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Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

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by aliveinpr

My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies. Please read and enjoy this fictional writing.

A beautiful late Spring weekend providing a friendly gathering at the Stevens home. The men were gathering in the living room in preparation for a televised game. The men bantering who the MVP player would be and the winning pitcher. The women were gathered in the kitchen getting ready to move to the patio for female chatter. Everyone was satisfied with the grilled lunch and settling with beer and wine beverages for the remainder of the afternoon.

Emily was barraged with compliments that her husband, George, had grilled excellent ribs and shish kabob’s naming him the ‘chef of the month’. Emily was happy with her husband but preoccupied since the gathering began early in the day. Rhonda, Phillis and Alice all noticed that Emily seemed to be withdrawn and quiet. As they shared the normal gossip, Rhonda asked, "Emily, what’s wrong? You’re distant and not your usual peppy self." The others chimed in and agreed with Rhonda. Emily took a sip of her wine and then said, "I don’t know, there’s something missing. George doesn’t seem to have the sexual desire anymore. I try to do what I can to interest him, but now I suspect his eyes are wondering. I just don’t know what to do anymore."

Alice said, "I hope you don’t suspect any of us are hitting on George. Sure we all flirt, we always have, but you know nothing serious." Emily said, "No, I know it’s not you guys. He seems to spend so much time on the computer, he watches porn a lot." Phillis asked, "What type of porn does he watch the most?" Emily said, "What I have peeked at, it’s interracial involving white women with black men." Rhonda said, "Oh, my God, I’ve wondered what I’ve heard is true. I’ve heard women talk about black men having big cocks, and ‘once you go black, you won‘t go back’. Usual things I’ve heard since high school."

Phillis said, "Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that too. Another one I’ve heard is that black men are better lovers than white men," Alice then said, "I’ve heard that they can cum three or four times in an hour." Emily said, "Oh, I don’t know. I think the porn stimulates him more than me, I haven‘t seen it, but I’m sure he jacks off a lot. His porn habit keeps him from seeing his own wife as sexy and in need of some of his cum." The other three seemed to agree that might be the problem and the subject was changed.

Emily spent several weeks researching the sexual chat cites and it seemed that most of the women talked about black men’s stamina, their being better sex partners and many of the white married women admitted that they had black lovers as their husbands could not satisfy them sexually. Emily clicked on a chat cite with a ‘Cindy’. Out of curiosity she learned that ‘Cindy’ had been married for over twenty years and that her husband knew she had a black lover. What ‘Cindy’ talked about, seemed to verify all the roamers her friends talked about. ‘Cindy’ told Emily that her husband’s preoccupation with interracial porn could be a hidden desire to see her being fucked by a black man.

When Emily signed off, she was shaking. She had never thought about having sex with a black man, never entered her mind. She began to think about what ‘Cindy’ said, was George thinking about seeing her fucked by another man, especially a black man? Emily then checked George’s history on the computer and watched several videos. All involved white women, intentionally showing wedding rings, being fucked by black men. She also noticed that the men had monster cocks and she was amazed that the women were able to get fully impaled by fat, long cocks. She imagined the pain, she was sure she couldn’t possibly take the sizes she saw. As she watched the videos, her vaginal fluids oozed along with the spasming of her vaginal muscles. She was sure she could never accept those monsters, even tho she was stimulated, she imagined the excruciating pain.

Emily, when in town, became aware of the black men she saw, something she never thought about before. She also realized that now she focused on their crotches, were they really bigger than white men? More and more, Emily returned to George’s history on the computer and now realized that most of the interracial videos involved a single married white woman being fucked by one or more black men. She also saw several white men, assumed to be the husbands, present as the women were fucked. Was this on her husband’s mind? Did her husband really want to see her fucked by black men? What was he thinking? Had her husband turned into a pervert?

It was Summer time now and everyone got together with Emily and George. Forth of July was a good time for their patio gathering. George grilled his famous ribs for everyone once again. As they all lounged to digest the great feed. The men gathered in one corner of the patio as the woman were about thirty feet away with their gabbing. The men then retired to the living room to watch some sporting programs as the women remained on the patio.

