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"Listen and learn from recognized experts who will share with you
how they are using iMA Relationship, Recruitment, Management,
Selling and Teaching Strategies to "Help People Grow"

iMA Potential Unlimited Summit

Published on Jun 28, 2022

A common thread that runs through this Summit is to help people grow and prosper. The focus is on learning, yet the format is lively and enjoyable and makes it fun to learn.


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"Listen and learn from recognized experts who will share with you
how they are using iMA Relationship, Recruitment, Management,
Selling and Teaching Strategies to "Help People Grow"

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Scott Cundill is the Co-Founder and CEO of My Most Trusted Network, a trusted business referral and introduction network that dissolves the high tech freeze out on Linkedin.

With two bronze medals at the Kung-Fu World Championships in China, S rich base of experience, spans the business, technology, and marketing worlds.

If you are looking for a better easier and cost-effective way to get more people to know and care about who you are on Linkedin

then arrange a time to talk with Scott. You will be happy you did!

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Phil Hitchen has increased the turnover of his bus and coach hire business, Belle Vue, by £3 million-plus.

He’s added 40 vehicles to his company, has 93 employees, and is helping other business owners to achieve similar results.

Phil will talk about what has happened since he embraced iMA and what has happened as a result of it personally and professionally

In Phil's presentation, he will map out his journey that led to Belle Vue becoming an award-winning, leading transport brand for education across Greater Manchester in the United Kingdom, moving 2 million passengers per year.

- How he transformed a hard grind business into a lifestyle business

- Building trust and credibility with clients

- How a stellar reputation and word-of-mouth landed Philip’s business the biggest and most lucrative contracts

- Dealing with inefficiency and wasted talent to improve margins and revenue

- How Philip saved £43,000 per annum by improving his drivers’ performances

- Using the universal language of iMA to improve communication, trust, understanding, cooperation, and sales

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Penny Power OBE along with her husband Thomas founded Ecademy, the first social network for a business in the world in 1998.
It was a digital platform that opened tens of thousands of people's eyes to see how magnificent the internet could be.
How it could be used to bring people closer and connect with one another no matter where you lived.

Ecademy gave its members the opportunity to practice the things that they learned, and develop digital skills, in an environment that was covered under an umbrella of positive acceptance and approval and a genuine feeling of support that filtered from the top of the organization. and throughout its membership.
Lasting business and social relationships were formed.

It was exciting to be a part of it and I had the opportunity to meet amazing people and develop digital communication skills that I have used every day since I had the good fortune to join in 2008.

In 2014 Penny was awarded an OBE for her " contribution to entrepreneurship " for teaching hundreds of thousands of Business Owners the things they needed to know to operate effectively in the new digital economy.

Ecademy provided a model for other companies including Linkedin to follow.

Some streamlined the technical aspects, but nothing could ever come close to Penny and Thomas's values of family, kindness, and love that are so beautiful when applied to business and to business people within a community.

That's why when I learned of their new love effort called BIP 100 I jumped at the chance to be a member.
In her presentation at the iMA Summit Penny talks about how iMA has positively influenced her personally and professionally.

Penny Power is a Self Actualizing High Blue.

If the little voice in the back of your mind and in your heart is telling you, "You can't do it" , then I recommend Penny's latest book , "Business is Personal " Click here
"This is a brave book to write and an awesome book to read."

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I would like to introduce to you Owen O'Malley who after receiving an Honours Degree in Environmental Science at the Institute of Technology Sligo, became the Marine Operations Manager for Hydro Seafood growing the company from 40 staff to over 200 and its Salmon production from 200 tonnes to over 2000.

Being a High Red that loves challenges Owen decided that he wanted to become financially free and began looking to people will had already accomplished this goal to teach him how to do it. He learned the fundamentals from experts like Warren Buffett and Tony Robbins and practiced them until he was in a similar position and had enough money to live the life he wanted to live.

After he accomplished his dream Owen began helping others develop the skills and give them a proven system and the tools that they needed to achieve the same amazing results.

Owen is passionate about helping people to see, that what might, at outset, appear to be daunting, that is, how to live a life of richness and abundance is in fact fairly simple when all is stripped back to the core principles and people follow his systematic approach.

The Investment Club Network (TICN) like iMA is a simple yet powerful system that works!

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James Moffatt is an award-winning Learning and Development Specialist, Executive Coach, and Speaker.
He has a wealth of experience in delivering and designing training programs for many major corporate companies in the Veterinary, Educational, Renewable Energy, Mobile Telecoms, Retail, Dental, Automotive, Digital Media, Finance, Real Estate, and General Sales industries.
Specializing in engaging and embedded learning in Sales, Coaching, Customer Service, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, and Communication.

James is also the Head of Talent and Development at Kloeckner Metals, a leading U K metal and steel distributor

and has been an Accredited iMA Practitioner since 2008.

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Alison Bull, is a family lawyer, mediator, and collaborative lawyer and partner at one of the UK’s leading

law firms Mills & Reeve LLP. She is the chair of the National Standards Committee of Resolution, co-chair of

HOT Pod and a past chair of Manchester Area Resolution, and an iMA affiliate.

Alison works with a team of family lawyers and a wide range of other legal and mediator experts at Mills & Reeve.
They have a high level of experience in helping clients during very difficult times.
You can count on their support to help you formulate a clear plan and guide you through the process.

Listed below are Alison's contact details if you wish to talk with her about your personal situation.

Email: Alison.Bull@mills-reeve.com
Phone: +(44)(0)161 235 5424
Mobile: 07918942652

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No one can say for sure what changes are going to come about in the next 5 to 10 years, but they will come and they will be amazing.

These changes will affect us at every level of our lives both personally and professionally.

In an attempt to feel safe we unknowingly build a wall around ourselves. This wall can act as a prison effectively causing some of us to become our own jailers.

Christine Alexander-Smith ( Chrissy) is helping an ever-increasing number of people see over the walls that they themselves created and enable them to see and appreciate themselves for what they are.

Christine has a high level of expertise in helping organizations humanize their business.

Companies like IBM where she was Head of Learning and Development for nine countries for 14 years, Siemens, and Vodaphone.

More than just an expert that knows the principles, fundamentals, and concepts of personal growth and development.
Chrissy is interested in helping make her clients' lives easier, happier and, more productive.

She is a wonderful human being that is highly respected by all who have the good fortune to know her.

Christine has been an Accredited iMA Practitioner since 2012.
You can reach her via email at Chrissy.Alexsmith @dci-future.com
Mobile: 07887 612222 or book an appointment at: http://Itsgoodtotalk.online

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Do you have a high level of expertise in a specific area
A proven track record ?
Are willing to invest in yourself to develop a skill that will change people's lives for the better ?

If you are looking for an exciting opportunity that can:
Take the pain out of prospecting
Dissolve the high tech freeze out
Give you a competitive edge
Differentiate you from your competitors

Add value to people and companies
Multiply your income and the ways you can be of service ?

Let's talk about how becoming an Accredited iMA Practitioner can benefit you! http://iMAvailable.online