Amber Haley

I have worked with systems design and data since the 90s drew it's last breath, and within IT in complex environments roughly 17 years; the last 10 having been spent specialising in coaching teams that do complex back end development using agile frameworks. I love taking teams with development problems and helping them achieve states of flow... but I'm more about hands on team work than blogging about ideas. My methods are simple and easily replicated, but I hasten to add Scrum is simple in theory but damn hard in practice! As a CSM, CSP and CSPO, I have worked in New Zealand and Germany for both Government and enterprise clients, and have boundless energy and passion for agile methods.

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WTH are small batches

WTH are small batches

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Mob Programming - Basic practices and principles

Mob Programming - Basic practices and principles

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Based on a true story! And the work of Woody Zuill, and his team at Hunter Industries as they discovered this practice together after the experience of collaboratively learning.

As agile matures, new development and collaboration techniques are being uncovered. In this 40 minute presentation, we dive into Mobbing, what it is, the benefits, and how to get started with your own mob experiment.

Death to surveys!

Death to surveys!

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the good old Survey. Long standing bastion of quantitative data collection... but painfully flawed. Surveys are inherently biased in the collection of data simply because of the person writing it framing questions in order to get a response. This in turn shuts down a whole swath of potential insights that could be understood about your customer, your app, or your service.

So how to turn this on it's head, have fun, and get good quality information to drive your strategic decisions?

With Serious Games! Collaboration at scale, asynchronous, and proven effective.