Emily asked the other women if they had thought about the last session, about sex with black men. It seems that interracial sex is getting common. Phillis’ eyes enlarged and seemed to stare away as she moaned, "Oh, oh my God." Rhonda looked at Phillis and said, "Oh, my God. You did it, didn’t you? You cheated on Marvin. You fucked a black man." Phillis looked down and said, "No...I didn’t cheat." Alice asked, "What do you mean you didn’t cheat, what are you talking about?" Phillis said, "Well, er, a, I didn’t cheat. Marvin brought a black man to the house for my birthday. He was my present." Emily, Alice and Rhonda seemed stunned. Alice asked, "What, your present? How can a black man be your present?"

Phillis said, "Marvin took me to dinner and when we got home, the door bell rang and Marvin said my present was here. I opened the door and there was this good looking black man, he walked right in with a ‘boom box’ and began to dance. He was a stripper and when I saw his hard cock...I had to have it. Melvin told the black man he could do anything to me he wanted as long as I wasn’t hurt. I was fucked all weekend and it was fantastic, I had so many shattering orgasms."

The others were speechless for a time, then Emily said, "I’ve been in sex chat rooms and did a bit of research. Many of the women said most of what we talked about was true, they had better sex with black men than with their husbands." Phillis said, "Jamal fucked me hard and deep, the best fuck I’ve ever had. We now fuck all the time and Melvin is right there, he even helps and sucks my pussy after Jamal fucks me. The truth? I’ll fuck any black man that wants my white pussy, I’m a slut for big black cock." Rhonda gasped and asked, "Melvin licked another man’s cum from your pussy?" "Oh, yeah," said Phillis, "that was so hot, it almost caused another orgasm watching him."

The three friends gasped and then the volley of questions started. "How big was his cock?" "Did he stretch your pussy?" "Was his cock bigger than Melvin’s?" "What positions did he fuck you?" "Did you suck his cock?" "How big were his balls?" "Did you let him cum in you?" "Did he fuck your ass?" "Did he have big lips, did you let him kiss you?" "How black is he?" "What were your orgasms like?" "How many times did he fuck you?"

Phillis had a hard time trying to answer their questions, they were asked so rapidly. Rhonda shuddered when hearing Phillis describe the first time with a black man. Emily saw Rhonda stiffen and place her hand in her crotch, eyes rolled up and she rocked violently. They watched their friend having an orgasm from listening to the explicit sexual answers.

After their friends left, George smiled and asked, "You gals were very excited chatting, squirming in your chairs. You were so animated moving around. It seemed that Phillis had exciting news for you guys. What was happening?" Emily just turned and began walking away as she said, "Oh, just girl talk." She then asked, "You guys didn’t seem too interested in the game you were watching. You must have been gabbing about something special. Did Marvin have any news, maybe about Phillis?" George pondered and then said, "I suppose he could have said she was pregnant. But, no, if she was, he didn’t say anything." They both smiled and chuckled.

Emily was curious if Marvin had told the other husbands about his birthday present for his wife. She noticed her husband was acting strange, very happy, very giddy, while they cleaned up after their company. He seemed to be excited about something. ‘Did he know,’ Emily thought, ‘maybe he didn’t know how to bring up the topic. Maybe he felt embarrassed since they had never talked about interracial sex.’ Emily was in the same boat, not knowing how to bring up the subject herself.

That night, Emily was amazed at the sexual stamina George had. It was like he was on pep pills, fully energized when he thrust his cock into her. She had two powerful orgasms, orgasms she had been missing in the past few months. As they laid calming, she noticed that George seemed to enjoy seeing his cum oozing from her pussy as her legs were still spread. She looked at George and said, "Wow, that was great. You haven’t fucked me like that in a long time. I liked it, if you’re up for it, fuck me again like that." George began running two fingers into her pussy scooping his cum out of her. Emily saw his cock begin to twitch and grow. She reached down and began stroking his cock and then turned and took him in her mouth tasting her juices mixed with his cum.

She laid in bed as her husband slept, ‘he deserves the rest,’ she thought. Emily was sure that Marvin had told the other husbands about his wife’s birthday surprise and how his wife had been turned into a black cum slut. She needed to know more from Phillis, she was curious and didn’t feel that all the questions had been answered. She wanted to know how Marvin got the birthday present idea and how did he get involved helping a black man fuck her. She kept remembering Phillis’s statement, "I’ll fuck any black man that wants my white pussy." She wondered if there was something special about being fucked by black men.

