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Bride Unveiled

Bride Unveiled

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She wasn't alone, and appeared to be the soberest of all the members of Debbi's hen party. The others were giggling and dancing around Karen and their cameraman. All eight ladies were dressed as saucy schoolgirls.

Rob was very surprised to see his bride-to-be obviously intoxicated, dancing along with the others. He knew she was going to have a few drinks, with it being her hen weekend, but she didn't normally drink at all, and had promised to go easy. Although their actual wedding was still two weeks away.

The time was just after 1am in Coventry, and 2am in Amsterdam, where Debbi's hen party had just returned from an evening's clubbing. Karen's video call interrupted the video game the stags were playing on their return from John's local pub. John was Rob's best man, and his girlfriend, Emily, was one of the girls dancing and waving into the camera too. He was the only one of the stags who knew about the video call; Karen had pre-arranged with him beforehand to install the video conferencing software, with recording facility, onto his laptop, which was connected to his 52" TV (John was a techie, like Rob). "You'll want to record the session with what I have planned!" was all the details John could get out of her.

Karen was a girl who Debbi had known since school, and to say that she was disappointed at not being picked to be Debbi's chief bridesmaid is an understatement. Instead, Debbi had chosen Kate; a work colleague with whom she'd became very close (Kate work in the marketing department). But Karen had pretty well taken over the planning of the hen weekend, right down to them all dressing as St Trinian's schoolgirls. She also had plans to punish her old friend for overlooking her.

In keeping with the theme, all of the hens wore gymslips or sexy schoolgirl uniforms. Karen's outfit was by far the most revealing, with a very short skirt and a blouse with several buttons open. Debbi wore her shoulder length hair in two pigtails, but, being much more demure, her knee-length skirt was fairly conservative in comparison. She also wore a sash which read "Bride-to-be".

Rob had wanted to keep his stag weekend a much more low-key affair (boring Emily had argued); just a few drinks in some local pubs, then video games (with beer and snacks), around John's house. Apart from John, Rob's party comprised two university friends: Carl and James, his younger brother Lucas, and three work colleagues: Stewart, Hassan, and Andy. At 38, Andy was the oldest of the men; a salesman at the same company, he got on well with Rob, but had been involved in several heated work-related discussions with Debbi since she'd started, but thought she was hot nonetheless. At 19, Hassan was the youngest. He didn't drink, so he was the only one in either party who was completely sober. He was also providing a lift home for his work colleagues, plus Lucas; the others were crashing at John's.

Debbi (26) and Rob (28) had been dating for four years, and worked at the same place; in fact he'd been instrumental in getting her a job there. He'd worked in IT support for a number of years, and she was an IT manager. She had under her five men (including software developers Stewart and Hassan), and two women (Rachel and Eve, neither of whom had been invited on Debbi's hen weekend of course). She was a firm-but-fair kind of manager, she liked to think. Apart from Kate (and Rob of course), she didn't socialise with anyone from work. She had a reputation as a no-nonsense ballbuster among her male colleagues, while at the same time being admired (even ogled) for her good looks. The same good looks (a trim 5'6" brunette with perky boobs, and a tight little ass), was what made most of the women she worked with envious and threatened.

"First, let me introduce our cameraman, David," Karen continued, speaking directly into the camera. The camera was actually Helen's mobile phone, being operated by a 30 year-old Frenchman called David, whom she'd conscripted as their cameraman from an adjoining dorm. Karen didn't want to use her own phone, because she wanted to share photos on the WhatsApp group entitled "Hens+Stags" she'd created, that all members of both parties belonged to. Chat and photos had been exchanged all weekend, starting in the airport, but Karen aimed to spice the posts up, at Debbi's expense.

The stags watched as the cameraman turned the phone around and waved at them. He was using the front-facing camera, due to the use of the conference application. The picture was in landscape mode, and filled the entire wide-screen TV. "Hello!" David smiled, before turning it back to face Karen, who proceeded to give them a brief guided tour of their dorm. The hens had hired out an entire dorm room to themselves (with four bunk beds).

"Now Rob," Karen spoke in a strict school mistress voice directly into the camera. "Have you had a stripper?"' she asked, knowing the answer already.

"Er, no," Rob replied.

