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Peeping Samantha

Peeping Samantha

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It felt so… naughty. Does this make me a pervert? Does it mean I’m depraved? The muscles of my belly were tense and I barely breathed.

My family moved into a new house, about six months ago. After I had settled into my new room, I had discovered that from my window I can see straight into the bedroom of the neighboring house. The sole occupant of the residence was a man, about thirty, thirty five or so. And, well, he’s my subject of perversion.

I diligently observed the brightly lit square from between my thick curtains. I noticed the light come on from across the gap between our houses about ten minutes ago. I had scrambled to my bedroom door, turned the lock and checked it several times to ease the anxiety burning my throat. Peering through the miniscule opening in the curtains, I finally saw him.

His tan bronzed skin was covered in sheen, his red t-shirt darkened at the collar. He must have been working out. I fisted the drapes in excitement – that meant he would be taking a shower soon. I watched as he ran a hand through his damp, dark, hair and stretched his arms for a moment before disappearing from my view. His figure reappeared shortly in the backdrop of light, walking back and forth a few times, while, I can only assume, gathering his showering necessities. I watched as he reached for the hem of his shirt and began pulling it up, followed by his undershirt, to reveal his firm abdomen. When his hand moved to the waist of his sweatpants, I did the same, tugging my panties down my thighs and cupping my warm mound. His boxers came off, and, as always, I stared. I was somewhat disappointed to see that his cock was limp, but maybe later I would get to see it harden in his hand, bathed in the dim light of the T.V as he watched one of his favorite porn videos. I massaged my pussy a little. A towel was thrown over his muscled shoulder and fresh clothes were laid on the bed. He walked through the bathroom door and out of my sight.

I collapsed onto the floor beneath the window, my hands thrown over my face.

His name is Damien.

And I… I’m only nineteen. He’s thirty- something! I can’t believe how weird this is. I remember when my family first moved in and my mom invited him to have dinner with us. I hadn’t heard much about him, only that he was ‘a pleasant man, works in an office a few blocks from the bank,’ according to my father. Of course, I didn’t bother to style my hair or wear a nice outfit. I regret it now.

He probably thinks I’m just a quiet, shy, plain girl. I’ve been seeing him a lot more since summer break started. My mother volunteered me a few times to help him around the house, since he lives all alone. I always try to look pretty, but not excessively so. I don’t think he really notices, though.

A faint sound alerted me to Damien’s return. I reassumed my position at the window and gripped each side of the curtain to part it inconspicuously and look through. My window was open, and so was his, so there was no glass to obstruct my clear view. He seemed to have dried off in the bathroom and was now getting dressed. I sighed contently and reached down to stroke gently at my swollen clitoris. I pulled up my camisole and rubbed my perky dark nipples against the velvety drapes. Soft moans escaped my throat and I almost hoped Damien would hear me. The thought both thrilled and terrified me.

Damien stood shirtless at his collection of DVDs, most likely selecting a porn film to watch. I flicked my fingers quickly across my clit and moaned a little louder. I wanted him! Damien turned away from his DVDs and walked toward the window, affording me a closer view of the dark covering of hair on his broad chest. He stopped, his entire body going still, and then took another step closer to look out of his window. I tightened my hold on the curtain, my heart speeding up from my coming orgasm and from how close he was.


I gasped and desperately attempted to tug the curtain closed, only to pull too hard and have it dislodge completely from the window frame.

Damien looked right at me, my shirt pulled up over my breasts and my panties tangled around my feet along with the fallen drapery. He looked shocked… and probably furious that I had been spying on him… God!

I fell to the floor and tried to hide, too scared to apologize or explain. I stayed curled up on the floor for several long minutes, trying to calm my heart rate and cool my cheeks. When I finally worked up the courage to take a peek, I saw that Damien was gone and the lights were turned off. Sudden fear gripped my throat when I realized he could be coming over right now to tell my parents… to tell them that their only daughter had been watching him for who knows how long. The thought had me jumping up and tugging on clothes. I ran to the staircase and peeped over the railing. My mother was in the dining room, setting four places for dinner. She noticed me at the top of the stairs and called to me.

