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Your Visual Guide To Inferno, Chps6-7

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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In This Place, on this date

The world was changed forever

Sienna brooks helped Langdon out of the taxi

Photo by rmlowe

Dr. Sienna brooks helped Langdon get in a tiny elevator

Photo by Beach650

Langdon smelled the Italian ubiquitous cigarettes

Photo by włodi

Langdon wore a Harris tweed jacket

Photo by pdstahl

Where is my antique Mickey Mouse watch?

Photo by KKfromBB

Looking out of the apartment window, the rising sun

Photo by neusbordas

The rising sun, campanile, Badia, Bargello, painter's light

375 foot tall, and 500 years old

Il duomo, gilt copper ball
Photo by HarshLight

Brunelleschi ?

Botticelli's birth of venus

Photo by jaci XIII

Il davide (David)

Photo by mulaohu

Sienna read Gray's anatomy, what is wrong with my brain?

Langdon saw a fearsome mask, I am death!

Photo by abbilder

Inferno by Dan brown

Visual guide to chapters 7-8