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Highlights from the amazing TEDx Seattle, held June 23, 2013 at the Seattle Children's Theater


TEDx Seattle 2013

Published on Nov 06, 2015

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Degrees of impact

Highlights from tedx Seattle
Highlights from the amazing TEDx Seattle, held June 23, 2013 at the Seattle Children's Theater


Degrees of impact

The curators

"I have been looking for magic my whole life, and one of the most

Profound places it shows up is in people." Marnie weber
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"We are now part of a growing global community."

Kartik rishi

"We are creating a space for people to be

The greatest version of themselves." Carly slater
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"This whole thing is about connection."

Barrie Cohen
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Be authentic

Act 1

"How do you want to breathe into your life?"

Dr. Brad Lichtenstein
More about the work of Dr. Brad Lichtenstein, known as "The Breath Guru":

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"If you're trying to capture an audience, start with what they know."

Matt chan, what great storytellers know
Matt Chan observed that the junk drawer everybody keeps helps people understand and relate to the show Hoarders, which he created.

More about Matt Chan and Screaming Flea productions:

(Weirdness + time) x (consistency + authenticity) - bs = normal

Lisa weeks, the economy of the weird
Lisa presented this formula as (W+T) x (C+A) - BS = N

Read more about Lisa in her Geek of the Week profile:
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"Nothing stops you from being anything you want."

Bernhoft? You just have to see it. He performed this song:


"I concentrate more on having the experiences

Than documenting them." Dr. Kelly bloom
Dr. Kelly Bloom mesmerized the audience as she described a spontaneous game of catch she once played with a polar bear. She champions travel as a way to achieve liminality, an in-between state where we can experiment with self and grow.
Photo by NeonMan

"There is a story in each of us that can give you

Perspective, power, perseverance, and poise." Yoli Chisholm
Yoli Chisholm asked the crowd, "Are you a strong tree, or are you a branch waving in the wind?"

More about Yoli here:

"As I gave my fears faces, I had the power to control them."

Kyle Kesterson, fear: foe or friend?
Kyle shared how his discovery of the artwork of Alex Pardee helped him through a dark period and helped him find his own creative voice. You can see life through Kyle's eyes here:

"The starving artist mentality must die."

Dr. Quinton Morris, the age of the artist entrepreneur
Read the full story of the Young Eight, founded by Dr. Quinton Morris, here:
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"That's where the magic happens -

In the insights across domains." John sangiovanni
John posited that the economies of the future will be led by hybrids, and that real innovation is possible when we embrace our "wild card" experiences.
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Expand possible

Act 2

"Imagine every grain of sand, from every beach, blowing around

In a giant sandstorm. That's the Internet." Nick berry
In addition to educating the crowd about the magnitude of a zettabyte of data, he gave practical advice for protecting data in the Internet-sized sandstorm:
1. Don't be predictable.
2. Use distinct passwords.
3. Use dual-form authentication.

"What I thought would be the ultimate limitation turned out to be the

ultimate liberation." Phil Hansen, embrace the shake
In the TEDx tradition of keeping ideas spreading, this previous TED talk was shown via video.


"Take your impossible problem, break it down, and start working on it."

Zac Cohn, parkour and the art of problem solving
Zac demonstrated how solving problems is like learning new parkour moves, and punctuated his talk with an impressive back flip.

Zac's blog here:
Photo by /amf

"Creating art is a conversation between head, heart, and body."

Sara brickman
Sara, Rose, Roma, and Amber from the Seattle Poetry Slam lit up the stage.

Another favorite line: "Sometimes research looks a lot like Facebook."


Photo by nyuudo

"When your internal critic starts to call you a fake,

You're probably about to push into greatness." Roma raye
Photo by Leo Reynolds

"We each carry a story inside us.

And you're the only one who can tell it." Rose mcaleese
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"Please talk about this."

Cheryl stumbo
Cheryl, a victim of the 2006 shooting at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, shared her powerful story of survival.

More about Cheryl and her mission here:

"Learn to be wise. Walk with integrity. Be honest."

Naomi wachira
After Cheryl Stumbo's gripping account, Naomi soothed our hearts with her uplifting music. More here:
Photo by VirtualSound

"Big data is big, but I think we should all demand more."

Dr. Phil Parker, can big data authors end poverty?
Phil Parker described his efforts to harness big data to translate books into obscure languages, among other things. More about his work here:

"I no longer try to be right. I choose to be happy."

Ric Elias
Another powerful talk broadcast via video, "3 Things I Learned While My Plane Was Crashing:"


"We have allowed an entire generation of students to be placed under

An Unfathomable amount of debt." Greg gottesman
Greg, a managing director of Madrona Venture Group, demonstrated that the way in which we finance education in the U.S. is unsustainable. View his slides here:


Reimagine impact

Act 3

"Real scale is absolutely possible and absolutely necessary

If we really want to solve these problems." Eric Stowe
Eric described how killing your startup by eventually handing over the reins is not only desirable but necessary for real change.

More about his organiztion, Splah.org, here:
Photo by nahlinse

"The unforgettable architects find ways to connect

Their buildings to nature." Brian heather
Inspired by a childhood spent largely outdoors, Brian founded Solterra Systems. More about his company and vision here:
Photo by JuanCCamargo

"What is the Prius of food?"

Vicki robin, relational eating
Vicki challenged herself to eat only foods produced within 10 miles of her home for a month. More about her experiment, and her insights, here:

Photo by revrev

"We protect what we fall in love with."

Louie schwartzberg
We watched Louie's talk, featuring his extraordinary time-lapse nature photography, via video.

Here's a link:
Photo by TEDx SF

"At the core of it all, we all want to remember

That we come from the same place." Matika wilbur
More about Matika's epic Project 562, here:
Photo by roswellsgirl

"Every animal, every plant has drugs encoded in their DNA."

Dr. Jim Olson
Dr. Jim Olson is on a mission to give children and their families real hope when faced with brain cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. The talk marked the official launch of his Project Violet:

Photo by Bibin C. Alex

One story can change anything