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Global Mobile Forecast Stats

Published at Nov 06, 2015
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Cisco VNI Global Mobile Forecast
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The Mobile Network

2013 Report
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Global mobile traffic grew 81%

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Mobile traffic was nearly 18x the size of entire Internet in 2000

Video = 53% of mobile traffic

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Over half a billion mobile devices & connections added

406 million smartphones added

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Mobile connection speeds more than doubled to 1,387 Kbps

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Average smartphone usage grew 50 percent

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22 million wearable devices globally

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Mobile-connected tablets grew 2.2x to 92 million

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149 million laptops on the mobile network

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The Mobile Network

through 2018

Mobile-connected devices will exceed people on Earth in 2014

1.4 mobile devices per capita in 2014

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54% of mobile devices will be smart devices by 2018

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Two-thirds of mobile data traffic will be video by 2018

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10 billion+ mobile-connected devices by 2018

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