"Samantha, go get dressed. Damien is coming for dinner in a little while." Panic fluttered in my belly and I ran down, almost tripping and falling in my clumsy haste.

"Um, you know what, Mom, I feel a little sick. I don’t think I want eat anything tonight."My mother turned around and placed a hand on her hip.

"You don’t look sick," she pressed a hand to my forehead. "And you don’t have to eat too much, but it would be rude to not show up. Damien’s been very nice to us, helping us out with yard work and such. Show a little respect, Samantha." She turned back around to continue fixing up, signaling the end of the conversation.

I made my way back up to my room, dread settling heavily over me. He wouldn’t mention it at dinner, not while we were all eating - would he?

Back in my room, I sat for a moment on my bed, staring anxiously at the fallen curtains. I suppose I may as well make an effort to look somewhat pretty. I pulled on a simple white dress falling a bit above my knees. It looked charming against my pale skin, sweet and clean… as opposed to how perverse I felt on the inside. I brushed out my dark honey shaded hair and turned around in the mirror, trying to dissipate my nervousness.

A knock at the door caught my attention and I considered giving my mother one last argument to not come down. I gripped the knob, parted my lips, and opened the door.

Damien was smiling down at me, his hand resting on the door frame. I felt warm all of a sudden.

"Hey, your mother said it’s time to come down." he said, his tone casual, as if the last half hour had not occurred. Hopefully he didn't notice the still tangled drapery. I could feel his gaze burning into me as I nodded mutely, desperately avoiding his brown eyes. He turned to walk down the stairs and I closed my eyes, thankful that he hadn’t mentioned my… misbehavior. I took small steps behind him, observing his dark blue jeans and black button up. He was so handsome.


I fidgeted at the table, having no desire to consume any food. Damien sat next to me, like he always does during his visits, across from my parents. So far there was no mention of my peeping and it was almost time for dessert, so there was a chance I could get away without Damien saying anything. I focused on that one hope and snuck glances at him from the corner of my eye.

My mother rose from the table and began collecting our dishes before heading to the kitchen to retrieve our desserts. My father followed to assist her, leaving me alone with Damien. An awful tightness formed in my chest.

I sat rigidly, my hands folded in my lap. Damien was silent for a moment before placing his large hand on my thigh and squeezing lightly.

"How long have you been watching me?" His voice was soft and husky; his thumb stroked the skin above my knee.

I swallowed hard, struck silent by his gentle touching. I flicked my eyes up at him cautiously and saw his lips pulled into a small grin. He rubbed circles on my skin beneath the hem of my dress.

"Since… since we moved here." My tongue was heavy and I felt stupid and childish. His hand moved up and down my inner thigh. I gripped the edges of my seat desperately.

"Hmm… well, aren’t you a mischievous girl? I never expected this from you, Samantha. Always so sweet, so quiet." He chuckled lightly and leaned toward me. I felt faint at his close proximity.

"You have no idea how hard my cock was after I saw you standing there, half naked. You have such a cute little pussy, Samantha." My entire body was hot; his musky cologne, his hand on my skin, oh God…

Damien’s hand suddenly pulled away from my thigh and I looked up to see my mother and father walk in, each of them carrying two plates of cheesecake. A slice was set before me with a fork by my mother. I felt nervous and jumpy. Hoping to escape as quickly as possible, I set to work on my cake, trying my damn best not think of Damien next to me. He looked so calm, betraying nothing of our previous conversation.

About halfway through dessert, I felt Damien’s hand on my thigh again. I lowered my eyes and saw his fingers trailing up my skin towards my panties. My back stiffened and I forced myself to breath slowly and inconspicuously. As I raised a forkful of cheesecake to my lips, his fingers began massaging my pussy through the fabric. I reached down to push his hand away, but he gave a rough pinch to the flesh of my inner thigh. I winced slightly, continuing to eat. Damien knew what he was doing – He would tell my secret if I tried to stop him.

