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Fucking Ryan's Mother

Fucking Ryan's Mother

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Yes we 3 shared a very large suite for a room with bathroom attached for only 3 of us while the other dorm residents used the community bathrooms. Being the floor in charge of this facility, a very large room was given to Ryan, but it was not for him alone but 3 of us had to be in this room together. I had many girls as my friends but none of them ever would let me fuck them. The most pretty of them all, Angelica was the younger sister of one of my friend, Frank. Angie had a wonderful smile and beautiful pouty lips, made for kissing and sucking. I was in love with every creature on two legs with a pussy attached at the top where legs were joining the body. It included my Geometry teacher with extra-large tits. She loved to wear tight sweaters to show off these huge balloons.

Even with the great ability to fall in love with each pussy toting girl, my sex life was still within my own hands and my big cock. None of the girls gave me a second look, although my big cock was famous, as talked by those, who had seen it.

I did not know the reasons but everybody knew, Ryan was also virgin and we both sympathized about being virgins in spite of all the marvelous girls around us. Johnson always boasted to have fucked every other girl on campus and he always told me and Ryan that we were trying very hard. The trick was in the technique. What a stupid talk, I always thought because every technique I tried, the girls always thought that I was after only one thing and although they were right, it was driving me crazy and I had no choice but to satisfy my urges by imagining all the sisters of my friends and the young teachers around me.

My fantasies were ranging of full ruse but it always ended with myself being on top of these girls, screwing them unlimited in a panic. Lately came to be in my list was Ryan’s mother, Mrs. Lind. She was about 40 and we met when Ryan took me with him to his home visit during a week off at college. She was so motherly about our studies, sports activities and the girls as well. She was always offering the words of encouragement with a great smile. I always liked to gaze at her when she was not looking because she looked so modest and sexy in the skirt and blouse. Having birthed couple of kids had not changed her figure much at all. She did not have larger breasts but whatever she had was full, nicely curved and stood firm but her legs were very slim and sexy. I am sure, Ryan also knew that his mother got a lot of looks by men when they were out. It was very difficult but I used some very soft words when I told him that his mother was very good looking, having a very well-kept, beautiful body. Knowing my desires, Ryan only warned me politely that I was talking about his mother.

One afternoon, Bryan and I were hanging out. We came back home and it seemed there was nobody home. We walked into the kitchen, poured ourselves something cold to drink and went upstairs to Ryan’s room. We played some videogames for a while. As it happened, Ryan got bored and wanted to have a nap or something. I stood up, thinking to go to my room. I happened to look out the window of Ryan’s room down in the backyard. "Oh God! No". Just got spilled out of my mouth alerting Ryan, as I saw his mom stretched out on a beach towel, soaking the sun. Her bikini strings were open but it was on, instead her bikini top was off her and laying on her side as she was getting a tan on all over her back. In the next second, she got up on her elbows, looked around for nobody being there, she quickly flipped on her back showing her very nice and shapely breasts.

Ryan looked at me quizzically and stood up quickly, looking out the window. I thought, he stopped breathing. We were both speechless, knowing that we had seen a near naked woman in the backyard. Both being scared of getting caught to peep at his mom, we silently made our way downstairs and out the house. Walking around the block, we both generalized of having done no wrong. Ryan made me promise that I shall never tell anyone what we saw. He was not only embarrassed but also proud that I had called her mom beautiful earlier. I cannot say, it was wrong or right but that night, before sleeping I masturbated thinking of Ryan’s mom being naked on my side in my bed.

This subject never came back and after a week, we left for college. The college year went on as we struggled with our studies and got struck out by the girls, staying unlucky to score. I never talked of what we saw in Ryan’s backyard but now she was my true fantasy. We visited Ryan’s home on weekends and on some days off and I always was looking for a chance to see her in a new light. My eyes always stared at her beautiful body and I am sure, she also knew it but never said anything about it. I was never lucky to see her in the same, naked or semi naked position as that one special afternoon.

