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Mr. Master

Mr. Master

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Master Colby needed structure; He needed guidance. Colby was just entering adulthood, wishing to leave his reckless teen years behind him but he didn’t know how. He yearned for the discipline his parents neglected to provide.

Colby moved to a new town to escape his past and meet new people, make a new life. He also began to search online for character workers; people who help to mold his adult life. He scanned through the sights. They all seemed too cheery and fake; until his eyes caught the peculiar title. " Master; mind body soul" He clicked and filled out the vague "yes, no" answers and gave examples of things he wished to work on for his future, added on his name and number but no address being that he was still living in a hotel, and sent it off.

Not many hours later, while cleaning his laundry, Colby got a phone call. "Mr. Colby? My name is Patricia, I’m calling from Mr. Masters place of business. We request your presence immediately; today you will move in so collect your things; be thorough, but swift as I should think you’ll want to make a good impression. I will pick you up on the corner of fourth and Madison; meet me in twenty minutes." Then the phone went quiet. Nearly jumping Colby grabbed his things from the dryer even though they were still wet, and ran back to his hotel. Only 2 blocks between the hotel and washers but Colby was already sweating. He ran to his room and threw his things back into his suit cases, strolled through the lobby and checked out, then walked to the next block and waited on the corner for Patricia.

"Great; who do I look for?" Colby thought. Just then I saw a woman in a short red dress with her pale pink breasts nearly tumbling out of the top. She strode to Colby and declared herself, "you must be Colby; I am Patricia. Please be quick with your bags, if we’re late we’ll both be in trouble." He threw his bags into the back of the expedition she drove and climbed in. "trouble, you say? That’s exactly what I was trying to get away from." Colby mentioned, frowning.

Colby drug his bags inside the large building following Patricia. The building looked more like a home than an institution; he liked that. Before he could take in the whole scene he found himself in a small office seated on the opposite side of a brown desk where another woman in a tight red dress, also well endowed. She slid a few legal papers in front of Colby pointing to where he was to sign, initial, and print. Before the two left the office she stood in front of him. "You have now signed yourself in to Mr. Master’s Character adjustment. You now belong to him, mind, body, and soul. Just like any other clinic you will not be permitted to leave until Mr. Master signs your release form."

The hair on his neck stood as the words cycled through his head. Colby’s train of thought was cut short because before he knew it he was shoved into a smaller room than the office he was just in, furnished with a twin sized bed with generic blankets and pillow cases, a small light next to the bed and no windows. "Honey, I’m home" called Colby, his voice thick with sarcasm. He sat down on his bed and pick up the paper he hadn’t seen until just now. It read, "Shower, Shave your entire body, and be ready for our first meeting by six." Colby glanced at the plain clock on the wall and noted that he had just over an hour to get ready. With that he skipped un packing and went straight to the shower; he did the best he could to shave completely, but skipped a lot when it came to his package. "they’ll never know" he thought allowed. He stood in front of the door nervously waiting. A man arrived in a suit, a well fitted suit at that. He nodded at Colby and continued walking but made a small motion for him to follow. The man led Colby down a long hallway and opened the last door on the right. Colby entered the room and froze as the man closed the door behind him. There was a metal table in the center of the room with a lot of straps; it looked menacing. "sit" was all the man said. Colby obediently sat with perfect posture while his eyes took in the room, cabinets lined the walls.

Colby sat still as the man inspected him, circling the table before he leaned against the wall, pen and pad in hand and began to ask Colby questions about his childhood and up bringing. "Were your parents strict? Did your father have a firm hand?" Colby smile and said "no". "Does that please you?" "no sir, my parents being so lax allowed me to waste my teenage years and make terrible choices. No child wants to be under someone’s thumb, but I really could have used some.. direction." The man simply wrote on his pad, clicked his pen closed and sat his things to the side.

He stood silently unmoving in front of Colby but then slapped Colby’s left check hard, bringing a red print to his face immediately. Colby pulled back to stare at the man’s sneer. "My name is Master, Colby. You’ll do well to remember that. You’re on my time now, you are mine. You signed up for this, and I will mold your life, change your life. I know right now you must hate me; but you will learn to love me; and love how I make you feel."

He paused waiting for Colby’s jaw to close, but it didn’t. "time for your first exam, strip." Colby had never been struck before and naturally, he feared Master. Colby stripped with shaky hands, first his shirt, then shoes, pants and boxers, and socks. "hm. It appears you’ve neglected your first command. Lay down on this table here, stomach down." Colby turned slowly and mounted the table. Master spanked his ass and shouted, "you will thank me for every word I give you! Say it!" "thank you" Master spanked Colby’s ass cheeks, ten times each before he walked to colby’s head and strapped his arms down. "Colby. You’re not getting the point, you will thank your MASTER, for everything, without fail or your will be punished." "thank you, Master". "Good boy. Now tell me about your sexual history." Master said as he worked his way to Colby’s face.

"uh..yes master. That will be a short story: I don’t have a sexual history. I’ve never fucked anyone. Never even gotten head. I started jacking off at about twelve I guess.. That’s it." "Hmm. Intriguing. So you like to pleasure you’re self, but no one else." "hey! I didn’t fucking say that!"

WHACK WHACK WHACK! Three strong slaps land on Colby’s lower back, right in the meat of his back. "you will learn to pleasure me, and until I am satisfied with you, you will remain under my strict tutelage. Is that understood, my pet?" "yes Master, Thank you Master" Colby was then instructed to kneel on the floor, he was then blind folded. Mr. Master undid his pants and freed his hard member; Leading wayward youth always did excite him. Everything in a young man’s life rotated around sex and if his sexual tensions were held in, then he was sure to fail with authority. So to first teach him an oral basic. "first you must learn a basic. Open your mouth, and use your scences, touch, taste, and most importantly listen to your partner, listen to me." "Yes master" Colby stated. While his mouth was open Master took his chance and touched the tip of his prick to Colby’s lips. "mmm, yes Pet. Open your mouth." Colby went on to accept Masters penis, not enjoying the taste nor texture, but hearing Master’s praise was comforting and reassuring. "mm, that feels nice, Colby, very well." And Finally before Master came, he began to thrust into his mouth quickly, and only stopping when his head hit Colby’s throat. "You must swallow my gift, pet.Yes, that it." Colby’s gag reflex did nothing to help him swallow the salty, thick mess that was in his mouth. He hated having to swallow it, but he loved master for the nice things he said to him, Colby loved how he felt fulfilled, accomplished. He told Master so.

I could write more, but I’m not really sure where to go from here. With enough feedback, and some ideas maybe. Let me know what you think, please. And as always, thank you for reading.

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