My panties were pulled aside and his thumb brushed against my swollen clit. I glanced up at my parents, engaging in conversation with Damien, Damien replying so innocently. I wriggled in my seat a bit, silently begging him to stop. Instead, his fingers began sliding into me. A gasp rose in my throat and I struggled to suppress it. I could feel it, Damien’s fingers slipping in and out, pushing deeply inside me. Blood rushed to my face.

"Samantha, are you alright? You look a little flushed." My mother was completely unaware of my current molestation – at the hands of a man both she and my father trusted. I felt so dirty.

"Yes, I just feel kind of warm. Don’t worry, I’m not sick." I managed to keep my voice even.

Damien pressed on my clit, rubbing hard at the hot flesh. I wanted to moan - he was torturing me purposefully. My pussy muscles tightened, and I knew I was going to cum. The constant stroking on my stiff clit continued, wet and slippery, and I pushed lightly against him. My breath caught, my thighs spread wide, and my pussy contracted against Damien’s hand, my muscles squeezing hard as warm cum trickled onto his fingers. I looked down and saw his slick tan digits sliding in and out of my pink hole. The musky spice of his cologne was a drug. He removed his fingers from my panties and softly petted my still quivering little cunt. A quiet sigh escaped my lips; I was grateful now that the torment was over.

"Laura, did you make this cake yourself? It’s absolutely delicious." Damien’s voice caught my attention and I looked up just in time to see him indulgently sucking on his fingers. The same fingers that had been abusing me beneath the table this entire time.

My face burned.

"Samantha? Goodness, you’re so red!" A cool hand pressed against my hot cheek, but I only saw Damien smirking at me, laughing with his brown eyes.


I never realized just how cruel Damien could be. He touched me, right in front of my parents! I’m mortified. No one else has ever done that to me – of course, I’ve masturbated before. But this...

At least he isn't mad at me. He probably isn't planning on telling my parents because then I can just tell them what he did during dinner. Or would they even believe me? It's been almost a week since that particular night. I suppose Damien is quite done with me.

I sat at the couch in the living room when my parents came in, dressed up. My mother was in the process of putting on her earrings.

"Alright, we're leaving now, Samantha. Do you have the money for food?" I nodded, not paying much attention.

"Damien wants you to go over around six to help him with something, okay? I told him you would." I started at this new information. I don't remember hearing about this. Before I could question them further, my mother and father were already out of the door.

Nervousness twisted my insides. It was almost six now, I can't go over there! Alongside my anxiety, however, grew a sense of excitement. What would he do? What did he want? A new found curiosity overtook my fear. I wanted him to touch me again.


I stood at Damien's door working up the courage to press the doorbell. After my parents left I ran up to my room and slipped off my panties. I put on a pretty yellow sundress. Not an incredibly short dress, but... I wanted to make it easier for Damien, if he was intent on...Well... What could he possibly have waiting for me once the door had opened? I just wanted him to see me as the lovely young woman I was. I raised a finger and pushed the tiny button, wanting the anxiety to end.

Damien took a while to appear, and when he did, he didn't seem as smug as I had expected. He smiled his usual friendly smile and stood back, gesturing me in with a flourish. I liked coming to Damien's house. It was creatively decorated, but at the same time displayed a messiness that made it comfortable. I expected Damien to at least make a comment on the night of the dinner, but instead he walked past me into the first room, calling for me to follow him.

"I'm getting rid of some old crap so I can set up a TV and game room. Go through these boxes and see if you want anything, then start putting everything else in those garbage bags. I'll be back in a little while." He nodded to a stack of brown boxes. I noticed with slight annoyance that he didn't say 'please'.

I was a bit fazed by the simplicity of the task. I had gotten worked up over nothing. Damien brushed past me and out of the room, leaving me disappointed.

I set to work looking through the boxes of, like Damien said, crap. Most of it was not worth a second glance - old book ends, little figurines, marbles, a couple of puzzles. A Rubik's cube. I kept that, along with some books. I wasn't sure how to feel when I reached the final box - relieved, because I could get this over with, or discouraged because I had barely spoken to Damien.