Then came the time for a break of few days before our exams and Ryan was kind enough to take me with him to his home as he knew, I could not afford to go to my home over 500 miles away. It was the 2nd or 3rd day when Ryan told me that he had planned to go out for canoeing and fishing trip with his dad and asked me if I wanted to go. I did not know swimming and had no interest to go for an outing in water and gave him an option, he could not refuse. I told him that I would rather go visit the town library and search the article we were struggling for couple of days and gather some notes for both of us. Ryan and his dad left and said they shall be back by late evening and should not be awaited for dinner. Soon after I also left.

I came back by noon time and as nobody answered the door bell, finding the door unlocked, I walked upstairs to Ryan’s room. I glanced down in the backyard and saw the exact same scene repeated. Mrs. Lind was laying on her back in the back yard getting her body tanned but this time her eyes were wide open and she was looking towards the window in Ryan’s room to see me there. She screamed, grabbed her towel, pulled it over her naked boobs and ran inside the house. We almost ran into each other at the bottom of the stairs as I tried to escape out.

"Jimmy", she almost yelled at me. "I thought, you were a good kid but you were peeping at me with malice". She roared at me and threatened to call my parents for punishment. Looking at me, she rolled her eyes and asked me to go sit in the living room. I obeyed, sitting on the sofa, thinking of million excuses to tell my parents. She came into the living room, wearing a pair of shorts and blouse, looking a bit calm as she sat across from me on the chair and asked me, if I had anything to say. I know, a 19 year old, got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, I offered my apology saying, I did not mean to do it. I only looked out the window, not knowing if anybody was there. I begged her not to tell my parents because I did not do it with malice or intentionally.

"James, I guess you are right. I am sure, you did not intend to look at a woman of my age while you have a flock a pretty girls of your age, meandering around you at college". She promised not to tell my parents and keep it as our secret but made me promise never to peep. Looking happy, I smiled as I looked at her and told her once again that I was not peeping and shall never do it. I told her that I knew to look away but it was the first time ever and I had never seen a girl in flesh ever before. Mrs. Lind was surprised to hear that I had never seen a naked girl. "Bryan told me that you were going steady with Rose". She said as if she caught me telling a lie. "No, it is not true, I dated Rose for couple of times but she was not serious". I told her. She looked very puzzled and I am sure, some very special thoughts crossed her mind and then she suddenly said, "OK", with a very wicked smile and asked if I enjoyed, looking at her. I told her that I sure did, she was so beautiful and real. She immediately had a complaint against her husband and I could not figure out, what to say or what she meant. To me she was very pretty, sexy, suggestive and stimulating plus a lot more, I told her.

There was an awkward silence and then she asked me, if I could keep a secret. Having no idea what; I nodded and even spoke loud saying, "Of course, I would". She stood up from the chair, went to the front door to lock it up and as she came down to living room again, she asked me to close my eyes. I did and soon when she told me to open them, I was looking at her bare breasts. She asked me if this was, what I wanted to see in a very rough, croaky voice. I simply could not talk because my throat was getting dry and nodded big. She held her boobs in her hands and told me they were very sensitive and should never be gripped but only groped, rather caressed with soft hands. I could not believe, they were so beautiful and reached out to hold them but she pulled back and told me, "No, young man, no touching the delicate flesh". I realized, I was about to drool, her breasts looked so beautiful.

After a while, she started to put her top back on and I am sure, she saw my displeasure in my eyes. Exactly then, she looked in my lap and shouted, "Is that for me, I guess you have liked what you saw". I realized that I had a huge tent in my jeans. "If I have caused this problem, I must do something to fix it also". She said and suddenly sat down between my legs. Now she was caressing my cock through the fabric, almost making me to spill my load. She quickly realized the effect of her hands because she whispered for me to lower my jeans and the underwear. I did as she asked to show her my solid steel made cock standing tall like a flag pole. She looked at the huge pulsing dick with mesmerized looks and told me that I had a very nice cock to make every girl happy in the college.

Now, once again, she asked me to close my eyes but feeling some flesh around my solid cock, I opened up quick. Her head and hair were not letting me see exactly but I could tell, she had removed her top and placed her breasts around my sex muscle. I began rocking against the fleshy mounds while she rubbed them hard and fast too on my dick. In no time, I started spurting a series of ropes of my man juice from my cock hole. It felt amazing as I rocked against my sticky cream. Soon as I was totally drained, she pulled away giving me another look at her cum glazed beautiful breasts. Aahhh man! What a joy, I thought to myself as she rubbed my sperm all over her boobs and nipples too. Now she told me to button up. I did feeling a bit embarrassed but sexually satisfied of course. She got up and left the room to go upstairs and quickly returned again, fully clothed.

