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Haiku Deck Blazes Ahead

Published on Nov 06, 2015

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Haiku Deck Blazes Ahead

with powerful new features
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And Announces Instant Presentation Creator Powered by Artificial Intelligence


Beautiful, Visual Presentations now Possible 
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Since its launch in 2012, Haiku Deck has built a passionate global following of highly engaged presentation creators, and the latest features in its core offering address its community’s most frequent requests.

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New Remix feature: Tap into the power of the community and jumpstart creation and collaboration by copying, modifying, and remixing decks flagged as shareable by their authors.

New presentation template gallery: Save sample decks with one click to quickly create common presentations such as a startup pitch, a live speech, or a webinar.

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More than 2 dozen new, professionally designed slide layouts: include a paragraph, showcase a logo, and pair text and images in a variety of creative, flexible formats.

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Custom color matcher: Precisely match slide backgrounds to brand or business colors, or to complement image hues with colorful sidebars.

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Expanded theme collection makes the full set of 20 premium fonts, in either white or black text, free for all users across platforms.

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Haiku Deck is also making its groundbreaking new technology, Haiku Deck Zuru, available for presale.

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Haiku Deck Zuru further builds on the power of the creative community, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to radically streamline presentation creation.

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“When I think about the millions of people around the world who are spending 6, 8, 10 hours on every one of their PowerPoints -- to be able to reduce that from 10 hours to 10 minutes is a big deal. We can save people so much time. And we can prevent so many really awful presentations.” Kevin Leneway, co-founder and CTO, Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck Zuru is made possible by the massive trove of data collected over the past 3 years, as Haiku Deck’s highly engaged global community has performed millions of image searches to create more than 3 million presentations.

“Our goal at Haiku Deck has always been to make it 10 times easier for professionals to create decks that are 10 times more effective, in 1/10th the time. With these new developments and the technology behind Haiku Deck Zuru, we are really delivering on the vision.” Adam Tratt, co-founder and CEO, Haiku Deck

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