I sifted through more broken watches and a couple of billiards balls until I came across an oblong black box. My interest was piqued; it looked to be a jewelry box. Otherwise the box clearly housed delicate or expensive contents. I pulled off the slim lid and peeked, my eyes captivated by a shiny texture. My heart fluttered.

A silver vibrator. It looked just like the ones I had seen on sex toy websites and in internet porn. It was long, slim, and smooth. I fidgeted with it for a moment, searching for a way to turn it on. I twisted the bottom and it began buzzing in my hand, scaring me a little. I twisted the bottom again and stared at the doorway, listening for any signs of Damien's return. How long did he say he would be? I contemplated the sleek, beautiful instrument, wondering whether or not I should take it. Damien did, after all, say I could take whatever I wanted. Would he notice? It's not like he'd go through his trash to see what I took.

I switched the vibrator on again, pleasantly surprised at how quiet it was. I definitely needed one of these, and being the coward I was, didn't even consider buying my own. I ran it over my hands and couldn't help but smile at the sensation. I glanced at the door again before rising to tiptoe over and peek out, looking down both ways. I sank to the floor and gripped my treasure in my fingers. Slowly, I directed it beneath the hem of my dress and towards my clitoris, a place I could find easily without looking. All the while I kept my eyes on the door and my ears were ready to detect Damien's return.

The feeling on my clit was so intense, so much faster and stronger the flicking of my fingers that I was used to. I pressed it hard, increasing the burning tickle, and I felt a jolt low in my belly every few seconds. I didn't want to cum yet; I knew it would better the longer I waited. Removing the smooth metal rod from my swollen clit, I pushed it between my lips and wiggled it around my wet entrance. I slid it about halfway into myself, enjoying the buzzing inside my pussy.

I heard footsteps. I shoved the vibrator all the way up my pussy, a little painfully, and clamped my legs together. I saw Damien's shadow on the wall before he appeared at the doorway. I turned myself away, pretending to scan a box of junk.

"Hey, Samantha. Done?" I looked over, as if I hadn't known he was coming. I nodded and smiled.

"You actually like that kind of stuff?" My chest tightened, following his gaze to a stack of books by me. "Those mystery books aren't that great. Don't even know why I bought them. Did you find anything else you liked?" I shook my head, hoping he wouldn't notice my current verbal impairment. Thank God the vibrator was so quiet. It was completely silent when it was so deep inside me.

"Mind helping me clean the living room?" He smiled and reached a hand towards me. I grabbed it and he yanked me up, hard. Damien put a hand on my arm to steady me, and I was suddenly very aware that the vibrator was slowly sliding out of my pussy. I hadn't worn any panties. If that vibrator slipped out... Damien and I would both know it.

He walked ahead of me and I took the opportunity to push it further back in, squeezing tightly with my muscles to keep it in place. I walked with tiny steps but caught up to Damien in the living room. He grabbed a broom and began sweeping up tiny shards of glass.

"One of my dumb friends got drunk last night and knocked over a bunch of my stuff. Be careful, there's glass everywhere." I stood behind the couch, where I could hold the vibrator in without him seeing. "Where did your parents buy those champagne glasses, the ones they used on New Year's?" Unfortunately, that was not not a yes or no question that I could nod to. I parted my lips, closed them, wet them with my tongue. Damien must have noticed my expression of distress because he gave me an odd look.

"I - I don't know..." My voice wavered, sounding small and choked. I felt a blush coming on.

Damien leaned his broom against the wall, finished sweeping, and slowly made his way over to me. My hands clenched at my sides, and I stood staring back at his scrunched eyebrows.

"You okay?" He studied me much too carefully for my comfort. I nodded, but I felt the hard metal stroking against my lips, slipping out. My pussy muscles ached from squeezing the vibrator so hard. I needed to get away, desperately; I was wet and I couldn't keep it in anymore. I felt Damien's hand on my chin. He asked me if I needed to sit down. My thighs were tightly pressed together, holding the rod in, but it wasn't going to hold for long. I needed to cum so bad. Damien was tilting my face up; He looked worried. I jerked my face from his hand and stepped back without thinking. The second I parted my legs, the slippery vibrator slid out of my pussy and clattered to the floor, leaving me without an orgasm.