Emily made coffee and breakfast for her husband and watched how he reacted. She was in the kitchen wearing only her short translucent silk robe. Every time she would walk past him, he would swat her ass and make comments like, "God, that’s a great ass", and "Too bad I don’t have time to fuck you". George pulled her to him tight and gave her a long passionate kiss before leaving for work. Emily was feeling a tingling sensation in her pussy as her vaginal juices began to lubricate her labia.

As George drove off, Emily went to the den and turned on the computer. She clicked on George’s ‘history’ for the last three days. Her eyes lit up, she smiled as she saw dozens of interracial videos, all were of white married women being fucked by black men, usually with a white man present. She again was impressed with the size of the black cocks. She remembered her chats with ‘Cindy’, she had said that George might have an obsession with interracial porn, his hidden desire to watch his wife being fucked by a black man. Emily then called Phillis.

After several rings, she heard Phillis, out of breath, answer. Emily said, "Oh, I’m sorry, I must have caught you at a bad time." Phillis asked, "Emily?" She just said, "yes", and Phillis said, "I was in the middle of something. Jamal is here, he just gave me two mind blowing, shattering orgasms." There was a pause and then Emily said, "Oh, I’ll call back, sorry." Phillis said, "That OK, we are going to rest for a few minutes and then fuck again. What’s on your mind?" "Bitch," said Emily, "you just made me rub my pussy. I’m going to be horny all day now." Phillis, chuckled, saying, "Come over, I’ll share Jamal with you. He’ll take care of your horny pussy, guaranteed."

Emily said, "I thought you had said that Marvin helped." Phillis said, "Oh, he does, but he had to leave for work so, I’m on my own with Jamal. Marvin doesn’t want me to clean up, so when he gets home from work, he can lick Jamal’s cum out of me." After a brief pause, Emily said, "Well, ugh, the reason I called, I was wondering where Marvin got his idea to get you a black man for your present?" Phillis said, "Sometimes, I’d watch some of his porn and when it was interracial, I would grab his cock and give him the best ‘throat job’ ever. I made sure to be super horny when we watched interracial. He saw now stimulated I got, he got the idea."

That night, Emily made sure to stop and watch some porn with her husband. She would groan and rub her hands over his cock when watching black men fuck white women. Twice, she sucked his cock and let him cum on her face and in her mouth. Later in bed, George was a wild man giving her three super orgasms. He pumped his cum in her twice before he was spent. Emily listened to her husband snore as she wondered if he was going to get the idea...bring home a black man. The thought was beginning to be her obsession now.

Emily kept repeating her actions each night to give her husband ideas. She was happy that their sex lives had improved, fucked every night. Still, nothing was said by George. Would he want to watch her getting fucked by a black man? Was it an obsession with him like ‘Cindy’ thought? She kept phone contact with Phillis every day and would masturbate listening to the graphic details from Phillis. She heard how Jamal stretched her pussy, how he would thrust hard into her cervix. But what really turned on Emily, was hearing how Marvin would lick and suck a black man’s cum from her pussy.

Fall was upon them and Phillis invited the three other couples to join her and Marvin in a Halloween party. They had to wear sexy costumes. Emily had a hard time trying to think of a costume that would be sexy. As she strolled through the mall, she came across a bridal shop. She looked in the window and she immediately knew what she was going to wear, but was she brave enough? Emily’s eyes opened wide as she began to pull her ‘costume’ together. Her purchase was expensive, but she thought her husband would approve when he saw her. She knew there would be four husbands at the party with erections.

Emily got home and laid out her purchases on the bed. She looked at her wicked costume and had second thoughts. ‘Should I, or not,’ she thought, ‘George will be the first to see me, he might get pissed if I was going to be dressed this way in front of three other husbands.’ She picked up the silky feeling material, rubbed it against her face and thought, ‘why not, we’ve all flirted. They’ll probably all have blue balls by the end of the night.’ Everything was put back in the bag and put away in the closet.

