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Showcasing Genius

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Student inquiry takes center stage in this showcase of products created to share discoveries.



Showcasing Genius

The day started with a mushroom cake,

Set up didn't take five minutes.

music, the brain and

perspective drawing.

Sleep was a hot topic.

As was surviving IB through study or parody.

Hannah and Anna investigated success on YouTube.

John and Rakin jammed.

Parents and administrators listened.

We pitched our ideas. Shared our investigations.

Emily's passion: animals.

Eric's guitar got a lot of play.

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Writing and donuts, both shared.

Eliza imitated Warhol.

Ashley created a world in words and online.

Valeria capitalized on chocolate chemistry.

Phil's basketball moves drew a crowd.

Teachers took time to listen to our work.

The best was the buzz of conversation.

And the art of being engaged in learning.

Art was a popular subject, actually.

Jackie learned stretches for her Scorpion.

Valerie dove into film analysis.

Yesenia learned a lot about time lapse and stop motion.

Cristina is into forensics.

She explained embalming and mummification techniques.

Excitement evident.

Lessons from all year, applied.

Lucid dreaming, why not? 

Learning to edit video with parodies and dancing, fun.

Students composed music, brought tech to share it.

Shirin learned the limits of a genre.

Mariangel studied finishes and charms.

Scarlet gave us a hand (a prosthetic model). 

Even climate change made an appearance.

"This was pretty cool, Mrs. Spillane," high praise from Sasha.

The day ended with Katherine cutting the cake & packing away the magic.