It was still vibrating. It was covered in cum.

A breath filled my chest and stayed there. My eyes were down, afraid to look at Damien's face. I stared at the floor, at the slick vibrator, at his feet. Warm cum was still oozing out of me. Damien looked at the silver rod, his brows arched high in genuine surprise. He crouched down and grasped it, rising up again and just looking at it. Oh, God, I was going to have to explain.

"I found it - and... and you said I could have whatever I wanted..." I trailed off as I watched him put the end of the rod in his mouth and suck the cum off... my cum. Then, he smirked a little as he reached under my dress and slid the vibrator back inside me, pushing it slowly and twisting it as he did so.

"There, Samantha. It's back inside you. No harm done. Although, I had no idea you were so horny all the time. Watching me, touching yourself... and this? If you like that one, you should see all the other toys I have." Warmth tingled in my chest.

"Others?" I repeated. He smiled and nodded, grabbing my limp hand in his big, calloused one and tugging me down the hall. The vibrator was still at work inside my pussy, massaging my muscles into numbness. I was going to the one room I hadn't been in - Damien's bedroom.

Of course, I had seen a part of it from my frequent window peeping. When he opened the door and pulled me in, I felt a pleasant familiarity at seeing his bed, TV and bathroom door that I usually glimpsed. And his porn collection. Damien went over to a set of drawers against the wall and called me over. In the drawer were lots of pouches and small boxes like the one I had found, along with a colorful assortment of toys. He folded his arms across his chest and I couldn't ignore the way his forearms swelled. He nodded to the chest of drawers.

"See what you like." I was thrilled. First I scooped up a silver bullet attached to its controller. In one of the pouches was a clear blue butt plug. There were realistic dildos, sharply curved probes, beads and balls and all sorts of delights.I selected one of the boxes and lifted the velvety lid. Nestled inside was another vibrator, dark, bright pink, but this one was shaped like a real cock, with a luscious head and veins running along the length. It was beautiful. I glanced up at Damien, watching me closely.

"Can I?" He smiled and chuckled a bit.

"Of course." He gestured to his bed. I bound over to it with the pink dick in my hands and jumped on. I noticed Damien come over with his phone aimed at me, which made me a little nervous.

"What are you doing?" I questioned.

"Videotaping. One quick video for the pink vibe. Deal?" He focused the camera and glanced at me. I nodded my approval and edged back on the bed, pulling my dress up as I went. I propped myself against the pillows and spread my legs for him. I was so, so glad I had shaved. My pussy was naked to him and the camera.

"Okay... slide it out. Slowly..." I followed his direction and languidly extracted the silver rod from my wet hole, angling it upwards as it stroked my lips. Then I gripped the pink one and pushed the thick head inside.

"Lift your hips a little so I can see your pussy...good, Samantha." I slid the cock all the way in and Damien came a little closer. The silver vibe was set on my clit as I worked the pink one in and out of me before switching it on. The vibrations on my aching clit and deep inside me were thrilling; hot liquid pooled in my belly and squeezed out around the vibe. I looked at Damien. " Moan for me, sweetheart." I didn't need to be told twice. I breathed out a long moan, twisting the vibrator as I slid it in and out. Everything, my entire body was so tight, so tensed up. I moaned loudly, wanting Damien to hear me. I writhed my body for the camera.

"Oh, God. Do you want me to fuck you, Samantha? You want my cock inside you?" I felt my belly coiling and uncoiling at his words.

"Yes, Damien!"

"Look at you, you horny little slut." I felt dirty, in the most arousing way possible. Damien was leaning towards me with his phone. His eyes were bruising me. I saw his erection through his jeans. I wanted to cum, but I wanted to cum on his cock.

Damien placed his phone on the nightstand and hastily worked on his jeans, undoing the button and zipper. He rummaged in the drawer and produced a little packet, tearing it open. I ceased my self indulgent administrations to watch as he pulled his cock free and rolled the condom from the tip to the base. When turned to me, I couldn't do much but stare at his erection.

