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High on Meth

High on Meth

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meth from a good friend of mine, and we split the amount, and we smoked some off of aluminum foil. He took a hit, passed to the guy whose boat we were on. I did my hits last, and got really really high. After the initial rush, my anus started twitching, and I wanted one of the guys I was smoking with, the tall skinny one, with the long skinny cock, that I wanted to swallow: and herein begins my fantasy. I had taken my stash of the stuff, and headed home, it was raining, and I was high enough not to mind. in fact it felt really good to be getting wet, while the high was keeping me warm. I stopped in the shadows of the boardwalk I was taking home, and fingered my ass. It feels gooooodddddd. I pull my sweats back up and head on home. I was soaking fucking wet. from head to feet, and my toes, but I smoked another toke of the shit, and remembered where my lighter and cigarettes were hiding: out in my van. So I jumped up and took the door card, (so I can get back in the bldg) no coat this time, just my wet, hooded sweatshirt, (hood not on) and went out to the van to get the lighter and cigarettes. while I was locking the doors, I did another asshole fingering, and then walked over to the creek running behind the apt. bldg we live in (wife incl.) still raining. I 'm high out there walking around in the rain and fantasizing about my friend. So I come back inside, and grab my stuff and head to the bathroom, where I do a couple of more hits, and I get in the shower, under barely warm water, as the water heats, I turn the temp down, then I take the shower head out of it holder on the shower pipe, and caress my body with the spray. I wander down to my cock and balls, spraying the inside of my legs and under my sack and under the lower side of my penis (when hard, it's a cock), then I move the head around my hip and squat down to put the spray on my anus and up inside my rectum, I push the head up against my hole to make a seal so I can fill my colon w/water and rinse it out. I keep doing this, for longer and longer, taking more and more water, up my bum, until the expelled water runs out clean. I replace the showerhead in its holder, and pick up the Dove bar, and I lift my leg and bring the soap bar to my anus and push it in until it's up behind my prostate, then I push it out a little bit at a time. sometimes I work it in and out a few times. Then I soap up my scrubber, and begin to wash my face, pits and tits, cock and balls. I rinse off, and take down the shower head again, and rinse the soap out of my hole, I can push the shwrhd up even further, and take more water if I want, I do this time, and I fill full enuf to take out the next morning's BM, so I'm stuck in the shower until I expend all holding water. But while in the rain locker, I'm thinking about my friend, and what I want to do; and it goes like this, we go down to his boat. We get below and he brings out the stuff to smoke; we each take a big hit, exhale, then another. In a moment we are rushing at warp speed, and I accidently touch him on the leg, and he grabs my hand (we're sitting side by side in the small boat cabin) and pulls it into his lap and moves it back and forth across the front of his jeans. I stop that motion, and I grab the zipper draw and pull down, and then I reach up and unsnap the button at the belt line, and pull his pants away from his sex, he stands up and pulled his shorts down and with the pants, off. His cock isn't as big as I thought it would be, (a side effect of the meth), but I lean down and start to suck him off, he tastes good; a little pee, some sweat, and other juices. I pull him into my mouth, my lips putting a pressure on his length, and I draw slowly back to the head and lave it with my wet tongue, I move around to the front of him and suck and fuck him with my mouth. He starts to groan, as I take his cock all the way to my throat, and swallow the head of his hardon, and his dick swells to greater girth, and I push it further down my throat, and he cums in a rush, about 8 spurts of his delicious man cream. I pull back and some of his cum coats my tongue and lips, and the last spurt hits me on the chin. I lick myself clean, and then him, taking care to excite him again. We take another couple of hits off the shit, and I start to suck him hard, so he'll get stiff and fuck me in my by now, flaming asshole. It's hungry for his hot hard one, and I can hardly wait. So I pull down my sweat pants, and bend over in front of him and I sit down on his nice, slender, 8 " hard man meat. I start very slow, since the condom I made him wear was not lubed, so I turned around and gave him some spit, and I spied a can of Bag Balm, and I greased my ass w that. It worked great. I slid him in to me slowly, so I could get used to his size in my ass. I'm not a virgin, but I am careful. Besides, slow is the best way, I felt every inch of his cock sliding into my bung, and It was uncomfortable at first, but I started raising and lowering my ass to his lap, and pretty soon I was an my way to an internal climax. My rod got hard, even with him in me, and I was feeling great. I pulled my sweats the rest of the way off. and without disengaging, I turned, swung a leg over, and was now facing him, I kept bouncing up and down on the best thing that's happened to me in a while, pretty soon he said "I'm cumming, ohhh, i'm cccuuuuummmminnnnggggg!!!!!!!!!, as I felt his cock swell and explode in my ass, I did the same thing but my cock sprayed cum all over both our fronts. His cock was starting to slip out my ass, so I stood up, and felt my ass with my fingers. It was starting to close, but I finger fucked myself until I had a load of his cum on my fingers, and then licked them clean. Boy am I high or what? And I'm not done with his cock. The end of Chapter 1

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