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There was a gal I met outside the apartment one day when I was washing my '67 Mustang. This big-boned girl with a reasonably good figure, and kind of sandy blonde hair came over and started a conversation about the car and seemed awfully friendly. She pointed to her apartment just across the street. We talked a while, I probably should have put the move on her right then, but I was a little shy and not so experienced at the time.

A few days later, I guess I was horny or something, I found her number in the book; women used to list their numbers in the book, and she even listed her first name, not just initials. I got the impression she wanted people to be able to find her. We struck a conversation on the phone and I invited her over for a little wine. After some wine and some conversation, we started kissing, heavy kissing, french kissing; and oh yeah, I forgot to mention something: Mandy had a set of tits. She was probably 40D -26-36. She was not gorgeous, just attractive and kind of flirtatious. Pretty soon I had her on the couch and she was on top of me allowing me to get my hands up under her sweater and caressed her bare back. I also found the catch to that bra holding in her major attribute. Strangely enough this is where Mandy drew the line. "I'm keeping a New Years resolution: I'm going to be a good girl this year." That was just my luck; I meet my first nympho and she's just made a resolution to be a good girl; but I didn't really know she was a nympho just yet. She went home shortly thereafter and continued to keep her resolution.

We dated off and on a few times; she would let me go so far and then back off. I was confused. Did she want to get it on, or not? I invited her over on another night and she declined on the basis that she was having friends over that evening. I saw two guys go up to her apartment later on and I couldn't help but notice that their car was still there in the morning. Just friends I guess. We continued to date occasionally and I met her parents who seemed almost eager to pair us up. They took us out to places like the Moose Lodge for dinner on occasion. Mandy had one other thing going for her: rich parents. I started actually contemplating getting serious with this gal. Over time, Mandy even seemed to be getting serious with me. I've got a feeling I was one of the few guys she had dated that her parents approved of, and I don't even know who else she had dated. In retrospect, I think she had serious plans for me and didn't want to give it up too easy for fear I would consider her a whore. I doubt I would have held that against her, but who can say?

After a few weeks of just fooling around, she let me stay the night with her. The first night I was about to climb the wall. I undressed and climbed into that King-Sized bed she had. It took up the whole bedroom; I asked her why she had gotten such a large bed to which she replied, "I need it." Well, she didn't need it that night. She came out of the bedroom in some flannel pajammas and just turned the light off and said now go to sleep. What did she mean "Go To Sleep? What kind of game was this? The next night she let me stay the night again; I almost didn't know what to expect, maybe another put off. This time was different, Mandy came out of the bedroom in a long silk robe, turned the light off and then I heard the faint sound of that robe sliding off her shoulders; when she climbed into bed, I reached over and found one of those big tits that I had been after for so long. She was naked and finally ready to get down to business. I found out what that big bed was for; we fucked all over it, in every position imaginable. It's a good thing I was young then and could recharge quickly. I think we fucked no less than five times that night and once more in the morning.

This was the beginning of something I had always wanted. She was there for me every night and ready for sex every night. She needed it in order to sleep, I guess. She just had a craving for it. Well, so did I, so I guess we got along for a while just on the basis that neither one of us could get enough. Now I assumed that this obsession for sex was not new. She hadn't just now discovered dick and couldn't get enough of me. Then I started hearing rumors. One guy I knew confided in me that when he was in the state college with her, she was known to prowl the campus at night looking to get pounded. Another friend told me that she tended to get kind of crazy over some guy that was dickin' her and she would stalk him. She had been known to sneak into guys apartments in the night and be in bed with him when he woke up. Hell, I'd been having trouble getting girls to give me the time of day. I was ready to be stalked, raped, tattooed or whatever.

We continued to date even more seriously. Occasionally she hinted around about marriage, but I was a little hesitant. I wasn't making much money for one thing, but she had a job too and she did have wealthy parents who seemed to be eager to pair her up with someone they approved of. I think they knew of her obsession for sex and were worried about her well-being. Her older sister was married and had two kids already and Mandy couldn't get anything lasting going with anyone.

The sex continued, some nights were just amazing. We fucked in all positions, the only thing I couldn't interest her in was anal. If I had persisted, I'll bet she would have tried it. Any night I wasn't interested in sex, after a hard day at work or work-related stress, Mandy would reach over and grab ahold of my dick. "USE IT OR LOSE IT". I don't know how many times I heard that. It must have turned me on because I usually just rolled over on her and gave her the fucking she wanted. We experimented with things I had never done, showering together. I soaped her up good and ran my hands through the soap suds all over her body. When we dried off, I got her up on the big vanity, parted her legs and shoved it in her right there, then again in the bed. I always woke up horny in those days, so we always had a session in the morning. She finally confided that she wasn't too crazy about mornings, but she was willing. That just meant she expected it that much more that night as a return favor. One night there was a violent thunderstorm. We were fucking as usual and the thunder and lightning just intensified the storm we were having in that king-size bed. I had her on her back with her legs up in the air pounding her for all I was worth.

One time, she thought she might be pregnant since she was late on her period, but she eventally started her flow so we knew she was alright. After that, she got on the pill, since nothing could slow down our intense sex life.

Then I started noticing odd things. One evening I went to the mail box and found my phone bill was already opened. No big deal, I thought, so what? Mandy had gotten into my phone bill to see if I was calling anyone else. She found the other gal I was dating in the next state. I was young and I thought it was cool to have them all over. And anyway all I ever seemed to manage was two at a time. The other one I was considering marrying and eventually did marry her. Mandy started stalking the other girl in order to scare her off. The way our eventual marriage turned out, I wish she had scared the girl off. Then Mandy started getting jealous and demanded to know what I was doing all the time. I guess that's a bad sign, but the sex was still good and I kept pounding away at that pussy, getting my dick sucked. It wasn't all that bad.

The last straw came when I went to work one morning, and as I left my apartment, I noticed one of my best friends car sitting in front of her apartment. His '62 Pontiac stuck out like a sore thumb. That fuck'n slut would fuck anybody, anytime, anywhere. I finally forgave the friend, he had the sexual discretion of a brahma bull. When I questioned him about it, he admitted he slept with her, but he vowed he wouldn't do it again. "That is the biggest sloppiest pussy I've had in a while. You surely don't eat her do you, it's nasty." Well I hadn't admitted it, but I never had been able to have oral sex with her, and I had always thought her pussy was a little on the large end of the scale.

After I stopped seeing her she joined a church and got involved in the youth activities. She was still trolling for dick. She even joined the volleyball team. Now picture those 40D tits on a volleyball court. Everything she did had sex behind it. She got religion, then she got something else that changed her life forever. She met a guy on the volleyball team that had something new. Friends that had been in school with him and in the lockerroom said that he was known to have a l0" cock with the circumference of a soda can. Her life changed forever. No more wasting time on 6" cocks or the guys who carried them.

So that this story doesn't drag on any longer, I'll get to the end of it. I was never able to fool with her anymore after she fucked my buddy. And furthermore, her pussy was lousy and it stank. She was the worst sex I ever had. You're supposed to ask:



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