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Ruths big night part 2

Ruths big night part 2

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After having Bob fuck her as she jerked off the Drunk on the bench, Ruth had been wondering what Bob meant when he told her he had more fun in mind for the night and as he turned the car into the car park she was still no wiser. She was trying to figure out where this car park was and where they were going when he turned the engine off and leaned over to her and kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth and swirling it around her own tongue. "Come on." He said then turned on the interior light of the car, and got out and into the back seat. "Come here and join me."

She eagerly climbed into the back of the car expecting Bob to fuck her in a hurry as he usually did when they had sex in the car. They kissed and he lifted her dress up and pulled it over her head so that she was naked with him. He began to stroke her nipples with one hand and, as she lowered her head towards his cock, he began to stroke along the crack of her ass with his other hand to send hot shivers all down her spine. She was ready for the taste of his cock now and she undid his pants and released it from his shorts. It was almost hard already – but not quite and she set about changing that by taking it deep into her mouth. She swished the saliva around in her mouth bathing the head of his cock and it soon became the hard, thick rod she loved so much.

Now his hand had moved from her ass crack and was probing around her pussy lips and stroking the bud of her clit. She thrust backwards to meet him and engulfed his fingers in her pussy, squirming around on them in excitement. "Are you ready for the fun I promised?" he asked and she nodded and murmured agreement. "Good", he said, "Because I would hate to offer such a star of a show who then disappoints her fan club." She wondered, "What the hell’s he talking about now?" When he said, "Sit up and smile for your audience."

With his cock still in her mouth she opened her eyes and glanced up at him and then she saw another face behind his peering through the window. She leapt up in surprise and he just laughed. "Jesus," she said, "There’s someone outside watching us." "Of course there is." He replied, "That’s what we are here for. Look around you and you will see the treat I promised."

She looked again past his face and instead of one man standing outside looking in, she could see another grinning face and when she looked behind her through the other side she could see more faces looking in at them. She must have seemed startled when Bob said, "It’s OK, they aren’t here to hurt you or anything, they like to watch couples having sex with the off chance that they might get an invite to join in." As he was saying this he had begun to stroke her pussy again and she could feel him pushing her lips open with two fingers as he slid his middle finger back inside her. "Oh yeah!" she heard from outside the car and realised that her gaping pussy was in full view of the men standing behind her. She was still a bit surprised but the idea of being shown off to these strangers really turned her on more and she knew this was going to be different and even more exciting than what she had done with the semi conscious drunk earlier.

She remained crouched on all fours in the back seat of the car, with Bob’s cock in her hand as she milked it slowly and steadily and stared back at the two faces behind his head. She stared them out as she stuck her tongue into the eye at the end of his cock and cleaned the precum from the hole. She could see their arms moving and knew they were wanking at the sight of her stroking Bob’s cock. Glancing back over her shoulder she saw the men behind her were also jerking off at the sight of her spread pussy lips with Bob’s fingers sliding in and out and she knew those lips would be glistening with her juices in the moonlight.

Then Bob reached between the front seats to the centre consul and pushed the button to open the window behind her. The cool air flowed over her ass and pussy and felt terrific and now she could hear the sound of the men outside jerking off and began to cum with an explosive fury at the thought of all this.

"Me, centre stage in a free porn show," she thought "with Bob’s lovely hard cock in my hand and at least four others outside the car being stroked by guys imagining fucking me." "I think I’ll get some help." Bob whispered and he moved his hand away from her pussy and dipped his fingers into her eager mouth. Out of the corner of her eye she saw him beckoning with his other hand and a voice asked, "Is it OK?" and he nodded. She then felt a finger, cold from the outside air, slide along her pussy lips and then into her and the thought of this stranger finger fucking her brought another crashing orgasm.

"Fuckin’ ‘ell" he said, "You want to feel her cunt twitching already and she’s pouring cum out over my hand and nearly crushing my fucking fingers!" "Give us a go," another voice said and a second hand joined in stroking her pussy and thrusting his fingers into her alongside his friends.

"I think you’re ready now to make the most of this show." Bob said, "So how about you get your hands and mouth around some of these cocks here and lets see how much cum you can take."

By now she was so carried away with the excitement of the idea of having sex with these strangers whilst Bob watched that she hardly gave a second thought to what was happening as Bob leaned over and opened the door behind her. "She’s all yours" he said to the men outside but she knew by now they already had that idea in their minds. She sat up and began to turn around and Bob helped her swivel round in the seat so that she was sitting perched on the edge with her feet on the ground outside the car. As she looked up she could see three men in front of her and realised that two of them must have had their fingers inside her already. They were all jerking on their hard cocks and were quickly joined by the other two from the other side of the car.

