Active Learning Strategies

Published on Jul 24, 2017

Connects adult learning theory and theory of retention with active learning theory; identifies basic active learning strategies you can incorporate into any learning experience.


Active Learning Strategies

Engagement & Interaction

Active learning Theory

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Basic Principles of Adult Learning Theory

Readiness to learn

Adult Learners Demonstrate
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Solution-oriented approach

Assume a 
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Educate Self and Peers

Strive to

Provide Feedback

Adult learning environments...
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Positive Learning Climate

Create a

Actively Participate!

Encourage learners to
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The Basis of Active Learning Theory

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of what they READ
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of what they HEAR
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of what they SEE


Of what they SEE & HEAR
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of what they SAY & WRITE
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of what they DO!

Active Learning Strategies

Ask Students to Say, Write & Do!
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case based scenarios

Enact Simulations

Think {Pair} Share

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Answering Questions

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Pose Questions

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Team-based learning

Add Active Learning Strategies to Any Learning Experience


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