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Residents as Educators Report Form Guide

Published on Nov 20, 2015

This Haiku Deck describes how to use the online form for reporting Residents as Educators (RAE) activity to comply with the University of Arizona College of Medicine policy requiring residents as educators development. See the Guide on UA CoM RAE Policy to learn more about the policy and available residents as educators educator development and support.


Residents as Educators Activities

How-to Guide for Reporting 
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UA CoM Policy requires

Residents to participate in educator development acivities

LCME requires UA CoM to

CENTRALLY monitor all RAE activity

Please document RAE activities your program conducts

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...and report RAE Activities using our online form!

The form works with mobile devices

Tell us who you are

Name, position & program

How to contact you

Email or phone in case we have questions

Complete the Form Online

You may report up to 4 sessions on 1 Form

Or do it the easy way!

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Upload your own document!

MS Excel, MS Word or Adobe PDF

Tell us about RAE Activities

your program has conducted

Click NEXT button

to SKIP the 4 online reporting screens

Complete the CAPTCHA question

Click NEXT, & you're done!!

Thank you!

Karen Spear Ellinwood, PhD, JD, Director

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