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Rachel heard the last of what her friend had said but didn’t reply immediately. Turning back to a group of five guys on the other side of the lawn. One in particular she was watching intently. His name is Zack, the one guy who really doesn’t give a shit what you think.

"Have you ever noticed that Zack is always a different person entirely when he is with his friends?" Rachel asked hoping that her friends wouldn’t recognize the eagerness in her voice at bringing him up.

She looked to her friends who had remained quiet after her question. Seeing the smirks on their faces Rachel knew that she was busted. Thinking, well now I can do this without reserve, " I like that he doesn’t care much about anything. Well he seems not to care."

"You know, it’s a wonder that he gets invited to these parties, because he isn’t friends with almost everyone here."

Rachel replied "that’s not true. You don’t know this because it was before you moved here but he used to play football. He was a pretty good receiver then the coach’s son was caught with some ganja that he bought from Zack and his football career, at this school, was ruined." Kayla paused looking at the expression on Caroline’s face. "So he’s pretty good buddies with his former team mates."

"What! He sells bud? We have a dealer right here with us and nobody has said anything?" Caroline exclaimed.

"Well it’s no good anyways. If you don’t see him with a small brown backpack then you know he’s not carrying with him. Besides who would bring a large amount of bud with them to a party, which has the potential of being busted and losing his profit."

Rachel looked back over to Zack and saw him making that bowl burning motion to one of his friends, Anthony. Anthony replied by pulling out a sunglasses looking case and threw a thumbs up.

Zack and his friends then proceeded to dump out the dregs of their beers and walk inside the house.

A brilliant plan blossomed in Rachel’s mind. She turned to her friends and said " If you guys open my bottle I’m no longer going to bring any Hard A for you guys." Rachel then turned and ran into the house. Skirting the pong table and around the table where a game of King’s Cup was going on she reached the stairs and ran up two at a time.

Down the hall was the door to the blaze room where she knew that Zack and his friends went. Walking up to the door she paused, a little apprehensive at there being others in the room with them as she tried to seduce him. Then she mentally shook herself and knocked.

"Who is it?" Pausing as he was packing the bowl Zack wasn’t looking forward to having to deal with scavengers trying to butt their way into their circle. Louder this time to be heard over the music on the other side of the door "who is it?"

Zack motioned for Anthony to move from in front of the door and see who it was.

Opening the door a little, Anthony was about to ask who it was when Rachel, a girl from Zack’s psychology class, poked her head in. Looking directly at Zack she said " I think I left my J in here, can I come in and look for it? I’m not trying to barge in on your circle.

Anthony opened the door to allow Rachel inside the already cramped and packed room.

Rachel looked at Zack again and said "you’re sitting where I was earlier." With a smile she brushed her hair over her right ear and moved towards Zack. Without anywhere to move because of the boxes and piles of clothes surrounding him on the bed, Zack just turned his head helping Rachel to look for the joint she left there.

When she finally made her way and stood in front of Zack, Rachel leaned forward over his right shoulder. Peering behind Zack and gently running her hands under the clothes and edges of the boxes she got as close as she could to him. But to her disappointment Zack leaned back keeping the distance between them about half a foot. She also noticed that he averted his gaze away from her clearly visible cleavage, which was the make or break point of her seduction plan.

Zack thought noticing her closeness that this is just another drunk slut’s attempt to get some guy in the sack. So as she leaned even closer still, he moved back and turned his gaze to the opposite side that she was on. Feigning looking for her lost joint he figured that it was nonexistent.

Rachel, seeing that she had to take it a step further to accomplish this, put up her right knee on the bed, right next to Zack’s leg. With the balance of this new position, Rachel moved her hand behind Zack to the other side. This caused Rachel to wrap her arm partially around him.

Feeling the contact of her leg and arm wrapping around himself, Zack turned to Rachel who didn’t meet his gaze but kept ‘searching for her lost joint.’ Zack then turned to look at his friends for an explanation and even an acknowledgement of what was happening and was surprised to see that they were each busying themselves, twiddling their thumbs or pulling at the carpet that they were sitting on.

Rachel then turned her head and somewhat rested it on his shoulder. At this he jerked and looked at Rachel who in turn looked at him.

"Sorry I didn’t mean to I was just…" Trailing off as she noticed that the look in Zack’s eyes turned from annoyance to one she hoped was desire.

Zack, while Rachel was talking, noticed that she had no smell of alcohol on her breath whatsoever, thought she isn’t drunk and looking for a party fuck. She’s a beautiful girl trying hard to seduce me.

Following that thought he looked down to her cleavage which was close enough that he could see the Goosebumps there and… He saw through her ruse and guessed at what she wanted the whole time but as he looked back to her eyes she had turned away.

Before he could reach up and grab the joint that she had tucked neatly away into her bra Rachel went back to searching for her joint and in the process, almost, almost by accident, pressed her firm tits against his upper torso.

Rachel thinking, this isn’t going at all like I planned, turned back to searching for her joint before Zack looked down to her cleavage.

Zack figuring a plan to go along with her seduction leaned in towards her neck and exhaled slowly on her exposed skin and letting her name roll softly from his lips said "Rachel, I think I know what you want."

Rachel turned to him, locking their gaze. She was confused and didn’t know what he meant, thinking that it still wasn’t working.

Zack then reached up and appearing to fumble around but artfully and lightly began tracing his fingers across her chest and then the tops of her tits. Finally sinking in between them he grabbed the joint and held it out for her to see. " Hidden in plain sight, those are the things that are hardest to see… sometimes."

