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Interesting ways to enhance your Essay Writing Skills – Guide

Interesting ways to enhance your Essay Writing Skills – Guide

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Did you just realize the importance of essay writing in your academic life? Do you suck at essay writing? Do your instructors always get bad grades in your essay assignments? Do you want to get better grades in your college? Do you want to improve your essay writing skills? Well, every student would like to have the essay writing skills of a professional writer but are you ready to put in all the hard work "essay writing service". Well, if you really want to improve your essay writing skills and you are ready to put in all the hard work, you should know that soon you will be acing your essay writing assignments.

Are you ready to go the extra mile? Most importantly, are you ready to be consistent? If you are nodding your head in a yes, then keep reading this blog. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time because essay writing is a skill, and skills are developed and polished with practice. You may not believe in the old adage “writing makes men perfect.” But in the case of writing, you have to know that it is a practice that makes an essay writer perfect. Therefore, if you want to write inspiring essays, you should get ready to hone your essay writing skills by following these interesting ways:

Start off by falling in love with reading

Well, I won’t push you to fall in love because love is never forced. Well, in this case, either you like it, love it, or hate it, you must begin reading every day. You should become a voracious reader before becoming a good essay writer. Find out who scored the highest in the essay assignment and read his/her essay. Read novels, short stories, or your academic readings and expand your horizon. Pay attention to the writing styles of different authors and their sentence structures.

Develop a habit of writing

You can start writing a personal diary or find a pen friend whom you can write letters to. You combine the writing habit with your reading. If you have read a chapter of a book, you should try to pen down whatever you remember about it. YOU can write reviews of the books that you finished writing. YOU can start writing for your college magazine or a local newspaper.

Find a writing partner

Look around, in your class, you will find many fellows who want to improve their essay writing skills, you can make one your partner. This way, you will have a person, whom you can show your writings. YOU can learn from each other. You can improve your writing style by getting your partner reviews about your writings.

Fake it until you make it

Do you have a favorite writer? Well, start reading his/her text extensively. Thereafter, you can start imitating his/her writing style. At first, it would be difficult, however, soon you will internalize the writing style. You can also intermix the writing style of multiple authors.

Never skip outlining your essay

Mostly students get bad grades in their essays because they fail to put their thoughts in an organized way. If you are having trouble with the organization of your essay, you can start making an outline. This will not only let you write a well-structured and organized essay but will also save a lot of your time. After making the essay outline, you will know exactly what goes where.

Always proofread

Many students simply submit the first draft of their essay as the final draft. This is a huge reason for their bad grades in essay assignments. No matter, how good of an essay writer you are, you will always make a few mistakes in your first draft. These mistakes will dampen your grades. Therefore, it is imperative that you proofread your essay before handing it over to your professor. In proofreading, you can always take help from your friends, or family members. I remember that I used to ask my brother to proofread my essays.

Substantiate your claims

There are many students who have excellent writing skills but still fail to score good grades in essay assignments. This is because they fail to substantiate their arguments by providing supporting details, credible evidence, and relevant examples. You should never make this mistake and always make those arguments that you can easily support with credible sources.

Avoid repetition

What many students do is that they repeat ideas in their essays because they are falling behind the word limit. They do not know that this repetition is killing their essay, it is the reason behind their bad grades. Many students think that the reader won’t notice it, but believe me, you are fooling no one but yourself.

Distant yourself from “to be”

If you want to improve your academic essay writing skills, you must begin using an active voice. You should never use passive voice unless there is no way around. You lose points every time you use the verb “to be.” The use of passive voice is frowned upon in academic writing, you should avoid it.

Learn from your mistakes

You should try to never repeat a mistake "essay writer". If you get bad grades in your essay, instead of crying or stressing over it, you should go to your professor and ask him/her to highlight your mistakes. You should ask them if he/she can assign you another practice assignment, in which you will try to work on your mistakes. Do it over and over again, until you stop repeating the mistakes.