"Mmmm, now where do I start?" she giggled, reaching for the nearest cock which was not too long but lovely and thick with a bulbous plum head. "This will do just nicely," she said as she gently pulled him forward by his cock and licked the tip with slow sensuous circles and looked up staring into is eyes. She decided she would just tease him for a while before sucking the spunk from him but he had other ideas and couldn’t hold off any longer. She could tell as he tensed his legs that he was about to cum and she pulled his cock from her mouth, jerking it furiously. She soon felt the surge of his spunk shooting along and watched, enthralled as ever, as a thick wad of cum flew from the end. She had expected it to shoot into her mouth and was eager for the taste but it was so thick it dropped short onto her chin and was quickly followed by other similar globs which began to slide down her cleavage and onto her tits. She could tell by the reaction of the others what effect this sight had on them and the first man was pushed out of the way and another cock prodded her lips to take over. This was a similar length but a lot thinner but she couldn’t care less now as all she wanted was the feel of cocks and cum, whatever size or shape.

Another man slid on the inside of the door panel and took her hand to wrap it around his cock. He must have thought he was going to get third go and wanted her to keep him ready! That suited her fine and she rubbed this rod with long firm strokes of her right hand as she fondled the balls of the cock in her mouth with her left.

As she was lost in this world of excitement she heard a grunt from her left and felt the hot splash of someone else’s cum hit the side of her face and shoulder and she glanced sideways without missing a stroke or a suck on the two she was already dealing with. There, to the side, was a beautiful rigid black cock shooting long thin streams of cum as its owner continued wanking away. He must have guessed what she was thinking as he grinned, "Don’t worry little lady, I’m just getting warmed up. There’s more where that came from and if you and your man don’t mind I want to fuck your pussy later!"

She’d not thought about fully fucking any of these guys, just tossing them off or giving a few blow jobs but before she’d chance to figure out what to say, Bob beat her to it. "Why not? I’d love to see that big black cock of yours sliding into her cunt and if you do her good then she might let some of the others fuck her as well."

"Christ", she thought, "what the hell has Bob got in mind here? First he gets me to jerk off an old drunk tramp. Then he puts me on show to these strangers and has me sucking and stroking cocks, which I thought was really exciting and turned me on all the more. But now he’s talking of offering me to all of these men. "Hey" she said, pausing long enough to take the cock from her mouth, "What the hell are you doing telling these guys they can fuck me? Don’t I have any say in this?" "Sure you do baby, anytime you want to stop you just say so." She accepted that he knew that was not going to be an option as once she got this hot, she was going to just keep on going and enjoy the whole rush.

She was still bobbing her head on the cock on her left and stroking the one on her right. The guy she was sucking was holding back and trying to prolong her blow job as long as he could. He just kept saying, "Oh yea, oh yea, suck it girl, lick my cock." Ruth began to think "He shouldn’t be hogging all of my attention, I’ll make you cum soon you greedy bastard." And with that she pulled him out of her mouth and flicked the end of his cock with her tongue whilst staring him straight in the eyes. "Are you gonna cum for me buddy?" she asked, "Do you want to shoot your spunk all over her face? Or do you want to cum in my mouth and watch me swallow it all? Maybe you just like to watch and can’t cum?" she teased and then switched to the cock on her right and slowly slid her mouth over the tip and along the shaft.

That did the trick and she now could tell by his breathing that she had him but she could also tell that the new cock she was sucking was also about to cum. Almost together she felt both cocks spasm as the cum began to travel along their lengths. She held them both in front of her face and jerked them in unison. She tilted her head upwards and stuck out her tongue, flicking to first one then the other as they shot their loads. Left then right then left and right again they spurted their jizz into the air. The one on the right just grunted and pulled her hair so that her head was turned more to his cock than the other whilst the one on the left, who she had teased into cuming, just kept calling out "Fuck, yeah, fuck me, oh fuck yea!" as he squirted his spunk onto her face and she licked from side to side to get a taste from them both.

Bob now eased her out of the car seat and she leaned back against the hood as he raised her left leg slightly and placed her foot onto the bumper. Her pussy was fully exposed again and she could tell by the intensity of the cold air that it was dripping with her juices. Bob pinched the flaps of her pussy lips between the thumb and finger of both his hands and spread them apart. "Who wants a taste of this?" He asked, and without answering a head buried itself into her gaping pussy and a tongue began lapping her spread lips and clit.

