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Write A Descriptive Essay On CoronaVirus

Published on Jul 20, 2020

We all know that covid-19 has been the headline of every news channel since January 2020. It was originated from Wuhan city located in China and has killed thousands of people.

Students are often assigned current topics to write their essays. It is for their better understanding of a specific topic and to get aware of the present situations. Are you a student and given the same topic of CoronaVirus? Does it so and if you are thinking that is there anyone who can write my essay on CoronaVirus? Then say bye-bye to all these frets.

If you hire academic writing services then you just have to put your data in their given chart. It includes information about your topic, number of pages you require, format and style of essay, number of days, and you’re done.

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If you’re keen to learn how to write your own essay on CoronaVirus. Then you just have to cover some simple points and have to write them in a proper structure such as:

CoronaVirus Defined

Like any other academic writing tasks, the topic should define first. In this case, you should be telling about CoronaVirus. Give a detailed definition of CoronaVirus and explain its background to create the base of your topic.

The CoronaVirus ancestries cause sicknesses extending from the usual cold to more drastic diseases. It includes severe acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), estimated by WHO.

Symptoms Of Corona Virus

Common indications of the virus include temperature, cough, and breathing troubles. In critical cases, it becomes the reason for pneumonia, different organs catastrophe.

Infected victims can be asymptomatic as well. The evolution period of coronavirus is said to be between 1 and 14 days. It is infectious before signs appear.

Number Of People Affected

It is said that it has been spread in almost 93 countries and seems to be very threatening.


You should mention the history, background, or origins of the topic. It will help the audience to properly understand what you’re talking about. Whether you’re writing about a product, disease, or anything, you need to tell the reader about the background.

China alarmed the WHO to manifestations of abnormal phenomena that occurred in Wuhan on December 31, 2019. It is believed to have arisen from a seafood market and fauna was also sold over there illegally. If you want them to write my essay for me You can pay for essay to hire them they will write your essays on any topic and they offer each and every type of academic writing.


WHO suggested basic hygiene to keep yourself clean and uncontaminated. Such as washing hands with water and soap, keeping your nose and mouth covered with a mask, and sneeze in your arms.

Avoid social interactions and huge gatherings, don’t touch your eyes, mouth, and face with dirty hands.

If you’ve come to this point then you must have read the given information to write and structure your essay on CoronaVirus. Read all the updates before writing your essay as this topic brings something new to news and daily life.

Writing essays needs your time and research but if you’re not able to write it then you can take help to get the job done. Essay writing services are there to help students all over the world. They provide you the best English essays online on any topic.

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