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Writing with Edmodo

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Leveling Up student Writing

Using badges for Better Essays
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about me


desert island apps

If I had to choose 3 apps that I was stuck with forever, they would be: Edmodo, Google Drive, and Haiku Deck.
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The Problem

In our 7th grade writing class, we are responsible for teaching two kinds of essays: expository and personal narrative. The most difficult thing about it is teaching students the process of revising and editing.
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The Idea

Adding competition has always been important to me.
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The Garvin Cup

The Garvin Cup has been an annual event for 7 years now.

WGMS ELA Olympics

A co-worker came up with the idea to try the Olympics with the entire 7th grade. Our events revolved around grammar and writing concepts.

the ninja board

The ninja board is a culminating activity that happens the last 6-weeks. Students pass quizzes that cover concepts we've learned over the course of the year to move up.

x-BOx inspiration

The idea to use Edmodo badges came when I was playing Fifa soccer on X-Box and earned an achievement badge.
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edmodo badges

allowing students to level up while they write
I created badges for my students to earn as they are writing essays.
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the Process

Assign the essay

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read essays weekly, make list of common mistakes

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Set up Google Calendar with appointments

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Benefits of badges

  • Specific things to work on
  • Guidance for writing conferences
  • Badges can be earned in any order
  • The impact of earning a badge
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action plan

  • Choose a writing assignment
  • Select the most important things 
  • Create the badges 
  • Set up a schedule
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edmodo badges + Google Drive