Haiku Deck Teachers’ Guide

Over 1,000,000 teachers and students are using Haiku Deck around the world for every subject and at every level, from Kindergarten to University.  Creative teachers, students, and technology trainers are saying goodbye to Powerpoint for education and embracing Haiku Deck for a fresh, flexible way to collect and present facts, share ideas, tell visual stories, illustrate processes, capture evidence, and explore connections between words and images.

startup-photosTeachers appreciate that Haiku Deck encourages students to focus on simplifying and communicating their message without getting too bogged down in formatting choices or sidetracked by fancy transitions. Students love that Haiku Deck is easy and fun to use, and they feel a sense of pride and ownership of what they create. We have even seen innovative administrators and counselors using Haiku Deck to communicate day-to-day information, raise awareness for important causes, and share uplifting messages for inspiration and support.

With enlightened fans spreading the word across the globe via Twitter chats, conferences, and EdCamps, we created this toolkit to help educators get started with Haiku Deck.

This guide aims to share some basic examples and resources to help you get the most out of the app and to inspire you to use it with your students.

Step 1: Get Haiku Deck

Step 2: Create a Haiku Deck Account

You can sign in with email, Facebook, Google, or Twitter. Educators and students are entitled to a 50% discount via our education pricing. If you’re planning to use Haiku Deck in class with your students, be sure to sign up for Haiku Deck Classroom. If you’re an individual user, choose the education plan.

Step 3: Get to Know Haiku Deck

Here’s a quick video intro to Haiku Deck:

Things to think about as you explore the app:

  • How the constraints encourage simplicity and focus
  • How words and visuals work together
  • How the app can encourage creativity and storytelling across content areas
  • How Haiku Deck encourages good digital citizenship through the Creative Commons image search


  • For inspiration, click/tap GALLERY to browse some popular and featured decks
  • Tap the + sign at the bottom of the iPad app, or  NEW DECK on the web to create a new deck
  • Try using the built-in keyword image search and using your own images (you can take them with the camera from the iPad app, select from your camera roll [iPad app] or computer [Web App], or import from Instagram, Dropbox, and other sources)
  • Try choosing a new theme to change the look of your deck
  • Try creating a pie chart or bar graph (iPad only)
  • Create a deck to introduce yourself
  • Create a list of things you love or things you believe in
  • Create a deck to articulate your philosophy about education
  • Create a deck that explains or collects facts about a topic

Step 4: Explore More Features and Get Inspired 

Tutorials and Beginning Resources

Advanced Resources

Power Tips

Step 5: Join our Community and Build your PLN

Most importantly, Drop us a line any time to share your presentation in the Haiku Deck Gallery , provide us with feedback, or ask a question.

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