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Yellow Fever

Published on Nov 19, 2015

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By Tami Stein

Yellow fever is acute or toxic infectious disease of the warm regions
Like Africa and tropical parts of South America

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  • Fever, headache
  • dizziness
  • Muscle aches, particularity in back and knees
  • Nausea, vomiting or both
  • Red eyes, face or tongue
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  • Yellowing of your skin and the white of your eyes ( Jaundice )
  • Abdominal pain and vomiting, some times with blood
  • Decrease of urination
  • Bleeding from nose, mouth, and eyes
  • Liver and kidney failure
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20 to 50 % of those who develop the toxic phase die.
Plus the first 3 to 6 day there is no signs or symptoms or the incubation period.

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Transmit the virus back and forth between monkeys, humans or both

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Mostly only
Humans and Monkeys
Get yellow fever

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Test and diagnosis
The doctor will ack about medical and travel history
Treatment and drugs
There is no drugs. Just supportive care in the hospital.


  • Vaccine
  • Non skin repellent
  • Skin repellent
  • Try to stay away from Mosquitos

Yellow fever vaccine or the U.S. brand name is YF-VAX

Just one dose of .5ml subcutaneously is a good prevent for 10 years.
Should have the vaccine 10 to 14 days before traveling.

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Some History
1936 - Max Theiler and his colleagues developed a live attenuated vaccine for yellow fever
1937 - Max Theiler published results of U.S. Vaccine for yellow fever
1951 - Max Theiler wins Nobel Prize for his work in developing the 17D Yellow fever vaccine

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