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Special Delivery_(1)

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Dan was glad the boss was out today. That meant he could do what ever he wanted as long as he took care of customers. It had been really slow today so he had fired up the internet going to his favorite porn site. He like watch porn even though all the fucking and sucking just reminded him what he wasn't getting at home it did allow him to jerk off every now and then to relieve the pressure.

Right now he was watching a girl getting fucked from behind and had her mouth full of another guys cock. "Damn my cock is hard" he thought rubbing it through his pants. "I might have to go in back and take care of it." That is when he noticed the hot mail lady out front of the building. Cindy is her name he thought. He loved summer time because she would always be wearing short shorts over her sweet round ass. He always felt like she was flirting with him, always leaning over his desk handing him the mail which always gave him a glimpse of her large breasts in the push-up Wonder bra she always wore. Her long blond ponytail always swinging back and forth, how he would love to pull on that ponytail while he fucked her.

Dan turned his attention back to the computer screen and now there was a third guy. Now the girl had a cock in her pussy, one up her ass and the third was still face fucking her. He was so intensely watch he did notice that Cindy had entered the office until she said "Dan, what are you watching so intensely over there?" Dan quickly click to a different screen saying "oh just watching some stupid videos on YouTube".

"Sure" Cindy said with a sly smile. Had she heard the moaning that had been coming from the computer when she came in or was it his imagination.

"Here is your mail I just thought I would bring it inside so I could say HI" Cindy said "Thanks I appreciate" Dan said "I'll see you later" he said as Cindy walked out the front door. Man was she one hot piece Dan thought I would love to fuck her. Ok back to my movie clicking to bring back up the hot sex scene. Fuck this girl was taking a pounding in every hole she had and man was his dick getting even harder. "What the hell" Dan thought I haven't had a customer in here in hours, you can really see under my desk if you do walk in so I'll just rub one out really quick". He knew it wouldn't take him long to cum. It had been way to long he could hardly remember the last time. So he unzipped his pants, pulled out is cock and started stroking it. "Oh that feels good" he thought watching the 3 men continue fucking the girl on screen.

"Hey Dan, I forgot I had this certified letter for you" Cindy said

Startled, Dan spun around in his chair, where had she come from he hadn't even heard the door open.

"Can I help you with that?" Cindy asked with a smile glancing down at Dan's crotch. Dan had totally forgotten he had his cock out, but before he could even answer her she was on her knees in front of him with his cock buried in her throat. "Oh fuck that's good" Dan gasped as Cindy wrapped her hand around his cock stroking it up and down as she slid her mouth up and down the length of his cock. "Mmmm" Cindy moaned as she continued to take his whole cock in and out of her mouth. Her long blond ponytail bobbing with each thrust. Dan grabbed the ponytail wrapping it around his hand encouraging her to move faster and faster with her strokes. "Oh fuck you are going to make me cum" Dan said. "Good cum in my mouth baby" Cindy said around Dan's cock in her mouth. Dan could feel his balls starting to contract he knew he was about to blow his load down this girls throat. "Oh yes, here it comes I'm cumming" Dan said as he could feel the white creamy liquid explode from his cock. Cindy didn't stop she sucked his cock dry before releasing it from her mouth. Dan didn't know what to say so he blurted out "Thanks" the minute it left his mouth he felt totally stupid. "You're Welcome" Cindy said with a little giggle. "I've wanted to do that ever since I have been working your route." "Really" Dan said "I wish you would have said something sooner." "Maybe I can stop by after I finish my route and you can return the favor" Cindy said "Sure I was planning on working late anyway, come by when you are done" Dan told her. "Well okay then I'll see you later" Cindy said with a wave as she went out the door.

Dan looked up at the clock 5:30, he knew it was too good to happen twice in one day. "I guess I should wrap things up here and go home" he thought to himself. Just then there was a quiet little tap on the door, to his surprise he saw Cindy standing on the other side. Unlocking the door, swinging it open Cindy said "I hope you weren't about to give up on me. I just got caught up at work" "No, I was just getting things finished up here" Dan said smiling to himself. He could already feel his cock start to stiffen.

"Well I never miss a chance at some sexual payback" Cindy said smiling.

"Let me just lock the door and turn out some lights" Dan said "Then you will get all the payback you can handle"

Dan walked to the door locking it and drew all the blinds. Walking down the hall he hit the nighttime lights they gave the room a sexy glow. Walking back to the front of the office he couldn't believe his eyes. Cindy was already naked laying back on the large ottoman in the waiting area. With her hand between her thighs she said "I think this is where I want you to start" spreading her pussy open for him to see.

Dan came to her and knelt down between her legs "Yes Mame, I would be happy to" lowering his mouth he gently licked from her asshole to her clit, "mmmm" Cindy moaned. Then he got down to business spreading her pussy open sucking and licking her clit. He took two fingers and slid the inside her pussy thrusting them with each lick of his tongue.

"Fuck yes" Cindy moaned "finger fuck my pussy. Dan continued the assault on her pussy licking, sucking thrusting harder and deeper with his fingers. "Fuck I think your going to make me cum. Slide a finger up my ass" So Dan did what he was told taking his pussy soaked finger and sliding it up her ass and as he did her hips started to buck and twist "I'm cumming" cindy screamed. Dan kept lapping at her pussy until her orgasm was done. "Well Dan do you fuck as good as you lick pussy" Cindy asked with a smile. "Better" Dan said standing up and dropping is pants then peeling off his shirt.

Dan's cock was already hard as a rock, he couldn't wait to bury it into her hot wet pussy. Stepping back in between her legs he guided his cock to her hole, cindy reached down and grabbed it making sure not another minute was wasted. Dan felt lightheaded as he slide into her juicy wetness, "fuck it has been too long since my cock was deep inside someones cunt" he thought to himself. So he began fucking her slowly at first, but then wildly, their sweaty body's smacking together. He could feel her juices running down his cock "umm you are so wet" he said to her.

"That is the way I feel every time I see you. I have been wanting you to fuck me for months, but just never knew how to make it happen. I was glad when you gave me the opening today" Cindy said

"Stop and let's go over by the mirror" Cindy said. In the office two walls were covered with mirrored tiles. Dan pulled his cock out and walked to the corner. Cindy came over and leaned on the edge of his desk with her palms. "Take me from behind, I want to watch you fuck me in the mirror" Cindy said. So Dan did, he pushed her a little forward and entered her pussy from behind. Looking at themselves in the mirror was a fucking turn on. He could see his cock as it disappeared up her pussy. "oh fuck yes, harder please fucking pound my pussy" Cindy pleaded. Cindy was reaching down with one hand and stroking her clit. Dan could tell from the tight grip her pussy was getting on his cock it wouldn't be long before she came again. Pumping her even faster he knew he was close too, he wanted them to come together.

"I'm close to cumming, are you" Dan asked. "yes" Cindy said. Then Dan got an idea as he continued to pump her pussy he licked his middle finger, taking it he started to slide it into her ass. "Oh fuck you are going to make me cum for sure" Cindy said Dan slid his finger in and out of her ass and could feel the spasms of her orgasm. So he let his own go filling her pussy with his creamy cum.

"Fuck Cindy you really do deliver" Dan said

"Always willing to provide special delivery for special clients" Cindy said with a smile.

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