.

"I spilled a beer. Ill go get a towel." I replied as I scrambled into the kitchen. Everyone was giving me reassuring looks as I passed. My pussy was still on fire. Hands carressed me as I walked back out to clean up the "spill". Trish was caressing one of the guys dicks for me to see. it was huge and looked delicious. Juuices began to run down my legs again, and I couldnt take it. I had to have him. I HAD to have them all.

I returned to my husband waiting patiently on the couch. "hows everyone else doing?" he asked. "What are they doing?"

I was so horny I could barely speak" oh nothing theyre just playing cards and...........well. Hey hun?"

"yeah" he said quizzically.

"Its my Birthday and all and I was just wondering if you wouldnt mind.........you know, just going back to bed for a while."

"Huh? Why? What going on?"

"Well its just that Trisha brought your friends here and gave me this pill as a birthday present. Right before you came down they were just starting on my naked pussy and .......I mean you are so small and some of them have the biggest dicks ive ever seen. Im sorry but i want to fuck them all and AM going to. t_That is if you love me."

"Fuck that! You are my wife! Time for everyone to go NOW! he said.

"look Jay. Im gonna do this and theres nothing you can do to stop me." I stood up and removed my dress. Then I called for everyone to come out to the living room. They did and upon seeing my nakedness removed all of their clothes.

"This is not happening! He said, even as the first guy came up behind me and bent me over onto my huubbys lap. He then rammed his pulsing hot member into my wetness making me instantly cum staring into Jays watering eyes. I brought my lips to his and kissed him deeply as every last tremble of orgasm shook me. " At least wear condems guys, please"

"no way" I protested. You are my cleanup crew for the night. I stood up and turned around. Then I bent over and took my lovers cock in my mouth, pushing my fresh fucked pussy into Jays face. I knew the night would be fine when I felt his tounge hungrilly circling my entrance and i felt him slurping the cum from me.

"Good Boy" I said. "Now you go back to bed and get out of the way cuz I want my present and I want it now. If you want me to come up and give you my leftovers you better not disturb us again."

He stood up blushing brightly with tears in his eyes and headed up the steps to our room. I didnt have enough time to turn back to my friends before I was pounced on like a pride of lions on its prey. I came so many times that night I couldnt count. I could hear Jay weeping but i didnt care. That magic little pill had given me the best night of my life and the last night of my marriage. At least I did give Jay the leftovers when I was done.

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