"JOHN! I'm surprised at you," she admonished. "Debbi, have you heard this? Rob's not had a stripper on his stag do!" David panned the camera towards Debbi, who was sitting on the edge of one of the lower bunks with Kate, both giggling.

"Well, good!" Debbi replied, slightly slurring her words. "I'm glad."

"Why don't you give him a show right now, instead?"

"Me?" Debbi giggled.

"Help her up, girls," Karen commanded. Soon Debbi was on her feet, being supported on either side by Jenny and Helen, who were the only hens with whom Karen has shared her plans; both thought it sounded like a blast (maybe they wouldn't had they been sober). Su-Lee, Emily, and Yvonne watched with amused interest close by.

"Well go on then," Karen ordered. "Rob's waiting for his striptease!" The other hens egged her on too.

"Okay," Debbi giggled, kicked off her shoes, and pulled her skirt up on her right leg, revealing her white hold-up stocking. She didn't give a thought to the other males who were watching too (including two of her subordinates, as well as Andy, whom she thought a creep, and her future brother-in-law).

As the other girls hummed the obligatory stripper tune, she pushed the stocking all the way down, and pulled it off. She almost fell over while standing on one leg, and would have done if Jenny and Helen hadn't been there to steady her.

Rob was surprised, as his young future wife was normally very demure, and he'd never seen her so uninhibited. The reason for this was because Karen had been spiking her and Kate's drinks with vodka all evening.

"Lose the sash too," Karen commanded. Debbi obeyed, tossing it over her shoulder.

Debbi then repeated the tease with her left stocking, but while twirling the garment in towards the camera, Jenny and Helen each grabbed hold of the hem of her skirt and lifted it up to reveal a glimpse of her lacy, white brief knickers to the cameraman (and hence the stags too). Debbi squealed and immediately pushed her skirt back down to cover her modesty. The stags (apart from Rob) cheered their approval, and shouted for more.

"That's something to press pause on later," John laughed.

"What, you're recording this?" Rob asked, shocked that this all appeared to be preplanned.

"Of course!" his best man responded with a grin. Rob gulped, hoping that was the end of Debbi's strip show, but knowing Karen, he suspected it wasn't.

"You can't tease Rob like that, Debbi," Karen chided her. "Girls - help her put on more of a show!"

The pair needed no more encouragement, and before Debbi knew what was happening, Jenny had grabbed hold of her wrists, while Helen began to expertly unbutton and unzip her skirt. Dimly realising what they were doing, Debbi shrieked and tried to break free of Jenny's grip. But within seconds her skirt was around her ankles. Debbi immediately crouched down and tried to pull it back up, but Helen prevented this by standing on it, so instead, she tried to pull down her blouse to cover her knickers (which it barely did, and Debbi easily supplanted Karen as the girl wearing the most revealing outfit).

Karen took a snap of Debbi minus her skirt, and posted it to their WhatsApp group. Andy already had his phone at the ready, prepared for such a photo; as soon as it appeared he downloaded it, lest the original was deleted. He'd done the same for several snaps of the hens (including Debbi) in their schoolgirl outfits earlier in the evening, but this was by far the hottest. At work, Andy had often tried to peer up the short skirts that Debbi sometimes wore, but this was better than any upskirt view - no skirt!

"Stop it! They'll all see!" Debbi scolded, gesturing towards the camera pointing at her. "Guys from work are there," she hoarsely whispered.

Rob's friends were indeed admiring the view; he couldn't believe they'd de-skirted his fiancee. Stewart and Hassan exchanged amused looks at their line manager's state of undress.

But despite Debbi's plea, her escorts continued their assault on her modesty, both attempting to unbutton the front of her white blouse. "Nooo!!" she screamed, while bending forwards. With her wrists free again, she managed to ward off the initial attack, but her assailants instead grabbed the hem of her blouse and hauled it right up her back until it was inside-out, over her head, with her arms forced into the diving position. From within her inverted blouse, Debbi realised her knickers were now on full display, but that thought quickly went out of her mind when she felt someone fumbling with her bra clasp.

"John, I hope you've got you eyes closed," Emily joked to her boyfriend, as she put her face in front of the camera. "And the rest of you - this is for Rob's eyes only!"

