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Your job > meetings & emails!

Published on Oct 01, 2017

This lightning talk will inspire you to make changes to your own personal meeting and email habits as a way to kick-start improvements to your workplace’s communication culture.


Your job > meetings & emails!

Improving your workplace communication culture
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This is just as much for me, as it is for you

Jacob A. Morris
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Excellent Oral and Written

Communication Skills

Oral Communication

Good at attending meetings?

Written Communication

Good at reading/responding to emails?
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2-way or more

Communication is active

Choose your medium

And choose wisely

Defaulting to email is a trap

Lowest common denominator
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Many other options...

Real-time, face-to-face, phone...
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the What and the Why

will lead you to the How
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Meetings suck!

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working sessions instead
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and Resources (people) 
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Plan (agenda)

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Executive summary

after the session
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Review/Prep items

before the session
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Above all, be intentional

Your colleagues will notice
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