She yelped like a dog and came instantly again as he stuck his tongue deep up into her and it felt like she was clenching his tongue with her pussy muscles. She was still moaning as orgasm followed orgasm then Bob lifted her legs high into the air and ordered her to hold them open. She took hold of each thigh and held her legs in the air, spreading her pussy apart for all to see. Another mouth clamped over her pussy lips and another tongue began to lick along her clit and her lips and then up along to her ass hole where it dribbled spittle onto the sphincter. Then she felt a finger sliding around the rim in the lubricant of spit. As he continued to lick and suck on her clit, he began to stroke the tip of his thumb slowly across her ass hole. He played his thumb across the puckered hole and gently stroked it to life. She could feel the hole ‘gasping’ as it twitched to this new attention and then very slowly he slid his thumb into her and turned and flexed it inside her ass as he continued sucking her clit. She came again and was gushing pussy juice all over his face by now.

He raised himself and took his thumb out and replaced it with his cock. This time he wasn’t so slow and he just sank it into her up to the hilt and began to sodomise her with quick long thrusts. She could feel his balls slapping into her with each stab of his cock and she could tell from the grunts he was making that he wouldn’t hold off long. Then he gripped her hips and gave one hard ferocious thrust and buried his cock deep into her and she felt his spunk spurting and spurting deep inside her bowels. He began to slowly slide his spent cock in and out of her and she could feel it was now beginning to shrink when it slipped out with a soft ‘plop’ and his cum began to ooze out of her hole.

He was nudged out of the way and a voice said, "Now little lady, I said I was going to fuck your pussy and I guess it’s time." She looked down and there was the black guy who had shot his load into her face earlier. He was looking straight into her eyes and she returned his stare as she felt the first nudge of his cock head as he stroked it against her gaping pussy. He didn’t take his eyes off hers as he began to slide into her a fraction of an inch at a time, making it take as long as possible. He didn’t pause but just kept this rigid slow penetration going until he was buried in her and she felt his balls push against her ass. Now that he was fully in her he just held his cock buried there and made it pulse. She could feel his tip throb against her cervix as it stroked the opening there with each of these pulses. Then he very slowly pulled out right to the end so that her pussy lips were open again for all to see deep into her. She could feel the cool air rush inside her cunt and it felt so good and then he sank back into her, a little faster this time and began to fuck her with long slow strokes.

She didn’t know how big his cock was and she didn’t care right then as the feelings he was giving her were fantastic. His cock was like an iron bar as it slid in and out of her and she felt herself cuming again and again and each time she did he grinned and said, "Oh yeah, that’s it lady let me feel you cum on me." After what seemed like hours but was probably only a few minutes he grasped her hips and said, "Are you ready lady? Do you want some black nigger cum?" "Yes", she said, "I want to feel your black nigger cum shoot for me!" "Where do you want it lady?" he asked, "Do you want me to shoot my cum into you or do you want to suck this dick and swallow my cum?" "Just fucking cum into my cunt!" she yelled, "Make me cum again as you shoot your load into me!" and then she felt him tense and he began to squirt his thick wads of spunk deep into her and she came again as she felt him throbbing inside her.

He slowly withdrew his cock and she could feel his cum flowing out to follow his cock as she pushed it from inside. "Oh yea," he said, "that’s one beautiful cream pie you’re showing us lady." And she heard other grunts of agreement from the rest of the men. "How do you like black dick?" he asked. She slid down to her knees in front of him and took his cock into her mouth, lapping the last drips of his cum from him and tasting her own cunt juice with it and she looked up at him and said, "I like black dick just fine, if it’s all as good as yours!"

By now she was exhausted and could hardly stand her legs were trembling so much. This was her first time dogging but she knew she would make sure it wasn’t her last. The men were now drifting away and calling thanks for sucking them off and for fucking them and for giving such a good show. "Well baby," Bob said as he helped her back into the car, "You really excelled yourself tonight. I knew you would be into this if you had the chance but I didn’t think you’d get so much into it on your first time."

"Maybe it was the drink from earlier, or maybe you just got me in the right mood." she giggled. "Oh, you are always in the right mood," he said as he started the drive home. He reached across and cupped the back of her head and guided her down to his lap. "Watching you have so much fun I almost forgot to let you suck me off as well," he said. "No need to worry about that," she replied, "this will be a perfect way to end a perfect night out!" and she unzipped his pants and closed her mouth over his waiting cock.

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