"Oh sure, yes, we're not peeking, are we guys?" John laughed back. Rob's friends concurred, but were of course relishing the scene of a group of 'schoolgirls' stripping one of their own, and teased Rob remorselessly. He tried to stay in good humour, despite the jealousy he felt in the pit of his stomach.

Debbi's 'striptease' had so far taken less than a minute, and Kate was still sitting on the bottom bunk bed, looking on with a mixture of amusement and shock, dimmed by the large amount of vodka she'd drank. She stood up quickly, with the aim of assisting her best friend in preserving some dignity, but no sooner had she regained her feet, she nearly fell over; the room swam around her, and she knew she was going to throw up. She headed for the door, and the communal bathroom beyond, passing two men standing in the doorway; attracted by the commotion, and enjoying the show.

From where he was standing in the middle of the room, David (and therefore his audience) had a side-on view of Debbi as she twisted and turned to thwart her friends' efforts to undress her, with her head hidden within her blouse, and both pieces of her matching lacy, white underwear revealed.

David panned the camera towards the doorway, tracking Kate's rapid departure, and captured the two Dutch male guests in their late teens, standing in the doorway. Each had their mobile phone at the ready. Rob realised that they must have a great view of his fiancee's knicker-clad rear.

The pair waved at the camera, but immediately directed their phones towards Debbi as she emitted a frustrated cry. David swung the camera back towards her to that see the hens had pulled her knickers down at the back, to expose her entire bottom! The stags drank in the side-on view of Debbi's bare left buttock, but Rob knew that the two newcomers were being treated to a full moon view of his fiancee, as was demonstrated by the ensuing wolf-whistles.

Karen stepped between Debbi and her new admirers to take another WhatsApp snap. Andy again squirreled away the humiliating photo of his work colleague as it arrived, for closer examination (and sharing with his sales friends) later - as it happened, he didn't need to worry about the photos disappearing, as Karen had no intention of deleting them. Lucas too had WhatsApp open. "Oh wow!" he uttered, and flashed his older brother the full-screen image of his Debbi's bare backside. Although her entire ass crack was on display, Rob was relieved that as least her intimate parts were still covered. His friends jeered and slapped him on the back as Lucas flashed each of them the photo of his future sister-in-law's exposed rear.

"Come on now Karen," Rob pleaded, looking into the laptop's camera. "That's enough now, you've had your fun!"

"Oh don't be such a prude Rob," Karen laughed.

Meanwhile, on the TV screen, his fiancee was loosely surrounded by her hens, who found her predicament hilarious, as they watched Debbi flounder around with her bare arse hanging out. Desperate to cover her modesty, she pulled her blouse off completely and tossed it to the floor (despite this leaving her in only her bra and knickers), then pulled her underwear back up. Realising that her bra was loose, and about to fall off, she stood coyly holding it against herself with her left arm, while trying to obscure the front of her briefs with her right hand.

"I can't believe you just did that!" Debbi scolded her friends, trying to laugh off her exposure, but hugely embarrassed at her predicament. Presuming her ordeal was over, she tried to push between Jenny and Helen in order to grab a sheet to use to cover herself, but the girls stood firm, with mischievous grins on their faces.

What Karen said next made Debbi's stomach lurch: "What do you reckon girls, the Full Monty?"

Everyone, including Debbi knew what that meant. She was a lot more sober by now. "Don't you fucking dare!" she ordered, but with little conviction in her voice, and tried to make a break for the exit - to where she hadn't thought, perhaps the toilets. But the barely dressed bride-to-be was easily overpowered.

Held firmly, Debbi was surrounded by the other hens (minus Kate), as well as four men eager to see more - the pair of men from the doorway had decided to take a closer look, along with two middle-aged Pakistani men who had also been attracted by Debbi's cries. The scene through the camera as viewed by the stags on John's TV was chaotic, and nobody could make out anything clearly. The cameraman was obviously keener to see Debbi himself than to provide his audience with a stable view. She could, however, be heard squealing and pleading for them to stop.

The camera finally focused on Debbi's white bra, lying discarded on the carpet. The video then panned to the hens, surrounding its owner. Karen, Jenny, Helen, and Yvonne were on their knees, attacking their floored topless victim, while the others peered over their shoulders with amusement. The four men hovered around the outside of the horde of drunken, excited girls.

