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Stand Out from the Herd

Published on Nov 18, 2015

A self-assessment for the sales professional. Author: Roy Osing, author of the Be Different Or Be Dead book series, dedicated to showing, in practical and proven ways, how organizations can be unique and survive in a highly uncertain marketplace.


Stand Out from the herd

sales pro self-assessment test

The sales herd is crowded.
The best stand out--they're different. They go against the flow. They don't believe in boxes.

Answer these questions
to see if you are on the path
to separate yourself from
"the invisible majority."

how many times do you say "i" in a client conversation?

a) rarely b) occasionally c) often
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Answer: a

Make the conversation about them -- not you. This is not the time to talk about all you know.

What % of the conversation do you occupy?

a. 75% b. 50% c. 25% or less
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Answer: C

If you don't listen, you can't learn what the client wants. Effective sales is NOT about flogging your wares, it's about carefully fitting what you offer to what is right for the client.


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a) How many products do you sell each time you engage with the client?

b) How many sales do you make per hour you work?

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c) How many more months/years do your clients stay with you as a result of your efforts?

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Answer: c

It's not about making the sale in front of you. Look at the big picture. Long-term health comes from a steady stream of revenue. If you are focused on keeping a client for the long term, you will do the right things and behave in the right ways.

4. How many sales have you walked away from to preserve the customer relationship?

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a) none
b) a few
c) many

Answer: c

Trying to sell a solution that doesn't fit in an effort to meet your sales quota does nothing to build your long term currency with the client. Find the right solution even if it isn't yours and they will repay you. Lose the sale but always keep the customer!

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5. What is a personal sales brand?

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a) A statement of your strengths
b) How you intend to achieve sales goals
c) Identifying your unique sales attributes

answer: c

An effective sales brand is more than what you think your strengths are. It describes how you are different from other salespeople in very specific terms.

6. What word is critical to building an effective sales brand?

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a) Best
b) Only
c) Top

answer: b

It's not about being the best, it's about being the ONLY one who does what you do. Words like "best," "number one"," and "sales leader" are at best aspirational vague notions. When everyone uses them you're among a crowd of average people; not exactly a sterling brand position.

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7. Ever ask your clients how they FEEL when they engage with you?

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A. No
B. Yes
C. Why should I? (They bought from me, so they must be okay with it.)

Answer: b

There is a difference between a client who is satisfied with the product you have sold them and one who is emotionally connected to you in some way. They expect your products to perform the way you said they would; they are bonded to YOU if they enjoy the engagement process with you. Positive feelings toward you will drive future opportunities for you; spend time cultivating positive FEELINGS.

8. Which is the most effective tool to measure sales performance?

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a) Product sales
b) Conversion rates
c) Customer report card

answer: c

It's important to use the internal measures at your disposal to gauge how well you are doing. But don't forget to ask the customer! Customer perception at the end of the day beats any other measure. Start a simple monthly report card; 6 questions with a letter grade for each.

9. Which of the following is critical to client relationship building?

a) Taking lots of notes
b) Having a deep understanding of your products
c) Financial acumen

answer: a

Being a copious note taker shows you give a damn about what your client is saying. And it gives you the opportunity to remember salient details for future sales.

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10. What is the most important thing you can do
to dazzle your client?

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a) Never make a mistake
b) Always be available when they want you
c) Recover brilliantly when you screw them over (and you will)!

answer: c

Client loyalty actually is stronger after an OW! experience if you fix your mistake FAST and surprise them
with what they DON'T expect.

So how did you do? Are you a sales stand-outer?

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This self-assessment test was created by Roy Osing. Roy is the author of the BE DiFFERENT or be dead book series. Read more at http://www.bedifferentorbedead.com

Roy's books are dedicated to showing, in practical and proven ways, how organizations can be unique and survive in a highly uncertain marketplace.

Read more on Roy's site: http://www.bedifferentorbedead.com

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