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The Future of Presentations: Top Trends for Communicators

Published at Nov 06, 2015
Top presentation trends for communicators, from Haiku Deck's Chief Inspiration Officer.


The Future of Presentations

Top Trends for Communicators from Haiku Deck
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1. Using high-impact imagery to hold attention

Big, bold visuals

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3. Countering information overload with brevity and clarity

Authentic imagery

5. Not just the data, but the story behind the data

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6. Eliminating Gimmicks

  • Excessive zooming
  • Flying bullets
  • Animated transitions
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7. Creating for the context: Live, online, or print?

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8. Democratization of design -- anyone can create

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9. Audiences demanding more interaction and better content

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10. Presentations as publishing -- all topics; all platforms

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Set Your Story Free

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