The stags were treated to a brief glimpse of Debbi's breasts as she writhed on the carpet, it looked like she was making no attempt to cover her tits because she was desperately holding onto her last item of clothing, which the other girls were trying to relieve her of.

"Oh God, no, please stop!" Debbi cried shortly before delighted squeals from the girls, and appreciative cheers from the four men, as Karen stood up and waved Debbi's white knickers in the air like a trophy. Rob could only imagine the views of Debbi that her male audience were enjoying at that moment. After a few more seconds of incomprehensible video footage, the picture resumed as the crowd standing around Debbi backed off to reveal her lying prostrate on the carpet, stark naked, trying to cover the arse crack using both hands, but leaving little to the imagination.

Karen snapped a full-length WhatsApp photo while crouching near Debbi's feet. Debbi made sure she kept her legs together, but some intimate folds were still visible. She was utterly embarrassed, and just wanted the ground to open up and swallow her. Rob was mortified at Debbi's embarrassing predicament, but was completely powerless to help her. The other males around him were loving the strip show. Her work colleagues couldn't believe that they'd seen so much of the young IT manager.

"Just her pussy for the full set, eh boys?" Andy laughed, holding aloft his phone displaying Rob's prone, nude girlfriend - much to the amusement (and loud approval) of the others. Rob shot him an angry look.

"Look, this isn't funny now!!" Debbi spat. She craned her neck to look up at the horny faces of the men, and delighted faces of the women, surrounding her. Each had their mobile phone trained on her. "Please give me something to cover up with," she pleaded. Her mind flew to her work colleagues, who she knew were watching along with Rob - how would she ever look them in the face again?

Karen, meanwhile, had rushed over to her own bunk to collect something from her backpack that she brought with her specially.

"Now, it's not uncommon for the groom to be stripped naked and tied-up on his stag do," she announced on her return. "Well, what with sexual equality and all that..." then she revealed what she was hiding behind her back.

The others looked confused at first, until they realised what it was. Gasps and sniggers then ensued. Karen has come prepared, and brought with her two pairs of leather cuffs with velcro straps, attached with a chain about six inches long.

"What is it?" Debbi asked nervously. "What's going on?"

"Oh, just a little something I bought on the internet," Karen grinned, dangling the cuffs in front of the camera so the stags could see too. Debbi was still trying to work out what they were, and terrified at the mention of being tied-up. She was seriously considering getting up and making a dash for it in the nude, when Karen commanded: "Ladies, let's give Debbi something to wear."

Jenny and Helen excitedly knelt either side of Debbi again. Each grabbed a wrist, and wrenched her hands away from their covering roles, exposing her rear again. The men present murmured their approval, as did the stags watching in John's home. Rob was beside himself, as his friends became reacquainted with his fiancee's bare bottom. He didn't know what Karen had planned for her, but he knew it wasn't good, especially as it involved handcuffs.

Karen passed the cuffs to the kneeling pair, who soon had one cuff securely to each of Debbi's wrists.

"Boys," Karen addressed the men. "Want to make yourselves useful? I want to attach the cuffs up there..." she pointed to the rail in front of the nearest top bunk.

Debbi protested loudly, threatening the men not to touch her. Ignoring her, the two Dutchmen took over control of her arms from Jenny and Helen, but before they could begin to lift her off the floor, the two eager Pakistani gentlemen grabbed hold of one of her shins each. She frantically kicked out at them, but they were too strong, and quickly lifted her feet up to waist height, at the same time pulling them wide apart, revealing her hairless vulva between her parted thighs.

Some of the other hens put their hands over their mouths in amazement at the highly pornographic view of the bride-to-be. Debbi experienced shame and anger in equal measures as she felt the men's eyes ogling her sex. She tried with all her might to close her legs, but in vain.

Karen was delighted with Debbi's exposure, and how well her plan had worked. However, she wasn't done yet. She positioned herself between the two men and snapped a close-up photo of her friend's inner thigh. David also recorded the scene over her shoulder. Back in Coventry, the stags went wild at their first sight of Rob's fiancee's genitals; her vulva filled John's entire screen as David zoomed in between her legs. Her buttocks jiggled as she fought against her captors.