Everyone was excited, Halloween fell on a Saturday night, so they didn’t have to go to work the next day. The more Emily thought about walking around in her costume in front of her friends husbands, the excitement made her pussy tingle and her skin was covered in ‘goose bumps’. The prospect of four horny men drooling over her at the party caused her to run to the kitchen and pour a glass of wine. She imagined the night and began to rub her clit knowing her husband would be wild and fuck her when they got home.

Saturday, Emily had ‘butterflies’ as she looked over her costume. She already had two glasses of wine to fortify her decision. After a long shower, she dried and began to dress. First, the white lace bustier with attached garter straps. The white nylon hose attached to the garters, then pulled up the translucent white ‘G string’ panty. She topped her costume off with a bridal veil and five inch white heels. She looked in the full length mirror and thought, ‘George is going to shit when he see’s me. Maybe, I should change into something else.’ Another look in the mirror and she knew it was too late to change. With a big gulp of air, she left the bedroom and walked to the living room toward her husband.

George was dressed as a construction worker with tight shorts showing his bulge, a safety vest with reflective yellow stripes and hard hat along with work boots. As Emily walked into the room, George stood, his mouth opened and his eyes expanded as he said, "What the fuck, what do you call that costume?" Emily said, "I’m the ‘honeymoon bride’, do you like it?" "Oh, shit," said her husband, "are you sure? You might get raped by all four of us dressed like that." Emily chuckled and said, "I hope by you. I’m sure there may be some touching by the others, but I expect you to royally fuck me when we get home." George smiled and said, "That’s a guarantee, I’m already hard."

George had reservations about her costume, but went with her decision. After all, she was wearing more than a two piece bikini. He did make Emily cover up during the drive with a silk robe. He opened the car door for her, and when he got in, he noticed the robe did not cover her legs, the crotch of her ‘G string’ was already sporting a wet spot. He knew she was going to be an attention getter at the party. He knew his three buddies, they were sure to be hard all night. ‘What would the other women do, knowing their husbands were drooling over Emily?’ thought George. George had a secret he kept from his wife. He wondered if Marvin and Phillis were going to invite their black lover to the party. His wife didn’t know the strange man. He got excited as he imagined what Emily would do if he was there, especially the way she was dressed.

Emily and George were the last couple to arrive. When Emily entered, the room echoed with all the loud hoops and hollers as she was ogled once the robe was removed. He noticed the wide eyes of his buddies as their mouths were open sexually drooling over his wife’s scantily clad body. George looked around and noticed that the black man was not there. He had been curious what the reaction would be between his wife and a strange black man. Phillis went to Emily and handed her a glass of wine and whispered, "I think you will need more than just one." Emily smiled and said, "I know you’re right, I’m so horny right now." Phillis said, "Good". Emily didn’t understand that comment.

An hour passed and Emily was getting mellow with the consumption of wine. She was enjoying the exploring eyes of everyone and especially the subtle touches to her ass and breasts. George was aware of his friends sporting erections as they couldn’t keep their eyes off his wife. He chuckled at the ‘secret’ touching of his wife’s body. He was excited at his wife’s sexual attitude, not caring who or where she was touched. He was one that would run his fingers up her wet crotch, now the ‘G string’ was so wet, it was visually showing her pussy’s ‘camel toe’.

The door bell rang. Phillis ran to the door and when open, she flung herself at the black man standing there. A deep kiss as their hands roamed each others bodies. Emily was shocked seeing this stranger and moved behind her husband. She watched the interaction between Emily and the black man. She realized that this must be the ‘black lover’ Phillis talked so much about, Jamal.

Emily remembered Phillis saying this man was a stripper. She looked at his costume. A cowboy hat, an open leather vest with fringe exposing his bare chest, chaps, open in the crotch showing a black nylon ‘jock strap’ filled with what appeared to be a large coiled snake. George stepped aside so Emily could no longer hide and she became aware that this black stranger was smiling and staring at her, directed at her ‘camel toe’. She blushed, but she realized she was staring at his bulging crotch. Her husband saw her staring and watched her smile as she licked her lips.

