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Productivity Hacks for Presenters

Published on Nov 06, 2015

10 simple presentation productivity hacks to save time and communicate more effectively, created by Haiku Deck's Chief Inspiration Officer Catherine Carr.


Productivity Hacks for Presenters

from Haiku Deck's Chief Inspiration Officer
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1. clarify your message

before you start creating slides

2. block out all slide text

before you add visuals
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3. make use of creative commons images

for beautiful slide backgrounds
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4. gather your own images

in a dropbox or google drive folder

5. trim down text

to the bare essentials
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6. simplify data

to the most compelling points

7. always have a backup plan

.pptx, .pdf, ipad, laptop
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8. bring your own cords and connectors

with your name on them
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9. include hashtag and twitter handle

at the beginning, middle, and end
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10. copy and modify your slides

to share as a leave-behind or online

use haiku deck

to create polished slides in a fraction of the time
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more presentation tips

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share your productivity hacks

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