Karen explained to the Pakistani gentlemen that Debbi's legs didn't need to be lifted, and Rob watched in horror as the four men manhandled Debbi into position as Karen had directed. Although his view was blocked by the men's backs, he imagined their hands fondling her all over.

It was during this manhandling that Kate reappeared in the doorway, shocked at what she witnessed. "What the fuck's going on?" she yelled. "What have you done to Debbi?" she gestured to her naked friend, who was in the process of being secured to the top bunk. She rushed over and tried to rescue Debbi from the clutches of the men.

"Do you want to be next, Kate?" Karen warned. Helen flipped up her skirt at the back to reinforce the threat. Kate pushed it back down and abandoned her rescue attempt; she'd been no match for the men physically anyway, and really didn't want to be stripped herself.

Debbi's arms were stretched above her head, and the chain firmly looped around the metal bars on the front of the nearest upper bunk. She screamed for help at the top of her voice, so Karen gagged her using a rolled-up pillow case. Finally secured to the bunk, her captors stepped away and admired the helpless young woman. David recorded the sight too, and the stags were treated to a full-frontal nude view of Rob's bride-to-be. Lewd comments flew about her perfect tits and neatly trimmed pussy (completely hairless apart from a small triangle of pubes just above her vaginal cleft). They all had to adjust their underwear to accommodate their erections, and Hassan almost came in his underwear at the sight of his manager in all her glory. Stewart had been reprimanded by Debbi for poor timekeeping just the previous week, and was revelling in her humiliation.

The other hens (apart from Kate, who refused to take part) posed for photographs with their exhibited friend. Apart from the men present, Debbi thought of all the guys Rob had with him on his stag weekend who would have seen her naked: Lucas, Hassan, Stewart, worst of all Andy - she felt sickened. Indeed, the WhatsApp group was now filled with explicit photos of her. Andy was struggling to download each one to his phone as it arrived, so, after downloading a full-frontal one, decided to leave the others till later - he already had enough wanking material to last a lifetime. He pondered which image to use as his phone's wallpaper for his next weekly night out with his male sales colleagues - probably the one of her lying on the floor, face down, legs spread. He was rock hard by this point.

The camera panned to the doorway, where the remaining hostel residents had congregated in the doorway to watch the show - men and women of various ages and nationalities. Even what appeared to be the hostel janitor was with them; an elderly gentleman wearing an overall and carrying a broom.

"Come on in," Karen urged them all. "Join the party!"

After panning back to the distraught Debbi, wide-eyed as the dorm filled with people, David turned the phone off and handed it back to Helen. The stags were disappointed at the loss of video feed and Rob was desperate to know what was happening to his fiancee. Calls to the hens' mobile phones went straight to voicemail. They were, however, updated with dozens of photos from a few of the hens; a party of sorts did indeed appear to be going on in the Amsterdam dorm, with Debbi (still cuffed and gagged) at its centre - the room was heaving with onlookers.

The time in Coventry was 1.25 am when the photos posted on the WhatsApp group turned darker, and only sent by Karen. One showed a man apparently giving Debbi's breasts a close inspection. The next clarified what was happening - he was signing her left tit using a Sharpie pen (as supplied by Karen). Subsequent snaps showed lots of other men (including the old janitor) and women signing various parts of her anatomy - the men generally favouring her breasts, bottom, and thighs. Soon Debbi was covered in signatures and doodles, although nobody had written above her neckline.

The snaps became progressively more pornographic; one showed Debbi's legs being held splayed wide open as one of the male newcomers: a young, black man with short curly hair, signed his autograph as close to her labia as he could. She was being held in place by several other men, and Karen's photo clearly showed her clitoris nestling between her parted lips. Another showed Debbi's bare backside with the letter W drawn on each buttock, with her cheeks pulled apart to spell "WoW" (with her anus as the O).

Without a scrap of dignity left, Debbi could only stare out helplessly at the melee around her. Tied and gagged, she was at the mercy of everyone. Although she'd not (yet) been actually sexually assaulted, the men signing her body had copped a feel in the process. As far as she could tell, the other hens had been sidelined, with only Karen taking an active role in her continuing debasement. Back in Coventry, her distraught fiance wondered how much longer his future wife would remain on public display...

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