Phillis and Emily seemed to spend more time together. They whispered a lot while looking at Jamal. After a couple more glasses of wine, Phillis announced that it was time to play games. She had everyone write their names on a slip of paper and put it in a large glass snifter. Emily followed along placing her name in the snifter. Phillis said, we are going to play ‘Truth or Dare’. The glass was held up and George was chosen to pick a name from the snifter. Emily heard her name called and she thought, ‘If truth, then I might have to tell that I was sexually attracted to Jamal. If dare, maybe I would have to take off my ‘G string’, already transparent, so what, nothing more to see.’

Marvin was then chosen to ask her, ‘Truth or Dare’. Emily felt that they could see her pussy already. She chose ‘dare’ thinking she would be told to take off her ‘G string’. Emily then said, "OK, I guess Dare." She saw Marvin and her husband grin. Marvin looked at her and asked if she was sure, she replied "Yes." Her husband’s eyes opened wide, now she felt the dare wasn’t going to be what she thought. Emily was now questioning her pick, but she was stuck with dare.

Marvin said, "OK, your dare is to give Jamal a blow job and swallow his cum in front of us." "Oh, my God, what the shit. I have to blow his black cock?" asked Emily. George said, "That’s the Dare." Emily, her pure white skin, wearing all white, now sported a face as red as a traffic signal. Marvin moved her to sit on an ottoman in the middle of the living room. Jamal now was approaching and being a stripper, his hat went flying, his hands grabbed the chaps and ripped the Velcro® away and he was now standing in his boots and a tight black jock strap.

Jamal moved to within a foot of Emily’s face, his hands went to his side and ripped the Velcro® again causing the jock strap to fly away leaving a black pole swaying between his thighs. Emily couldn’t believe what she was looking at. The chant erupting in the room, "SUCK IT, SUCK IT, SUCK IT." Her face still red, she reached forward with her shaking hands and lifted Jamal’s black cock up. She felt his phallus hardening as she hefted it to eye level. She was intrigued seeing her first real black cock, the bulbous crown and thick veins along about ten inches of shiny black skin. She wondered if she would be able to get such a large cock in her mouth. She was now in sexual overdrive and determined to please her new black friend.

The chants kept up, "SUCK IT, SUCK IT, SUCK IT." She stuck her tongue out and licked the pre-cum from the opening in the tip. She was pleased at the taste and wondered is his cum would be the same. As one hand held the cock up, her other hand began to massage his large balls. She opened her mouth and suddenly she saw flashes of light. Looking up there were cell phones everywhere taking pictures. She then saw her own husband holding his cell phone, but no flash, so she realized it was in video mode. "SUCK IT, SUCK IT, SUCK IT," kept chanting as she opened her mouth as wide as possible.

Knowing her husband was OK with her actions and video taping her sucking another man’s cock, especially a black cock, she was going to put on a super performance. She now knew her husband had known of Phillis’ black lover. He was secretly wanting to watch her fucked by a black man. Her mind began remembering what she learned while watching her husband’s interracial porn.

Opening her mouth wide, relaxing her jaw, she plunged forward taking about three inches, sucking hard and then withdrawing. Another lunge, more cock, repeat and soon she felt the back of her throat begin to gag. With determination, she finally took his entire cock as she heard her husband gasp with the video still recording. Jamal was smiling and quietly moaning.

Emily was now easily taking the large black cock into her throat. She face fucked Jamal’s cock for what seemed an eternity and then felt him swell. She knew. She worked faster and harder wanting him to erupt and send his hot black sperm to her stomach. She smiled looking up at her husband as he videoed her actions.

Emily felt hands on her hips and realized someone was beginning to pull her 'G string' panty down. She lifted her ass where the panty was then slipped down to her ankles. she realized she was flowing her vaginal juices soaking the ottoman.

The black cock in her throat was beginning to throb and pump volleys of cum. She pulled back to breathe as she accepted more and more of his cum. She swallowed what she could, but there was overflow leaking from her lips. Her husband was holding his cell phone close to record the sexy scene. The living room noise was deafening with the roar of, "YES, YES, THE SLUT DID IT", now the constant chanting.

