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World War 1 Storyboard

Published on Nov 25, 2015

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Tensions built among European countries over militarism and nationalism

Photo by colemama

Those imperialistic countries enforced rule on the unwilling citizens

Photo by notamaiar

Serbia had enough; Princip killed the duke of Austria

Photo by Malinkrop

Here come the alliances; will you be my friend?

This is a world war, not a European war!

Photo by Gueоrgui

Who's neutral? Maybe the Americans will help? No thanks!

Photo by Sparkzy

Lets dig a trench to sit in and rot.

Photo by Mr.Tea

Those British ships are annoying; let's sink the Lusitania!

Photo by mikebaird

Uh oh, we awoke the sleeping giant. Retreat, Retreat!

Photo by Werner Kunz

Tanks and chemical weapons will overwhelm them. Allies win!

Photo by usarmyband

Germans use pay, the League will see to it.

I think it's best to keep to ourselves. Isolationism!

Photo by Expat Nomad