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Client Narritive

Published on Apr 19, 2017

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and their lifes


They're a dynamic duo in their mid twenties juggling their crazy lives together.


She was born in London


He was born in San Fransisco

They Met

They met at the same college while she was studying abroad

Her Travels

She loves to travel the world: from the villages of Africa to the cities of Japan.

Her Job

She is a freelance photographer who uses her camera to capture the reality of other places.

His Job

He has his own small décor business where he repurposes old materials.


The two are considering going into business together and combine their strengths.


They're proud of the modern lifestyle they share.

Love Nature

She loves gardening and he enjoys green living and natural light.

Party Hosts

They invite their different groups of friends over each weekend, they have a dog too.

Good Eats

When possible, they prefer to cook their own healthy meals at home.


She loves running, he loves weight lifting. They workout together ocassionally.

The Future

They're thinking about having kids far into the future