"Take off your dress." he spoke in a low, serious tone that I wasn't accustomed to hearing from him. I slid the pink vibe out of my body and switched it off, along with the silver one. I sat up on the bed and gripped the hem of my summery yellow dress, pulling it over my hips and shoulders. Damien grabbed it and tossed it on the somewhere on the floor.

"Good. Now turn over and get on all fours." I did so, lifting my ass in the air and resting my chin on the soft pillows.

The weight of the bed shifted as he climbed over to me, and suddenly I felt very aware of my situation. It wasn't my first time, but Damien was older and stronger than the boys my age. It was honestly intimidating.

I felt a hand on each side of my body, stroking to my breasts to pull on my nipples and down to my ass to spread me open. His fingers tugged at my clit for a bit before coming to a rest on my hips. The tip of his cock was right between my pussy lips. Damien began pushing in, slowly, and I was surprised at how far inside me he went. My pussy felt stretched tight and the pressure felt so good. I pushed back on him rhythmically and his cock tickled my g spot.

Damien reached one hand down to rest on my belly, occasionally sliding up to massage my boobs. Just as he began tweaking the tips of my stiff nipples, I was startled by the ringing of his cell phone. Damien leaned over to grab it from his nightstand, and I cried out as his cock angled sharply inside me.

"It's your parents," he noted. I glanced over my shoulder, and much to my alarm he was actually about to answer it.

"Damien, wait--"

"Hey, Laura." I froze. "Yeah, she's been a great help, the place is almost cleaned up. Sure." He smirked at me. "Your mom wants to talk to you." My hand seemed to reach out on its own and take the cell, putting it up to my ear.

"Samantha?" As my mother spoke, Damien began sliding in and out of me. Each time he slid out, the thick head of his cock squeezed out of my pussy with a pleasurable 'pop'. It was mortifying to hear my mother chatting away as this man fucked my pussy from behind.

"We're going to be home late. Don't forget to wash up the dishes when you go home."

"Oh..." Damien began twisting and tugging my hot clitoris between his fingers. "Okay. Bye, mom." I hung up and pressed my face to the pillows.

It was silent for a moment before he gave one hard thrust up into me. I could feel his smirk on the back of my head. I took a few shaky breaths.

"You're awful, Damien." I remarked softly.

"Am I?"

"Yes... please keep going." I heard a short, breathless chuckle and tilted my pussy up to push against his cock. I retrieved the silver vibrator and switched it on, feeling my body tense as I touched the tip of it against my clit. My pussy was hot and there was a methodical pulsing as I neared orgasm. The rigidity of my body was too much to handle and I tried to relax as I Damien stroked his thumb near my anus. I rested my face on the pillows to support myself and reached my hand down to hold my pussy lips apart. My clit received a steady throb and my pussy was painfully tightened around Damien's cock.

I felt vaguely dizzy for a second before my pussy muscles squeezed and released into deep contractions. Every breath that I let out was a moan, louder each time. I wanted Damien to hear me and feel me cum on his cock. Behind me, he groaned loudly, gripping my hips, and it made me strangely proud to know that I was the reason. I switched off the vibrator, my clit too sensitive to take any more stimulation. Damien pulled out of me and rubbed my pussy with his palm before removing and disposing of the condom.

We laid together quietly, my head resting on his outstretched arm. I kept my right hand nestled between my legs, enjoying the warm wetness. I smiled a little and couldn't suppress a giggle. Damien turned towards me.

"What's so funny?" He asked, his voice a little hoarse.

"Nothing. I just... it was fun. I really enjoyed myself."

"I could tell. I didn't know you could be so loud, Samantha." I rolled my eyes and smiled wider.

"I have to get back home. I'll see you soon, Damien?" I sat up and tilted my face to kiss him on his jaw.

"Of course you will. You always see me through the window, don't you?" His fingers stroked my wet pussy. I pushed my hips against him.

"I'm looking forward to it, Damien." I replied with small moan.

"As am I, Samantha."


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