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Fixing The Leak Part 2

Fixing The Leak Part 2

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She jumped, her legs closing. "Stop, Brett. That tickles. Besides, I need to find something to plug the leak." She moves forward, dropping to her knees in front of me. Reaching forward, she strokes my member through my jeans, then unsnaps them, pulling the zipper down slowly. "What’s this – maybe this pipe could plug the leak," she quipped, pulling my cock out and fondling it. I stood, eyes rolling back, loving the feel of her soft hands on my hardening flesh. She strokes my dick with one hand, reaching around to pull my pants down completely with the other. She succeeds, lowering them until they lay around my ankles. She wraps her hand around my now stiff rod, admiring its size. "Hmmm, nice pipe. Definitely big enough. But I wonder how long it would hold." She leans forward, her tongue flicking out and licking just the head, then wrapping around the head, stroking up with her hand. Her other hand slips down, fondling my clean-shaven balls, gently kneading them. The feeling was exquisite, pure ecstasy, as her mouth descended completely over my cock, disappearing between her lips, sliding deep into her throat. She easily took the first few inches, then slid her mouth back up, letting her hand slide upward in unison. She wraps her tongue back around the head, circling it slowly, causing me to moan just a bit. My hands reach forward to her head, gently pulling it forward to take me fully again into her warm mouth. She begins to slide it in and out, increasing her speed with every stroke. Her hands slip around to my ass, pulling me forward, taking me deeper. Her lips reach the base of my cock; the head of my cock buried deep in her throat. She holds for just a second, then pulls back, my cock popping from her mouth. She runs her tongue down my shaft, then begins licking my balls as her hand moves back to my member, stroking it slowly. Licking first one, then the other, she continues her assault on my balls, occasionally sucking one completely into her mouth before releasing it. Her tongue begins to move faster, flicking them with just the tip of her tongue, her hand increasing its speed as she jacks me off. My head lays back, eyes closed, relishing the incredible feeling of her actions. Her tongue begins its journey back up my cock, licking the shaft as it goes. She reaches the head, then plunges it back into her mouth once again, her tongue wrapping it as she does. She pulls back, her hand still wrapped around it. I look down at her smiling, her hand still stroking me. "Ready to check the fit," she asks, a devilish grin on her face. I nod, unable to actually speak. She releases my cock, and lays back, spreading her legs wide. Her pussy still glistens with her juices, and I quickly realize where her other hand had disappeared to. I step from my jeans awkwardly, almost falling in my haste. I kick them to the side, then drop to my knees, reaching for her. My hands slide under her ass, pulling her to me. I grab my dick, holding it straight, just the tip of the head slipping into her slit. I look into her eyes, seeing approval and excitement there. "Fuck me, Baby. Slip it in and fuck me hard," she whispers. "I need it sooo bad!" I slip in just a bit more, and she moans softly. I reach down to her waist, my hands holding her, and slam forward, my dick slipping easily in. "Uuuuhhhhhhh, damn," she screams loudly, her back arching off the floor. Her legs wrap around me, pulling me in deeper. My hands slide up her waist to her mounds of flesh, gliding over them before lightly pinching the nipples. I slowly begin driving my cock in and out of her soaked cunt, her soft moans urging me on. I lower my face to hers, kissing her lips softly, then sliding my tongue in. We kiss, our tongues tying knots as I continue to drive into her, her legs tightening around me. I kiss down her neck, increasing the speed of my hips as I nibble her ear. She moans, her hands sliding down my back to rest on my ass. "Oooooh, sooo goooood! Harder, baby, harder!’’ she whispers, slapping my ass sharply. I begin pounding into her, faster and faster, my balls slapping against her with every stroke. I pull back, then lean up, my cock never leaving her. My hands slide down her body, then around her legs. I grab her ankles, and spreading her legs wide, slam into her again. She moans again, and slips a hand down to her clit, massaging it as I pound her cunt. My hips are a blur, and I feel that familiar sensation in my balls. She screams, her juices flowing freely as her orgasm hits, her muscles contracting around my shaft, holding it tight. I continue driving into her, my rhythm slowing down, not wanting to explode just yet.

…………to be continued …………….

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