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hard drive

Published on Jun 09, 2016

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hard drive

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what is it made out of?

  • the spindle - the spindle is used to hold the platter in place.

what does it look like?

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why is a hard drive important?

  • The reason a hard drive is so important is that the hard drive stores all of the data and if the computer was to fail all that data would be lost.
  • The only way to get it back is by contacting a data recover company or buy having back up hard drive and save all your information on it.
  • The speed on a hard drive is important because whatever you do makes the disc spin.

How does a hard drive work?

  • a hard drive is a device permanently stores and retrieves information. there are many variations of different sizes. the most common size for desktops, laptops, and computers is (2.5) and (3.5), they are the most common sizes for usage.
  • a hard drive can be used to store just about any type of data, such as, pictures, music, and text documents.
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what does a hard drive do?

  • everything that you keep on your computer is on your hard drive. your programs, preferences, and even your operating system is on your hard drive