As Emily slowly pulled back, she realized that the cock she just sucked, was still hard. She looked up at Jamal and said, "Now, fuck me, FUCK ME WITH YOUR BLACK COCK." Jamal pulled her up and had her kneel on the ottoman as he spread her ass cheeks and thrust his hard black cock into her. She felt pain as his brutal entry stretched her wide, but she didn’t care that he was going to destroy her pussy. Her pussy was so wet, the pain was minimal. She wanted that black cock buried deep, she wanted to be fucked hard. Her husband was awe stricken as he continued to video her lewd fucking. She kept thrusting back to get more cock into her. His wife was a bitch in heat as she screamed, "FUCK ME, FUCK THAT HOT BLACK SEED DEEP IN ME. FUCK MEEEEEE."

George was surprised that Jamal was able to cum in such a short time. He watched his wife get her second load of cum. Both remained quiet as George watched the black cock in his wife continue to throb. Once Jamal pulled out, Emily fell to the floor and pulled Jamal’s cock back to her mouth. She sucked and licked his cock, not wanting to let it get away. Everyone was amazed that Emily got that black cock hard again as she turned on her back and spread her legs and yelled, "FUCK ME, GIVE ME THAT BLACK COCK. FUCK ME." Jamal climbed upon her and again thrust his cock deep into her.

Jamal needed time to manufacture more cum. He kept pumping into Emily as her husband continued his cell phone video. Jamal was now thrusting at a slower pace and began rocking from side to side as his bulbous crown stimulated her cervix. "OH, FUCK, FUCK, DON’T EVER STOP. FUCK THIS MARRIED WHITE PUSSY, FUCK ME." Jamal was close to her ear as he asked, "Am I better than your husband?" Emily smiled and said, "Oh, my God yes. Your cock is so much bigger." George didn’t understand his feelings, but when hearing his wife’s declaration, his cock got harder than it already had been.

Emily looked up at her husband and said, "I’m sorry sweet heart, but his cock is so much better than yours. His cock is going to be in my pussy a lot." "OH, YES, RIGHT THERE, FUCK ME, FUCK ME", she began to yell. She smiled at her husband and turned her head to Jamal and began kissing him deep. George could see their tongues working together as their kiss lingered.

George felt a hand slip into his shorts and pull his cock out. He looked down and watched Rhonda engulf his cock as her husband, Harvey, took pictures with his cell phone. George felt his balls swell and knew he was going to cum in Rhonda’s mouth. He tried to pull away, but she grabbed his hips and sucked harder, getting him to spew into her mouth. He watched Rhonda open her mouth so her husband could get a picture of the cum before she swallowed.

George looked around and saw Phillis massaging Emily’s breasts while her husband Marvin was busy eating her pussy. Alice was getting fucked deep by her husband, Emery. He saw Harvey deep kiss Rhonda just after drinking George’s cum, then he flipped her on her back and thrust his cock deep into her pussy. ‘A real orgy,’ thought George. He smiled knowing his fantasy was fulfilled watching his wife have a black cock buried deep in her pussy.

George went to the kitchen for a beer and recalled the plans he made with Phillis and Marvin. All the names put in the snifter were "Emily", she was the target of their "Truth or Dare" game. He also knew what the dare was going to be. Marvin was going to dare Emily to suck Jamal‘s cock and swallowing his cum. Phillis guaranteed him that when his wife saw Jamal’s black cock, she would beg to have that big black cock fuck her.

George also knew the consequences. Marvin and Phillis told him that to black his wife, he would be required to clean her pussy with his mouth and tongue after Jamal fucked her. George wasn’t sure he would be able to do that, but now, his cock was hard waiting for Jamal to finish fucking Emily. Yes, he was ready. George never knew the taste of cum, but he was eager to find out, after all, with Jamal around, it won’t be the last time.

Sunday morning, tired and sexually spent, Emily and George were driving home. Emily leaned into her husband and said, "I still want your cock, I hope you know that. I love you, but Jamal is now involved in our lives." George said, "I know darling, it was so hot to watch his cock deep in you. Your yelling to be fucked, telling him to shove that black cock into you, my cock was so hard." Emily, looked up into her husband’s eyes and said, "My pussy was spasming when you had me straddle your face and have me empty my pussy of Jamal’s cum. It was so hot to see his cum plop, gobs and gobs, plop into your mouth. I think that was the best of the night." She smiled and then said, "The best ‘Dare’ I ever had, thank you, I love you so much." George felt his cock growing again as they pulled into their garage, he remembered his promise to give her a 'Royal' fucking when they got home.

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