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Your Hero's Journey

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Without the Rider the Elephant is lost.. your journey as an Entrepreneur is to master this dance. Because in the Cave you fear is everything you want!


Your Hero's Journey

Guide the Rider / Tame the Elephant

Why Do We Fail at Goals?

Too often we're busy making lists and plans..

But We are Not Our Plans

"Life is What Happens While We're Busy Making Plans"
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"The Cave You Fear to Enter..

..Holds the Treasure You Seek" - Joseph Campbell

The Elephant is Our Ego

It fears change and is skittish

Our Biggest Ally is the Rider

It is our rational side and understands we need to change
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But Unless We Dance with the Elephant

..the Rider is Lost!
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So Shape the Path

Identify the Key Small Victories

Make Victory a Certainty

Pave the Way So the Path is Clear

Slaying the Dragon

is Really Learning to Dance with the Elephant

On the Other Side of Fear

..is Everything We Want
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Special Thanks for the Work of the Heath Brothers on Switch - How to Make Change Things When Change is Hard