Rachel then mashed her lips against Zack’s and began flicking her tongue in and out of his mouth, while he circled around her tongue. Then he sucked in her bottom lip into his mouth and began to lightly nibble on it.

Rachel gave a small moan and then moving both legs up she straddled Zack’s right leg.

Seeing this and what it was undoubtedly going to turn into the others left the room. Outside Anthony told the ones waiting to enter that Zack and Rachel were still rolling a blunt. To make sure that no one else would come up and discover what these two are going to do, Anthony went up to Megan, the one whose house this is and told her that Zack Rachel were about to get it on in the blaze room. Megan being friends with Rachel and understanding the significance of what Rachel had accomplished announced that the blaze room had been overused and everyone had to take their blaze sessions outside.

Back inside the blaze room. Rachel ripped off her clothes and pulling Zack’s pants down got a look at his cock. Immediately she dropped down and started swirling her tongue around the head and flick her tongue on the sensitive underside.

This cause Zack to grunt and lurch forward with his hips, as this is only his second blowjob. Zack said "holy shit, you’re good at this!" Rachel still swirling her tongue, began to bob her head, then sliding up to where his head was in her mouth she sucked with a perceptible motion of her lips, matching her sucking.

Then Rachel leaned forward and deep throated Zack’s cock. Zack moaning with pleasure said "shit yeah that feels amazing."

Looking up at Zack Rachel began to make guttural sounds and bobbing her head.

Zack feeling these noises on his cock was getting close to blowing his load and said so. "Rachel, babe, I’m about to cum." Hearing this Rachel moved to where the tip was the only thing in her mouth she began to rub the head against the inside of her cheek and using her tongue of the other side of it while stroking his shaft.

At the feeling of theses two surfaces on his head, Zack began to shoot string after string of cum into the back of her throat.

This seemed to last forever, especially with Rachel flicking her tongue over his super sensitive head. Rachel then finally released his now deflating member and said "wow that got me so horny!"

Zack hearing the subdued finality in her voice said "it doesn’t have to end here. A few years ago when I went to France with a collective group of French students, a senior, Jaime, who took my virginity, taught me how to eat pussy."

Rachel’s face lit up and she eagerly hopped up onto the bed and lay back spreading her legs. Zack recalled the "Quick Full Ride" and started out by kissing Rachel’s neck and nibbling lightly, while at the same time grabbed her tits with both hands and alternated between squeezing them and rolling her nipples with his fingers. When he slightly pinched her nipples Rachel let out a low moan, "yes that feels good."

Then he switched to kissing the other side of her neck and nibbling. With his fingers, Zack traced patterns up and down Rachel’s sides.

Rachel feeling the wetness drip from her pussy pushed Zack’s head down toward her crotch. He submitted but stopped at her breasts and sucked on each of them and flicked her nipple with his tongue.

Feeling Rachel’s breath quicken, Zack decided that she had a enough. Zack made a trail of kisses down her belly and when he reached her clit she gasped and squeezed his head with her legs while running her hands through his hair.

Zack grabbed her clit with his teeth and began to saw it with his jaw, only barely putting pressure. Then he suddenly grabbed it with his lips, which were backed by his teeth, and began to suck and tug on it with this combination.

As Rachel began to rock her hips, Zack used his tongue, flicking over and back on her clit. With this addition she pulled his head into her crotch. "Oh… ohh… yeah just like that. O ooh." With her words turning to moans Zack knew she was close and lubricating two fingers on the juices leaking from her slit he slipped them in her tight hole. Simultaneously hooking and rotating his fingers he pumped them in and out.

With the addition of his fingers, Rachel came hard, screaming in passion and arching her back. Her orgasm rushed through and seemed to throb her whole body, this being her shuddering.

Feeling a rush of juices, Zack lowered and began to lap up as much as he could. He was also using his fingers to rub furiously on her clit.

Rachel lay back down on the bed and pulled his hand away saying " I can’t take anymore. It’s just so sensitive."

Zack looked down and saw that he was fully erect again but was deterred by the fact that he didn’t bring a condom with him tonight.

Rachel noticed this and with her chest heaving and shuddering a little said "maybe we should wait a while. I don’t think I could handle another orgasm."

They both got dressed and Rachel still feeling some residual effects of her powerful orgasm turned and kissed Zack before opening the door. Looking outside in the hallway Rachel and Zack saw a group of girls standing there. And there was Anthony attempting to usher them back to the party.

Seeing them Anthony said "finally I can quit my job as bouncer. Megan told everybody to stay away from this room but some people still came up looking to use the blaze room. I got them to leave but when Rachel began shouting and moaning, those girls" pointing towards the group retreating down the stairs and looking back "wouldn’t leave no matter what I told them."

Rachel turned to Zack and said "I’m gonna go in the bathroom and fix up my make up." She gave Zack a quick peck on the cheek and disappeared behind the door.

Zack turned and asked Anthony " is there any beer left?"

"No it was all gone about half an hour ago and I tried saving you a few but Randy drank them. But Taylor had to leave and left your guys’ bottle to you and I made sure nobody got a sip of it."

There was a little pause and Anthony took a deep breath and asked " could you impart some of your knowledge on pleasuring a woman, to me?" He let it hang in the air for a bit then said " it’s not that I am unable to pleasure a woman I just don’t know how to. Judging by the sounds coming from the room you know how."

"Yeah I could but not right now."

"No, yeah I understand". After another brief pause Anthony asked "are you going to go with Rachel, because you know there isn’t another available bed or a private place."

At this point Rachel had come out of the bathroom, "Zack can come with me to Erica’s place." As she said this a devious smile spread across her face.

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