"Now Jimmy, remember, this is our little secret", she said in a very commanding tone. "Soon you will be dating the girls, who will be taking care of this very nice cock you have. I want you to promise, not to hurt the girls with your cock. I laughed a little to hear what she was saying. "I promise Mrs. Lind, I shall never hurt any girl. I never could imagine, this would be so good with a woman".

"You are really a sweet kid". She complimented me, looking at my jeans once again. "What is going on in there"? She pointed towards my crotch and I realized that just after minutes of discharging and feeling satisfied, my cock was hard like a rock once again. I put my hand over it but that made my cock even harder and jump with a rage. I heard her say, "What am I going to do with you"! She had a naughty tone, I could hear. "I do not believe this". She had a strange look on her face as she took a long look at my cock throbbing hard in my jeans. "Remember, this has to remain between us and you will not tell anybody or brag about it". She had a tone of a dictator and I could only mutter, "No ma’am. Never".

She quickly sat on the sofa besides me and announced, "I cannot control myself; some demon had taken over me". With that she swiftly removed her shorts and then unzipped my jeans also with the underwear as well, unveiling my phat cock. She stood up and I could see her pussy, graced with trimmed hair and very wet with the sticky liquid flowing out of her. She knelt in front of me, bent her head to kiss the top knob of my cock. I thought, I was ready to splash my brew in her mouth and then she grabbed the serpent by the thick base with a tight grip and also caressed my both balls. This caused the urge to subside but the sight of her open mouth going down on my cock got etched in my brain to remain forever. After, couple of minutes, she asked me if I had a condom. She looked unhappy as I told her that I did not and told me that I should learn to keep at least one condom in my pocket for an emergency use and then knowing that I might start jerking, she asked me to keep my fists closed until she came back and she walked towards the stairs. She was back soon with a condom in her hand. She ripped the sheath and announced to show me the correct way to use it. She made me hold my bamboo and unrolled it on my manhood with a precision. My cock stood tall and strong and now she moved back and lay herself down on the carpet of the living room.

She did not signal me or say anything. I simply moved and looked at her beautiful naked body, particularly at her naked wet pussy, held my weapon and knelt between her legs, bending my body over her. She held my cock and led it to her silky opening. Sliding it up and down against her damp cunt, she moaned a little as the cock helmet sipped inside her. The warmth inside felt incredible to me as I dug deeper into her. She arched up against me as I started pushing back into her. We had started fucking in earnest. With her hands on my butt cheeks, she pulled me deep in her warm wetness as I could feel myself knocking on her cervix. She would pull me in and then let me pull back creating a rocking rhythm in her pussy. Although I had cum, hardly a few minutes ago but I could contain the joy of the pussy fucking for much longer and felt the lava boiling in my balls and getting ready to escape. I could not differentiate if she was fucking my cock or I was fuckin her pussy and I heard, "Yes, yes, yeses". She had sensed that I was close to climax and started demanding to give it to her, all of it. Her face was contouring but I was almost sure, it was because of the pleasure and not the pain and then she yelped, "I am Cumming"!! With that I could only say, "Me too" and filled up the condom with the fresh brew of my balls. Oh my God! I could not believe, I had successfully fucked the mother of my roommate and a friend.

She showed me to remove the condom off the limping cock. Over the years, I was lucky to have fucked about a dozen or so women but the unbelievable joy of fucking Mrs. Lind never left me. We had truly made love that afternoon instead of fucking, I mostly did later on. Bryan never found out that Megan, who we fucked together in the dorm room was not the first fuck for me, as he thought but it was his own mom instead to get her pussy wrapped around my pole and suck me too. I never got a chance to fuck Mrs. Lind again but we did meet couple of times and was glad to know that something had rekindled her sex life with her husband but she confessed that her husband was not 19 years old anymore.

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